Overcome Evil With Good

September 15, 2021 Dr. Tommy Simons
Every now and then— New York shook its soul out. It assailed you with an image, or a day, or a crime, or a terror, or a beauty so difficult to wrap your mind around that you had to shake your head in disbelief. - Colum McCann, Let the Great World Spin

Philippe Petit was a 24 year old french acrobat with a grand vision—walk on a high-wire between the north and south towers of The World Trade Center.

The above photo was snapped August 7, 1974. Petit is visible walking toward the South Tower—while a plane soars overhead.

Philippe was discouraged by several friends to give up this ludicrous plan (wouldn’t you give the same advice!).

He simply responded, “Yes, it is impossible—now, let’s get to work!”

And on this August morning—Petit performed for 45 minutes. He walked between the towers 8 times—pausing to lay down, kneel, dance and salute thousands— watching 1,776 feet below—from the New York City streets—all looked up in wonder!

The narrative story of this remarkable photograph changed forever on September 11, 2001.

The photograph foreshadows horror, death and unimaginable destruction. The eye no longer focuses on Petit—but a familiar image of a plane flying “too close and too low” to the Twin Towers.

The photographic story now changes to one of polar opposites:

August 7, 1974 Philip Petit brought creativity, joy and wonder.

September 11, 2001 religious zealots brought death and destruction.

I’m not a big fan of absolutes—I feel a bit more comfortable navigating shades of gray. However, I need to exercise caution and not live in a place of naivety.

Humanity does encounter evil, darkness and destructive forces; those who choose life over death, bondage over freedom. The faces of evil, which mirror Satan’s primary characteristic—a father of lies, for this is the language he speaks.

In the past few weeks we have witnessed heartbreaking images.

And as followers of Jesus Christ—there is only one road to travel—walk in the light as He is in the Light—a difficult tightrope to walk in these days!

Please keep this in mind when encountering evil…

Jesus teaches you to speak truth in love (in the face of darkness) and pray for your enemies.

Christian, these are the days to exercise courage, question boldly while simultaneously bearing the Fruits of the Spirit—love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness.

Do not confront darkness with darkness; but overcome evil with good.

The road of love is a hard road—but the only option for a disciple of Jesus.

Is it hard?

Yes, it does seem impossible—so let’s get to work...

All Will Be Well, Tommy

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