Worship in March

The Power of Two

Ancient society thought that leaders were born, not made. They were born to the right families, from which would flow wealth, success, and acclaim—the traditional marks of leaders. But Paul is describing a very different process. Leaders in the Pauline communities are designated by the gift of God, which seems to be given indiscriminately of anything else. Anyone could be a leader of a Pauline assembly. Leaders could be drawn from any walk of life and any social stratum, a phenomenon that would be enormously beneficial to the community, but it could also be enormously disruptive.

-Douglas A. Camp


March 1

Faith: Jairus and his daughter






March 8

Deception: Jacob and Esau







March 15

Obedience: Abraham and Isaac







March 22

Service: Mary and Martha






March 29

Support: Priscilla and Aquila