Worship in April: Gardens of Faith

The Tomb in the Garden
Garden of Gethsemane
Garden of Eden
How does your garden grow?
Communal Repentance: Forgiveness, Justice and Reconciliation APRIL 23, 2021 AT 7PM
How do we think of restoring relationships not only between individuals but also within and among the institutions where we work, play and worship?
What does it mean for a church, business, university, or culture to pursue repentance and reconciliation? What do forgiveness and justice look like at these broader levels—along with limits, challenges and possibilities?
Rachael Denhollander
Dominique Gilliard
Penina Acayo Laker collaborated on an award-winning project that used iconography to communicate ailments associated with the spread, prevention and treatment of malaria in Kibera, Kenya.

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A Grand Welcome

Third Baptist Church in Saint Louis is a unique and historic church located in a dynamic urban arts and education district, probing new pathways of service in a changing world. Third is a richly diverse family — embracing a wide variety of ethnicities, ages, life situations and doctrinal opinions. Third is called to minister, love, serve and remain — in our City for Good!

Ministry in Grand Center

Third Baptist Church is located in the heart of Grand Center, a block from the Fox Theatre, at the corner of Grand and Washington Boulevards. We celebrate the arts and their contribution to faith and our community.