An Invitation

Parents, Teenagers, friends and supporters of both, put on your calendars July 15 and July 22 6:00 PM. We’ll be zooming with Dr. Timothy Brock, one of Drew’s former divinity school professors. He is a gifted presenter and educator with years of experience in local church and classroom settings and will be doing a couple of interactive (for parents and youth) sessions on Anxiety and Families.

Dr. Brock is an excellent teacher integrating systems theory, Christian education, spirituality, and psychology. Both meetings will be 45 minutes to an hour and contain small homework and interactive components, Drew will have presentations and slides that Dr. Brock will be sharing if you are unable to join for both or only one of the meetings. If you have any questions before or would like included on the zoom invitation, email Drew at

Welcome from Minister to Families, Rev. Drew Phillips

Welcome to Third’s Youth Page!

We care about the welcome youth receive, their own spiritual formation, and their participation in the local body of Christ that is Third Baptist Church.

Our youth represent families and schools from all over the metro St. Louis area.

We place a high priority on our youth’s spiritual formation and have been engaging in the ancient practices utilizing labyrinths and Lection Divina.

We ask, “What do our youth need to know and believe as they prepare for adulthood?”

In answer to that we have devoted Sunday School time to a Third specific curriculum grounded in the historic faith.

We have fun, too.

Please check our schedule for activities, events, camps, missions opportunities, and more!

I’m grateful for a people that invest in the young and am thankful that we can grow together!

If you have questions or would like to chat, please don’t hesitate to reach out:



Spiritual Formation

Lectio Divina

“Sacred Reading: Free form serious play”

While we generally read  in two ways: to learn or to be entertained, Lectio Divina is the practice of reading meditatively.

This is an ancient Christian practice developed by Benedict for monks to be practiced in community.

There many variations on this practice; almost all the ways are based on four types of reading:

-literal-plain meaning
-allegorical-deeper “hidden” meaning
-moral-application to life
-devotional-God’s inspiration for us

Lection Divina requires slow, concentrated reading and listening, to one another and to God.

We read four times slowly and with pauses in between the reading paying attention to:

-what words or phrases stand out
-why do these phrases stand out
-what is God’s word for us today
-what will we do as a result

The Third Baptist Youth rules for Lectio are:
-This is a safe place where all voices are honored
-All reading is interpretation and we bring our own experiences and reading to the text
-Observe silence and listen when called for

We practice Lectio Divina with the passage used in worship on Sunday morning. We hope the conversation with God’s written word, begun in Sunday School, carries to and beyond the service.

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