Family Ministries

Third Baptist Church offers families a unique opportunity.

Worship in a warm, reverent, traditional style with a diverse community, an outstanding musical repertoire, and a body of believers committed to community together “in the city for good.” (Picture: triptych: food pantry, art in sanctuary, social)

We embrace and use the arts, we practice hospitality, and we serve our neighbors. And we invite our church family of all ages to participate in this mission.

Whether you are new to the area, or your family members are in pictures hanging in history hall you will find space to grow in your faith and friendship here.

Our family ministry team ensures that our families are connected in worship, given resources and encouragement to foster faith in the home and practice faith together.

We partner with families and our larger church family in creating a diverse community in which your child can grown in and practice faith in Christ, hear the God stories, and participate in the good work happening in our community. (picture of family ministry team being sociable)