Sunday, September 16 & October 21

Following worship

Youth Family Gathering at Tommy, Caren, Colton and Carson’s home


Friday, September 28

What’s the cure for stress? Three words.

Let’s. Go. Bowling!

Meet at Shrewsbury Lanes, 7702 Well Avenue, 63119

Lanes are reserved from 7:30 PM until 9:30 PM


Friday, October 26

Night Hike at Shaw Nature Reserve

307 Pinetum Loom Road, Gray Summit, MO 63039

Reservations are scheduled for 7:00 PM. Meet at the Park.


November 2 – 4

American Baptist Youth Gathering

First Baptist Church of Jacksonville, IL


Sunday, November 11

Youth Leading Worship

Third Youth will facilitate prayers, welcome, litanies, benediction and sermon


Sunday, December 16

Youth Christmas Celebration

Experience Home Alone in Concert on big screen, accompanied by Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra. Christmas Lunch following worship. 1:30 PM walk over to Powell Hall. Showtime at 2:00 PM.


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