Service Music

The Chancel Choir, open to all singers, rehearses in the Choir Room on Wednesday evenings from 7:00-8:30, and on Sunday mornings at 10:30 for the 11 a.m. service.

Third Baptist Music List, January–May, 2024

Sermon Series for January: Darkness and Light

JANUARY 7 [Epiphany]
Prelude: Franz Liszt: Die Hirten und der Krippe (S.186, 3) (piano)
Introit: Lowell Mason: Joy to the World (from Handel)
Music for Communion: Martha Shaffer: Come, Risen Lord (written for TBC)

Poem: Christina Rossetti: After Communion
Hymn of Communion #273 Good Christian Men, Rejoice [IN DULCI JUBILO]
Offertory: Rebecca Groom Te Velde: O Jesulein süss (Lullaby) (organ)
Anthem: Peter Cornelius: The Three Kings 
Hymn of Invitation & Declaration #288 We Three Kings Of Orient Are [KINGS OF ORIENT]
Postlude: Thomas Keesecker: What Child Is This? (piano)

JANUARY 14 [Epiphany II]
Prelude: Peter Christian Lutkin: Prelude on the tune Dix – As With Gladness Men Of Old (organ)
Introit: Martin Shaw: Kings in Glory
Poem: Sara Teasdale: Christmas Carol
Hymn of Welcome # 290 As With Gladness Men Of Old [DIX]
Offertory: Adolphus Hailstork: Listen to the Lambs (organ)
Responsorial Psalm (for King Solomon) 72, vv. 1 – 10
Anthem: Melissa Dunphy: A New Heart
Hymn of Invitation & Declaration #291 O Sing A Song Of Bethlehem [KINGSFOLD]
Postlude: Larry Shackley: As With Gladness Men Of Old (from Following Yonder Star) (piano)

JANUARY 21 [Epiphany III]
Prelude: Charles Raymond Cronham: The Kings of the Orient March (organ)
Introit: William Crotch: Lo! Star-Led Chiefs
Poem: William Butler Yeats: The Magi
Hymn of Affirmation #264 Break Forth, O Beauteous Heavenly Light [ERMUNTRE DICH]
Offertory: Sasha Johnson Manning: January (from A Year at Third) (piano)
Responsorial Psalm 104, vv. 1 – 6
Anthem: Thomas Attwood: O God, Who By The Leading Of A Star
Hymn of Invitation & Declaration #293 Praise The One Who Breaks The Darkness [NETTLETON]
Postlude: Thomas Attwood: Cathedral Fugue (piano & organ)

JANUARY 28 [Epiphany IV]
Prelude: J. S. Bach: Symphony (from Christmas Oratorio) (piano)
Introit: Herbert Howells: Here Is The Little Door
Poem: Christina Rossetti: Epiphanytide
Hymn of Affirmation #271 Joyful, Joyful, We Adore You [HYMN TO JOY]
Offertory: Elisabeth Sterling: Movement (organ)
Responsorial Psalm 107, vv. 17 – 22
Anthem: arr. Mack Wilberg: Oh Watch The Stars
Hymn of Invitation & Declaration #292 Thou Didst Leave Thy Throne [MARGARET]
Postlude: Peter Tchaikovsky: January (piano)

FEBRUARY 4 [Epiphany V – Feast of the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple]
Prelude Niels Gade: Wie schön leuchtet der Morgenstern (organ)
Introit: Charles Wood: Nunc Dimittis in C minor
Music for Communion: Kenneth Leighton

Hymn of Communion #413: Break Thou The Bread Of Life (vv. 1 – 3) [BREAD OF LIFE]
Offertory: Peter Tchaikovsky: February [Carnival] (from “The Seasons,” op. 37a) (piano)
Anthem: Johannes Eccard: When To The Temple Mary Went
Hymn of Invitation & Declaration: Now May Thy Servant, Lord [NUNC DIMITTIS]
Postlude: Brenda Portman: Fanfare Rondeau on VICTORY (organ)

FEBRUARY 11 [Epiphany VI]

Prelude: Howard Helvey: Ash Grove Variations (piano)
Introit: S. S. Wesley: Lead Me, Lord
Poem: Edward Thomas: The Ash Grove
Hymn of Affirmation #794 Let All Things Now Living [ASH GROVE]
Offertory: Gerald Near: Adagietto (organ)
Responsorial Psalm 24, vv. 1 – 6
Anthem: John Rutter: For The Beauty Of The Earth
Hymn of Invitation & Declaration #241 Arise, Shine [ARISE, SHINE]
Postlude: Sasha Johnson Manning: February (from “A Year At Third”) (piano)

FEBRUARY 14 [Ash Wednesday, 6pm]
Prelude: J. S. Bach: O Mensch, Bewein’ Dein’ Sünde Gross (O Man, bewail) (arr. Herbert Howells)
Poems: Malcolm Guite: God So Loved The World 

Christina Rossetti: Ash Wednesday 1 & 2

Charles Anthony Silvestri: February (world premiere; written for TBC)

Motets: King John of Portugal: Faithful Cross (orig. 
Crux Fidelis)
John Stainer: God So Loved The World

Sermon Series for Lent: Journey To The Cross

FEBRUARY 18 [Lent I; Presidents’ Day Weekend]
Prelude: William Crotch: Introduction & Fugue (organ)
Introit: Christopher Tye: O Come, Ye Servants Of The Lord
Poem: Ann Weems: Lenten Poem
Hymn of Affirmation: Richard Redhead: Lord, Who Throughout These Forty Days [ST. FLAVIAN]
Offertory: Florence Price: Retrospection (organ)
Responsorial Psalm 119, vv. 1 – 8
Anthem: Thomas Attwood: Turn Thy Face From My Sins
Hymn of Invitation & Declaration #340 Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus (sung 3 times) [LEMMEL]
Postlude: Fanny Hensel: February (piano)

Prelude: Mikael Sapin: De Profundis (piano)
Introit: Herbert Howells: My Eyes For Beauty Pine
Poem: Charles Anthony Silvestri: February (written for TBC)
Hymn of Affirmation: M. Heinlein: Forty Days and Forty Nights
Offertory: Herbert Howells: Tranquillo, ma con moto (Six Short Pieces, 1) (organ)
Responsorial Psalm 130
Anthem: Sasha Johnson Manning: De Profundis (written for TBC)
Hymn of Invitation & Declaration Cecil Frances Alexander: There Is A Green Hill
Postlude: J. S. Bach: Aus tiefer Not schrei’ ich zu dir (BWV 687) (arr. György Kurtág) (piano duet)

MARCH 3 [Lent III]
Prelude: Emma Lou Diemer: Poor Wayfarin’ Stranger (piano)
Introit: Peter Tranchell: Bread of Heaven
Music for Communion: Kenneth Leighton 

Hymn of Communion #459 We Remember You [WE REMEMBER YOU]
Offertory: Dan Forrest: What Wondrous Love Is This? (piano)
Anthem: Eric Thiman: Wondrous Love
Hymn of Invitation & Declaration #314 What Wondrous Love Is This? [WONDROUS LOVE]
Postlude: Eugenio Maria Fagiani: What Wondrous Love Is This? (organ)

MARCH 10 [Lent IV]
Prelude: Sasha Johnson Manning: March (from “A Year At Third”) (piano)
Introit: John Goss: These Are They That Follow The Lamb
Poem: Charles Anthony Silvestri: March (world premiere; written for TBC)
Hymn of Affirmation #310: Lead Me To Calvary (vv. 1 & 4) [DUNCANNON]
Offertory: Emma Lou Diemer: Jesus Calls Us (organ)
Responsorial Psalm 22, vv. 1 – 5
Anthem: Sue Farrar: Jesu, Gentle Savior 
Hymn of Invitation & Declaration #598 Wherever He Leads I’ll Go [FALLS CREEK]
Postlude: Dan Forrest: Lead Me To Calvary (piano)

MARCH 17 [Lent V] (PB absent)
Prelude: Emma Lou Diemer: Guide My Feet (piano)
Introit: William Billings: When Jesus Wept
Poem: Langston Hughes: The Ballad of Mary’s Son 
Hymn of Affirmation #601 I Have Decided To Follow Jesus [ASSAM]
Offertory: Healey Willan: Meditation on Slane (organ)
Responsorial Psalm 22, vv. 7 – 10
Anthem: Glenn Burleigh/Jack Schrader: Order My Steps [In My Word]
Hymn of Invitation & Declaration #682 Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah [CWM RHONDDA]
Postlude: Dale Wood: Postlude on Bunessan (organ)

MARCH 24 [Palm Sunday]
Prelude: Peter Tchaikovsky: March [Song of the Lark] (from “The Seasons,” op. 37a) (piano)
Introit: Percy Buck: The Royal Banners Forward Go [GONFALON ROYAL]
Poem: Charles Anthony Silvestri: March II (world premiere; written for TBC)
Hymn of Affirmation #316 O Sacred Head, Now Wounded [PASSION CHORALE]
Offertory: Fanny Mendelssohn: March (Das Jahr) (piano)
Responsorial Psalm 118, 1-2; 19 - 29
Anthem: John Carter: A Palm Sunday Processional
Hymn of Invitation & Declaration #300 All Glory, Laud, And Honor* [ST. THEODULPH]
Postlude: Edwin T. Childs – St. Theodulph – All Glory, Laud, and Honor (organ)

MARCH 29 (Good Friday) [Soloists: Lansin Lim Kimler, Perseid String Quartet, Chantal Incandela]
Poems by Peter Abelard (trans. Helen Waddell), Anonymous American , Elizabeth C. Clephane, Samuel Crossman, John Donne, Paul Gerhardt (trans. Robert Bridges), John Keble, Charles Anthony Silvestri [Lent 
and Good Friday (written for TBC)]
Sasha Johnson Manning: O Sacred Head (string quartet) (written for TBC in 2022)

Sasha Johnson Manning: A Passiontide Rhapsody (strings & piano) (written for TBC; world premiere)

MARCH 31 [Easter]
Prelude: Herbert Howells: Saraband for the Morning of Easter (organ)
Introit: arr. Philip Ledger: This Joyful Eastertide
Music for Communion: Kenneth Leighton (Gloria, Sanctus, Benedictus, Agnus Dei) 

Poem: Charles Anthony Silvestri: A Poem for Easter
Hymn of Affirmation #360 Jesus Christ Is Risen Today [LLANFAIR]
Offertory: Emma Lou Diemer: Great Day! (piano)
Responsorial Psalm 100 
Anthem: Samuel Sebastian Wesley: Blessed Be The God And Father
Hymn of Invitation & Declaration #367 Christ The Lord Is Risen Today [EASTER HYMN]
Postlude: Charles-Marie Widor: Toccata (Symphonie #5, op. 42) (organ)

Sermon Series for April: A 50-Day Journey to Pentecost

APRIL 7 [Low Sunday] [Easter I] [NO CHOIR]
Prelude: Paul Paviour: This Joyful Eastertide (piano)
Poem: Charles Anthony Silvestri: April (world premiere; written for TBC)
Hymn of Affirmation #361 Worship Christ, the Risen King, vv. 1-4 [REGENT SQUARE]
Offertory: Louis Vierne: Méditation (Trois Improvisations, 2) (organ)
Responsorial Psalm 16, vv. 5 – 11
Anthem: J. S. Bach: Alle Menschen müssen sterben (BWV 643) (arr. György Kurtág) (piano duet)
Hymn of Invitation & Declaration #369 He Rose Triumphantly [HE ROSE TRIUMPHANTLY]
Postlude: Sasha Johnson Manning: A Low Sunday Celebration (piano and organ)

APRIL 14 [Easter II]
Prelude: Harold Stover: Lord, Speak To Us (organ)
Introit: Charles Wood: This Joyful Eastertide
Poem: A. E. Housman: Easter Hymn
Hymn of Affirmation #343 Amazing Grace [NEW BRITAIN]
Offertory: Cindy Berry: Amazing Grace (piano)
Responsorial Psalm 116, vv. 1-2, 5-6, 13-14
Anthem: arr. Mary McDonald: Think About His Love
Hymn of Invitation & Declaration #158 Think About His Love [HARRAH]
Postlude: J. S. Bach: Wer nur den lieben Gott laßt walten (organ)

APRIL 21 [Easter III]
Prelude: Sasha Johnson Manning: April (from “A Year At Third”) (piano)
Introit: arr. Austin Lovelace: This Joyful Eastertide
Poem: John Donne: At The Round Earth’s Imagined Corners (Holy Sonnets, VII)
Hymn of Affirmation #369 He Rose Triumphantly [HE ROSE TRIUMPHANTLY]
Offertory: L. J. A. Lefébure-Wély: Élévation (organ)
Responsorial Psalm 23
Anthem: Victor C. Johnson: Jesus Walked This Lonesome Valley
Hymn of Invitation & Declaration #154 We Bow Down (Twila Paris) [WE BOW DOWN] 
Postlude: tbd (organ)

APRIL 28 [Easter IV]
Prelude: J. S. Bach: Dies sind die heil’gen zehn Gebot’ (BWV 635) (piano duet)
Introit: arr. Arthur Somervell: This Joyful Eastertide
Poem: John Masefield: Past Where The Snowdrops Used To Grow (from “The Everlasting Mercy”)
Hymn of Affirmation #365 Alleluia, Alleluia [HYMN TO JOY]
Offertory: Franz Liszt: Andante Religioso (organ)
Responsorial Psalm 119, vv. 105 – 112
Anthem: Anne Krentz Organ: We Walk By Faith
Hymn of Invitation & Declaration #368 He Lives [ACKLEY] 
Postlude: Peter Tchaikovsky: April [Snowdrop] (from “The Seasons,” op. 37a) (piano)

MAY 5 [Easter V; Cinco de Mayo]
Prelude: Manuel Ponce: Prelude on a Theme of Handel (piano)
Introit: George Frederick Handel: Great Lord God! Thy Kingdom Shall Endure
Music for Communion: Kenneth Leighton (Gloria, Sanctus, Benedictus, Agnus Dei) 

Hymn of Communion #302 Lamb of God (Twila Paris) [LAMB OF GOD]
Offertory: Maria Hester Park - Sonata op. 4 no. 2 - Rondo Allegro (organ)
Anthem: George Frederick Handel: Holy Art Thou (Largo from ‘Serse’)
Hymn of Invitation & Declaration: G. F. Handel: Rejoice, The Lord Is King! [words: #370] [GOPSAL] 
Postlude: Manuel Ponce: Fugue on a Theme of Handel (piano)

MAY 12 [Easter VI]
Prelude: Charles Callahan: A Gospel Prelude (organ & piano)
Introit: arr. Howard Helvey: My Lord, What A Mornin’!
Poem: Charles Anthony Silvestri: May (world premiere; written for TBC)
Hymn of Affirmation: Eleanor Farjeon: Morning Has Broken [BUNESSAN, #465]
Offertory: Sasha Johnson Manning: May (from “A Year At Third”) (piano)
Responsorial Psalm 119, vv. 145 – 152
Anthem: Andre Kopolyoff: Alleluia, Christ Is Risen
Hymn of Invitation & Declaration 
Postlude: Mary McDonald: Crown Hi, Lord Of All (organ)

MAY 19 [Pentecost/Whitsunday]
Prelude: Peter Tchaikovsky: May [May Nights] (from “The Seasons,” op. 37a) (piano)
Introit: J. S. Bach: All People At The Hour (Oxford Easy Anthem Book)
Poem: Gerard Manley Hopkins: The World Is Charged With The Grandeur Of God
Hymn of Affirmation (insert) Come, Holy Ghost, Our Souls Inspire (PLAINSONG)
Offertory: Jean Langlais: Chant de Paix (organ)
Responsorial Psalm 119, vv. 89 – 96
Anthem: Sasha Johnson Manning: Come, Holy Ghost (TBC commission)
Hymn of Invitation & Declaration: #391 Sweet, Sweet Spirit [SWEET, SWEET SPIRIT] 
Postlude: Sasha Johnson Manning: Pentecost Fire (TBC commission) (piano and organ)

MAY 26 [Trinity Sunday] (Memorial Day Weekend)
Prelude: Cindy Berry: O God, Our Help In Ages Past (piano)
Introit: Katherine K. Davis: O God, Our Help In Ages Past
Poem: Malcolm Guite: A Sonnet for Trinity Sunday 
Hymn of Welcome # 686 O God, Our Help In Ages Past [ST. ANNE]
Offertory: Joseph Gabriel Rheinberger: Trio #3 (op. 189) (organ)
Responsorial Psalm 104, vv. 27 – 34
Anthem: Peter Tchaikovsky: Holy, Blessed Trinity
Hymn of Invitation & Declaration #3 Holy, Holy, Holy [NICAEA]
Postlude: Dan Miller: Holy, Holy, Holy (piano & organ)