Opportunities for Adult Bible Study

Sundays at 9:45 AM

Green Circle

Engages Scripture through focus passages as outlined in the Formations curriculum. Two teachers alternate teaching four-to-five week units by engaging the participants in an examination of the intersection of their lives with the text through the resources of a study guide and Sunday morning lecture and conversation.

Gene Stewart

I am one of two teachers of a combined senior adult class. I was married at Third on June 26, 1971. My wife, Karen has been a member at Third since childhood. Once we had children who we wanted to be brought up in church, I had a strong urge to join Third. I had been confirmed at age 13 at St. Matthew United Church of Christ (formerly Evangelical and Reformed). I owe my strong belief in God to my mother. I witnessed the joy in her heart and her devout faith. After teaching in the St. Louis Public Schools for 34 years, I feel I have been called to teach in a much different setting…with the seniors at Third Baptist Church.


An open age discussion group with rotational teaching alternating between an in-depth study of a book of the Bible or meaningful Christian literature. Meets in the Old Library on the Ground Floor.

The Heshbone Sunday morning class does not have a regular teacher, nor do we alternate teachers as some classes do. Rather, we are truly a discussion class with each member or visitor contributing as much or as little as she or he desires. Generally, we study one book from the Old Testament, one from the New Testament, and a book outside the Bible dealing with a topic of mutual interest. Class members are of varying ages and professions.

New Horizons

Nancy Furgerson

The New Horizons class was begun in 1986 at Third Baptist Church. Sondra Novell Lay was the first teacher and still substitutes some Sundays. Since about 2008 several people Beverly Odell, Sally Stevenson, Sondra Novell Lay, and Nancy Furgerson have shared teaching responsibilities. This is a group which encourages discussion and question. All viewpoints are heard and discussed. We meet in room 8 on the bottom floor of the church. We would love to have you join us.

Sally Stevenson

I am Sally Stevenson, substitute teacher for the New Horizons Sunday school class. I have been a member of the class since the founding of the class. I have grown up at Third, baptized when I was 10 years. I graduated from Deaconess School of Nursing and worked as a clinical nurse for 40 years. Upon retirement, I became the parish nurse for Third Baptist Church since 2012.

Open Door

The diversity of our class reflects the diversity of the church  – all are welcome. Our study style attempts to draw out as much group knowledge as possible as we read the scripture, review commentary, and take home with us the lessons gained by our conversation. Meets in the Ewing Chapel, first floor, off the hallway behind the Sanctuary.

Richard Stevenson

I was born into Third Baptist Church.  My parents met and married here in the 1930s and 1940s, and I was baptized here in the 1950s.  After graduating from Washington University in St. Louis, I served four years in a tuberculosis control program with the U.S. Peace Corps in rural South Korea.  This was followed by a 42 year career working with several health and mental health not-for-profit organizations, from which I have recently retired.  I am married to Eunsil with whom I have daughter Christina Lushbaugh, son David, and two energetic grandsons Desmond and Julien.  I have been leading adult bible study with the Open Door Class since 2013.

Prayer Partners

A loving and supportive community of differently abled people from all walks of life. We share laughter and sorrows in a lively discussion format. We believe in the power or prayer, and spend the first part of class in prayer and thanksgiving. Additionally, we take on three ministry projects as a class.


An intergenerational group led by Dr. Tommy Simons and Jerry Bryan. The class is informal and discussion oriented. Ages range from singles, couples to college/career. Class meets in the Pastor’s Office on the second floor.

Dr. Tommy Simons

I spend my days serving a wonderful family of faith in Saint Louis. Third is the type of community, if I were not serving as Pastor, we would join as members: we love the fellowship, location, worship style, diversity and service culture of Third Baptist. I attempt to father two boys—Carson and Colton. My boys have taught me about grace, patience and the utter futility of parenting guides. I am graced with Caren—a gift from God and eharmony. I am amazed at her ability to juggle life, children, home and deciding to marry someone in the ministry. I am a native Houstonian and continue to follow my Astros (resisting urge to convert to Cardinalnation), Rockets and Texans.

Jerry Bryan

As a former journalist I’m now a news junkie who tracks issues, politics, and sports. Since I don’t golf or garden, I don’t retire. But after media, government, and corporate careers I’m now a technology wannabe as partner in a small firm serving clients from local to global. At church our pastor leads the Windows class with me as an additional discussion leader; I don't claim any expertise on the Bible or theology, but can find a provocative topic for class discussion.