We rehearse on Wednesdays, 7pm – 8.30pm, and again on Sundays, 10.30am, for the 11am service.


[Sermon Series for January: Journeys of Faith]
JANUARY 3 [Christmas I – The Journey to Bethlehem by the Wise Men] [Soloist: Nathan Brown]
Prelude: J. S. Bach: Overture from the Christmas Oratorio (piano)
Hymn of Communion: Bread of Heaven [ARFON]
Litany/Poem: Christina Rossetti: After Communion
Offertory: Keith Chapman: Infant Holy, Infant Lowly (organ)
Anthem: Benjamin Britten: A New Year’s Carol
Hymn of Invitation & Declaration: The Old Year Now Away Is Fled [GREENSLEEVES]
Postlude: Mark Hayes: Fum! Fum! Fum! (organ)


JANUARY 10 [Epiphany – The Flight into Egypt] [Soloists: Sylvia Barnes, Parker Lindsey]
Prelude: Charles Raymond Cronham: The Kings of the Orient March (organ)
Litany/Poem: Christina Rossetti: A Christmas Carol (The Shepherds had an angel)
Offertory: BTS (Bang Si-hyuk): Epiphany (DooPiano arrangement)
Anthem: Peter Cornelius: The Three Kings
Hymn of Invitation & Declaration: As With Gladness Men Of Old [DIX]
Postlude: Larry Shackley: As With Gladness Men Of Old (piano)


JANUARY 17 [Epiphany II – The Road from Selma led by Dr. Martin Luther King] [Soloist: Adam Kosberg]
Prelude: Karl Jenkins: Hymn in memoriam Martin Luther King, jr. (trombone and organ)
Poem Litany: Maya Angelou: Abundant Hope
Offertory: Emma Lou Diemer: Poor Wayfarin’ Stranger (piano)
Anthem: H. T. Burleigh: De Blin’ Man Stood On De Road An’ Cried
Hymn of Invitation & Declaration (insert): Spiritual: We Shall Overcome
Postlude: Carl Haywood: Improvisation on We Shall Overcome (trombone and organ)


JANUARY 24 [Epiphany III – The Voyage via Malta for St. Paul] [Soloist: David Miller]
Choral Prelude: Thomas Campion, arr. Granville Bantock: Never Weather-Beaten Sail (sung)
Poem: John Henry Newman: St. Paul at Melita
Offertory: Edward MacDowell: Idyll (from Sea Pictures, op. 55, 4) (organ)
Anthem: George Dyson: And Now I Exhort You (from St. Paul’s Journey to Melita)
Hymn of Invitation & Declaration: #549 Higher Ground
Postlude: Cindy Berry: Higher Ground (piano)


JANUARY 31 [Epiphany IV – What Is YOUR Pilgrimage? Where are YOU going?] [Soloist: Jilliann Law]
Prelude: Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel: January (from Das Jahr) (piano)
Poem: John Bunyan: Mr. Valiant-for-Truth passes over to the other side
Offertory: Théodore Dubois: Offertoire (from Ten Pieces) (organ)
Anthem: Thomas Dunhill: Pilgrim Song
Hymn of Invitation & Declaration (insert): Henry Smart, arr. Hebble: Hark, Hark My Soul [PILGRIMS]
Postlude: Mary McDonald: Come Ye Faithful, Raise The Strain (organ)




FEBRUARY 7 [Epiphany V – Old Testament Promise] [Soloists: ]
Prelude: Alexandre Tansman: Chant sans Paroles (piano)
Hymn of Communion: Alexander Archangelsky: Trisagion
Litany: Fran Pratt: Litany for Burning Bushes
Offertory: Léon Boëllmann: Prière à Notre Dame (from Suite Gothique) (organ)
Anthem: John Gardner: The Water Stood Like Walls Of Brass (Cambridge Hymnal)
Hymn of Invitation & Declaration: #23 The God of Abraham Praise [LEONI]
Postlude: Peter Tchaikovsky: Chant sans Paroles (op. 40, 6) (piano)


FEBRUARY 14 [Epiphany VI – New Testament Redemption] [Soloist: Sarah Price]
Prelude: Florence Beatrice Price: Adoration (organ)
Poem: George Herbert: Redemption
Offertory: Dan Forrest: Since I Have Been Redeemed (piano)
Anthem: G. F. Handel: I Know That My Redeemer Liveth (from Messiah)
Hymn of Invitation & Declaration (insert): Redeemed, How I Love To Proclaim It [REDEMED]
Postlude: Germaine Tailleferre: Romance (piano)

FEBRUARY 17 [Ash Wednesday] [Soloists: Gene Dobbs Bradford, Steve Johnston]


[Sermon Series for Lent: Sorting the sheep from the goats]
FEBRUARY 21 [Lent I] [Jesus as a scapegoat?] [Soloist: Sarah Price]
Prelude: Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel: February (from Das Jahr) (piano)
Poem: Robert Graves: In The Wilderness
Offertory: Mary Beth Bennett: Pange Lingua (organ)
Anthem: John Ireland: The Scapegoat
Hymn of Invitation & Declaration: #347 And Can It Be? [SAGINA]
Postlude: Hiroyuki Sawano: scaPEGoat (piano)


FEBRUARY 28 [Lent II] Jesus as the Shepherd] (Examine a shepherd’s role; are we all ‘shepherds’?) [Soloist: David Miller]
Prelude: J. S. Bach: Pastorella in F major (mvt. #3) (piano)
Poem: Isaac Watts: God Our Shepherd
Scripture: Zechariah 13:7 “God will strike the shepherd and his sheep will scatter.”
Offertory: Howard Goodall: The Lord Is My Shepherd (piano)
Anthem: Sacred Harp, arr. Elizabeth Poston: My Shepherd Will Supply My Need
Hymn of Invitation & Declaration: #694 The Lord’s My Shepherd [CRIMOND]
Postlude: Percy Grainger: Shepherd’s Hey (piano)




MARCH 7 [Lent III – Jesus as the Sacrificial Lamb of God] [Soloist: Heather Fehl, Jilliann Law]
Prelude: Herbert Howells: The Chosen Tune (piano)
Hymn of Communion: Twila Paris: Lamb of God
Scripture: Isaiah 53:7b: “He was led like a lamb to the slaughter and as a sheep is silent before shearers, He never said a word.”
Offertory: Frank Martin: Agnus Dei (organ)
Anthem: Herbert Howells: Piping Down The Valleys Wild (duet)
Hymn of Invitation & Declaration: #314 What Wondrous Love Is This? [WONDROUS LOVE]
Postlude: Herbert Howells: Musica Sine Nomine (piano)


MARCH 14 [Lent IV] [Bohemia – Cradle of the Reformation] [BOHEMIA/CZECHOSLOVAKIA] [Soloist:]
Prelude: František Brixi: Toccata in A major (organ)
Poem: attrib. Jan Hus: Jesus Christ, our true Salvation (trans. R. F. Littledale) (“Lyra Eucharistica”)
Offertory: Bedrich Smetana: Melancholy (op. 5, 2) (piano)
Anthem: Antonin Dvorak: God Is My Shepherd (op. 99, 4)
Hymn of Invitation & Declaration (insert): Antonin Dvorak: Sinful Soul, Idle Not [NEW WORLD]
Postlude: Frantisek Drdla: Souvenir (piano)


MARCH 21 [Lent V] [The Overlooked] [TAILLEFERRE] [Soloist: Adam Kosberg]
Prelude: Germaine Tailleferre: Larghetto (from Deux Pieces pour Piano) (piano)
Litany for the Lost and Found (Fran Pratt)
Offertory: Germaine Tailleferre: Berceuse (trombone & piano)
Anthem: Germaine Tailleferre: Pastorale (trombone & piano)
Hymn of Invitation & Declaration
Postlude: Germaine Tailleferre: Impromptu (piano)


MARCH 28 [Palm Sunday – Why did Jesus enter Jerusalem on a donkey?] [Soloist: tba]
Prelude: J. S. Bach: Hilf Gott, dass mir’s gelinge (BWV 624) (organ)
Litany/Poem: G. K. Chesterton: The Donkey
Offertory: Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel: March (from Das Jahr) (piano)
Anthem: arr. Larry Shackley: Ride On, King Jesus
Hymn of Invitation & Declaration: #300 All Glory, Laud, and Honor [ST. THEODULPH]
Postlude: Healey Willan: Prelude on St. Theodulph (organ)




APRIL 2 (Good Friday) [Soloists: Nathan Brown, Perseid String Quartet]
Poem: Christina Rossetti: Good Friday
Franz Josef Haydn: Seven Last Words
Francis Pott: Pilgrim (world premiere) (written for TBC)


[Sermon Series for April: Gardens of faith] 

APRIL 4 [Easter – The Tomb in the Garden] [Soloist: Nathan Brown]

Prelude: J. S. Bach: Christ lag in Todes Banden (piano)

Hymn of Communion: Bread of Heaven [ARFON]

Poem: Edmund Spenser: Most Glorious Lord Of Life

Offertory: Enrique Granados: En el jardin (from Libro de horas) (piano)  

Anthem: G. F. Handel: I Know That My Redeemer Liveth (from Messiah)

Hymn of Invitation & Declaration: Robert Lowry: Low In The Grave He Lay

Postlude: Louis Vierne: Finale (from Sinfonie #1) (organ)



APRIL 11 [Low Sunday – Garden of Gethsemane; what happened there?]

Prelude: Lili Boulanger: D’Un Vieux Jardin (3 Morceaux, 1) (piano)

Poem: Rudyard Kipling: Gethsemane

Offertory: Marcel Dupré: Elévation #3 (op. 32, 3 (organ)

Anthem: arr. Paul Paviour: This Joyful Eastertide [Vruechten] (piano solo)

Hymn of Invitation & Declaration (insert): Go To Dark Gethsemane [NICHT SO TRAURIG]

Postlude: Sasha Johnson Manning: A Low Sunday Celebration (written for TBC) (piano & organ)



APRIL 18 [Easter II – Garden of Eden; what does it mean?] [Soloist: Jilliann Law]

Prelude: Andrew Fletcher: Cantilena (organ)

Poem: Robert Frost: Nothing Gold Can Stay

Offertory: Lili Boulanger: D’Un Jardin Clair (3 Morceaux, 2)

Anthem: Peter Tchaikovsky: Legend

Hymn of Invitation & Declaration: All Things Bright And Beautiful [ROYAL OAK]

Postlude: Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel: April (from Das Jahr) (piano)  



APRIL 25 [Easter III – How does YOUR garden grow? Growing faith] [Soloist: Eliot Barnes]

Prelude: Haydn Wood: An April Shower at Kew (piano)

Litany of Faith: Tom Hoopes

Offertory: Fernando Sor: Study 16 (guitar)

Anthem: Isaac Albeniz: Asturias (Leyenda) (guitar)

Hymn of Invitation & Declaration: #635 In The Garden [GARDEN]

Postlude: Percy Grainger: Country Gardens (piano)





[Sermon Series for May: American Women Visionaries]

MAY 2 [Susan B. Anthony] [Soloists: Heather Fehl, David Miller]

Prelude: Craig Phillips: Prelude on Slane (organ)

Hymn of Communion (insert): Bread of the World (Cambridge Hymnal) [RENDEZ A DIEU]

Anthony Poem: “I pray every single moment of my life;
Not on my knees but with my work.
My prayer is to lift women to equality with men.
Work and worship are one with me.”

Offertory: Lili Boulanger: Cortège (3 Morceaux, 3) (piano)

Anthem: Sasha Johnson Manning: Psalm 93 (written for TBC)

Hymn of Invitation & Declaration: Be Thou My Vision [SLANE]

Postlude: Aaron David Miller: Festive Gloria (organ)




MAY 9 [Harriet Tubman] [Soloist: Adam Kosberg]

Prelude: William Bolcom: Chorale Prelude on ‘Abide With Me’ (organ)

Poem Litany: Langston Hughes: Freedom Train

Offertory: Emma Lou Diemer: Deep River (piano)

Anthem: Harry T. Burleigh: The Gospel Train

Hymn of Invitation & Declaration: Harry T. Burleigh: Deep River

Postlude: Charles Callahan: A Gospel Prelude (piano & organ)




MAY 16 [Fanny Crosby] [Soloist: Lola Watson]

Prelude: Enrique Granados: May Song (op. 1, 3) (piano)

A Litany of Fanny Crosby

Offertory: Arthur Foote: Prelude (op. 50, 5) (organ)

Anthem: Fanny Crosby: Rescue the Perishing (arr. David Schwoebel)

Hymn of Invitation & Declaration: Fanny Crosby: Blessed Assurance

Postlude: Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel: May (from Das Jahr) (piano)



MAY 23 [Pentecost] [Soloist: David Miller]

Prelude: Michael McCabe: Come, Holy Ghost, Our Souls Inspire (organ)

Poem: William Blake: Pentecost + Malcolm Guite: Pentecost

Offertory: Herbert Howells: Lambert’s Fireside (piano)

Anthem: arr. Anthony Milner: Come, Holy Ghost (Cambridge Hymnal)

Hymn of Invitation & Declaration: Alec Wyton: A Mighty Sound From Heaven At Pentecost There Came [DUTCH MELODY]

Postlude: J. S. Bach: Komm, Gott Schöpfer, Heiliger Geist (BWV 631) (organ)




MAY 30 [Trinity] (Memorial Day Weekend) [Soloist: Philip Barnes]

Prelude: Andrew Carter: Trumpet Tune (organ)

Litany/Poem: George Herbert: Trinitie Sunday

Offertory: Herbert Howells: Tranquillo (Six Short Pieces, 1) (organ)

Anthem: Peter Hurford: Litany to the Holy Spirit

Hymn of Invitation & Declaration: Three In One And One In Three [CAPETOWN]

Postlude: Healey Willan: Prelude on ‘Nicaea’ (organ)


[Sermon Series for June: Holy Sonnets: Fourteen Lines of Faith]

JUNE 6 (John Donne) [Soloist: Heather Fehl]

Prelude: J. S. Bach: Ertödt’ uns durch dein’ Güte (BWV 22) (organ)

Hymn of Communion: Alexander Archangelsky: Trisagion

Poem: John Donne: Batter My Heart, Three-Personed God

Offertory: Henry Purcell: A Ground in D Minor (Z. 222) (piano)

Anthem: Pelham Humfrey: A Hymne to God the Father

Hymn of Invitation & Declaration: Shakespeare’s Poor Soul, The Centre Of My Sinful Earth [CONGLETON]

Postlude: François Couperin: Dialogue on the Grands Jeux from Mass for the Convents (organ)



JUNE 13 (Elizabeth Barrett Browning) [Soloist: Lori Davis]

Prelude: Edward Elgar: Salut d’Amour (organ)

Litany/Poem: Elizabeth Barrett Browning: I Lived With Visions For My Company

Offertory:  Undine Smith Moore: Variations on ‘Nettleton’ (organ) 

Anthem: Penny Rodriguez: How Do I Love Thee?

Hymn of Invitation & Declaration: Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing [NETTLETON]

Postlude: Franz Schubert: Serenade (arr. Franz Liszt) (piano)



JUNE 20 (Juneteenth/Midsummer Day) (Claude McKay) [Soloist: David Miller]

Prelude: Emma Lou Diemer: Every Time I Feel The Spirit (piano)

Poem: Claude McKay: The Lynching

Offertory: Aaron Copland: Midsummer Nocturne (piano) 

Anthem: Henry Thacker Burleigh: By An’ By

Hymn of Invitation & Declaration: How Tedious And Tasteless The Hours [GREEN FIELDS]

Postlude: Florence Price: Festal March (organ)



JUNE 27 (Gerard Manley Hopkins) [Soloist: Nathan Brown]

Prelude: Everett Titcomb: Adore Te Devote (organ)

Litany/Poem: Gerard Manley Hopkins: God’s Grandeur

Offertory: Marianne Kim: Lead Kindly Light (with Mendelssohn: Sonata no. 1, 2nd movement) (organ)

Anthem: Bob Chilcott: Thee God I Come From, To Thee Go (from Jubilate)

Hymn of Invitation & Declaration: Hopkins’ translation – Godhead Here In Hiding [ADORO TE]

Postlude: Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel: June (from Das Jahr) (piano)




[Sermon Series for July: Art and Faith: Lessons from American Modernists]

JULY 4 (Norman Rockwell, American illustrator) [No vocalist]

Prelude: Mary McDonald: God of our Fathers (organ)

Litany: Psalm 122

Offertory: arr. Pamela M. Robertson: My Country, ‘Tis Of Thee (piano)

Anthem: Samuel Ward: America, the Beautiful

Hymn of Invitation & Declaration: #807 My Country, ‘Tis Of Thee [AMERICA]

Postlude: arr. James Michael Stevens: America, The Beautiful (piano & organ)

JULY 11 (Sebastião Salgado, Brazilian photographer) [Soloist: Heather Fehl]

Prelude: Heitor Villa-Lobos: New York Sky Line (piano)

Litany from the writings of Sebastião Salgado

Offertory: Robert J. Powell: Open My Eyes (organ)

Anthem: Clara H. Scott: Open My Eyes That I May See

Hymn of Invitation & Declaration: #536 Have Faith In God [MUSKOGEE]

Postlude: Ernest Nazareth: Dengozo (Tango) (piano)


JULY 18 (John Biggers, African American muralist) [Soloist: Adam Kosberg]

Prelude: Samuel Taylor-Coleridge: Impromptu #1 (organ)

Poem: Langston Hughes: I Look At The World

Offertory: Gilbert M. Martin: Nobody Knows The Trouble I’ve Seen (organ)

Anthem: Henry Thacker Burleigh: Nobody Knows De Trouble I’ve Seen

Hymn of Invitation & Declaration: #544 My Faith Still Holds [STRONG FAITH]

Postlude: Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel: July (from Das Jahr)


JULY 25 (Frida Kahlo, Mexican painter) [Soloist: Jill Lindberg]

Prelude: Manuel Ponce: Arrulladora Mexicana (piano)

Litany/Poem: #538 My Faith, My Love

Offertory: Manuel Ponce: Intermezzo (piano)

Anthem: J. Harold Moyer: I Sought The Lord (FAITH)

Hymn of Invitation & Declaration: #404 Faith Of Our Fathers [ST. CATHERINE]

Postlude: Hans-Andre Stamm: Toccata Mexicana (organ)


Sermon Series for August: Visions of Faith

AUGUST 1 (Visions of Faith: Leonardo da Vinci: The Last Supper) [Soloists: Heather Fehl, Samantha Wagner]

Prelude: J. S. Bach: Prelude in C major (from The Well-Tempered Klavier) (piano)

Hymn of Communion: #460 Let Us Break Bread Together [LET US BREAK BREAD]

Poem: Rainer Maria Rilke: On Seeing ‘The Last Supper’, Milan, 1904

Offertory: Peter Tchaikovsky: Italian Song (op. 39, 15) (piano)

Anthem: Marc-Antoine Charpentier: Therefore We, Before Him Bending

Hymn of Invitation & Declaration (insert): Fanny Crosby: The Last Supper 

Postlude: Marc-Antoine Charpentier: Prelude to the “Te Deum” (organ)


AUGUST 8 (Visions of Faith: Edward Hicks: The Peaceable Kingdom) [Soloist: Nathan Brown]

Prelude: Erik Satie: Gymnopédie No. 2 (piano)

Poem: Samuel French Morse: The Peaceable Kingdom

Offertory: Jules Massenet: Élégie (piano)

Anthem: Dan Forrest: My Jesus, I Love Thee

Hymn of Invitation & Declaration: Isaiah The Prophet [SAMANTHRA]

Postlude: Nadia Boulanger (organ)


AUGUST 15 (Visions of Faith)

Summer informal worship


AUGUST 22 (Visions of Faith: Holman Hunt: The Light of the World) [Soloists: Heather Fehl, David Miller]

Prelude: Erik Satie: Gymnopédie No. 1 (solo piano: Sylvia Barnes)

Poem: Malcom Guite: I Am The Light Of The World

Offertory: Elgar: Sospiri (arr. Robert Hebble) (organ)

Anthem: Anne Krentz Organ: We Walk By Faith And Not By Sight

Hymn of Invitation & Declaration: Philip Bliss: The Light Of The World Is Jesus [BLISS]

Postlude: Gabriel Fauré: Romances sans Paroles (op. 17, 3) (piano)


AUGUST 29 (Visions of Faith: Salvador Dali/Christ of St. John of the Cross/Rio, Christ the Redeemer/Antony Gormley/The Angel of the North)

[Soloists: Heather Fehl, Jill Lindberg, David Miller, Adam Kosberg]

Prelude: Erik Satie: Gymnopédie No. 3 (piano)

Poem: Connie Campbell Bratcher: God Is Watching Over Me

Offertory: Felix Mendelssohn: He, Watching Over Israel (from Elijah) (piano)

Anthem: Dan Schutte: Holy Darkness (based on St. John of the Cross)

Hymn of Invitation & Declaration: #539 My Faith Looks Up To Thee [OLIVET]

Postlude: René Vierne: Postlude (organ)



Sermon Series for September: The First Fruits/Harvest/Bringing In The Sheaves






Passing the Peace of Christ


Spoken Litany/Poem (except at Holy Communion)

Hymn of Affirmation/Declaration

Offertory Prayer


Responsorial Psalm (except at Holy Communion)


Scripture Reading and Message

Hymn of Invitation




SEPTEMBER 5 (Labor Day Weekend) (CHORAL SERVICES RESUME) [Fruits of the Spirit]

Prelude/Introit: David Bednall: O Come, Let Us Sing Unto The Lord

Music for Communion: Twila Paris: O Lamb of God

Hymn of Affirmation: Ken Naylor: How Shall I Sing That Majesty [COE FEN]

Offertory: Emma Lou Diemer: Great Day (piano)

Anthem: Joseph M. Martin: The Lord Of Harvest

Hymn of Invitation & Declaration #788: Now Thank We All Our God [NUN DANKET]

Postlude: Sigfrid Karg-Elert: Nun danket alle Gott – Marche Triomphale (op. 65, 59) (organ)


SEPTEMBER 12 [Fruits of the Earth]

Prelude/Introit: Maurice Greene: Thou Visitest The Earth

Poem: Marianne Farningham: A Harvest Song

Hymn of Affirmation: As Saints Of Old Their First Fruits Brought [FOREST GREEN]

Offertory: Robert Schumann: Ernteliedchen (Harvest Song) (op. 68, 24) (piano)

Responsorial Psalm 65, 9 – 13: Thou Visitest the Earth & Blessed It

Anthem: Ruth Elaine Schram: First Fruits

Hymn of Invitation & Declaration #797: Come, Ye Thankful People, Come [ST. GEORGE’S, WINDSOR]

Postlude: Niels Gade: Allegro (Three Tone Pieces, op. 22, 3) (organ)


SEPTEMBER 19 [Jesus as the First Fruit]

Prelude/Introit: J. S. Bach: Jesu, Joy Of Man’s Desiring

Litany: Christ Our Passover [The Easter Anthems] [BCP]

Hymn of Affirmation #623: Jesus, Priceless Treasure [JESU MEINE FREUDE]

Offertory: J. S. Bach: Jesu, Meine Freude (BWV 610) (organ)

Responsorial Psalm 67: God Be Merciful Unto Us

Anthem: Elizabeth Poston: Jesus Christ The Apple Tree

Hymn of Invitation & Declaration (insert): Bringing In the Sheaves [HARVEST]

Postlude: Emma Lou Diemer: Give Me Jesus (piano)


SEPTEMBER 26 [Fruits of Creation – our natural world]

Prelude: Rulon Harrison: Simple Gifts (organ)

Introit: John Rutter: For The Beauty Of The Earth  

Litany/Poem: St. Augustine: The Beauty Of Creation

Hymn of Affirmation: All Things Bright And Beautiful [ROYAL OAK]

Offertory: Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel: September (from Das Jahr) (piano)

Responsorial Psalm 85, 8 – 13: I Will Hear What God The Lord Will Speak

Anthem: Elaine Hagenberg: This Is My Father’s World

Hymn of Invitation & Declaration: We Plough The Fields And Scatter The Good Seed [WIR PFLÜGEN]

Postlude: (organ)


Sermon Series for October: Behold I Make All Things New [Stewardship]

OCTOBER 3 [Make ME New, Lord!]

Prelude: Johannes Brahms: Schücke dich, o liebe Seele (organ)

Music for Communion: John Rutter

Hymn of Affirmation (insert): New Every Morning [MELCOMBE]

Offertory: Kenyon Emrys-Roberts: Theme from ’To Serve Them All My Days’ (piano)

Anthem: Melissa Dunphy: A New Heart (written for TBC)

Hymn of Invitation & Declaration #435: God Of Grace, And God Of Glory [CWM RHONDA]

Postlude: Paul Manz: God of Grace and God of Glory (organ)


OCTOBER 10 [Help Me Renew My Church]

Prelude: Henry Purcell: Rondeau from ‘Abdelazar’ (piano)

Introit: Christopher Tye: Give Almes Of Thy Goods


Hymn of Affirmation #401: The Church’s One Foundation [AURELIA]

Offertory: Orlando Gibbons: Voluntary in A minor (organ)

Responsorial Psalm 138: I Will Praise You With My Whole Heart

Anthem: Ovid Young: Here I Am, Lord

Hymn of Invitation & Declaration #433: Rise Up, O Church Of God [ST. THOMAS]

Postlude: Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel: October (from Das Jahr) (piano)


OCTOBER 17 [Jesus Renews Our World]

Prelude: Dale Wood: Be Thou My Vision (organ)

Introit: Eriks Esenvalds: At Thy Cross

Litany/Poem: Stuart Townend: Holy Spirit, Living Breath Of God

Hymn of Affirmation (insert): Mary J. Hammond: O Breath Of Life

Offertory: Cindy Berry: Revive Us Again (piano)

Responsorial Psalm 133: Behold, How Good And Pleasant It Is

Anthem: David von Kampen: I Want Jesus To Walk With Me

Hymn of Invitation & Declaration #431: Graham Kendrick: Shine, Jesus, Shine

Postlude: Herbert Sumsion: Ceremonial March (organ)


OCTOBER 24 [Let Us All Be Agents Of Change]

Prelude: Ralph Vaughan Williams: The Lake In The Mountains (from ‘49th Parallel’) (piano)

Introit: Richard Phipps: Create In Me A New Heart

Litany/Poem: B. B. McKinney: Lord, Send A Revival

Hymn of Affirmation #654: Eddie Espinosa: Change My Heart, O God

Offertory: Dan Forest: An Offering (solo)

Responsorial Psalm 

Anthem: Ralph Vaughan Williams: The New Commonwealth

Hymn of Invitation & Declaration 415: We are Called To Be God’s People [AUSTRIAN HYMN]

Postlude: Nancy Hill Cobb: Fanfare on ‘Nicea’ (organ)


OCTOBER 31 (Eve of All Saints)

Prelude/Introit: James Nares: The Souls Of The Righteous (soprano duet)

Poem: Malcolm Guite: A Sonnet for All Saints

Hymn of Affirmation: Give Us The Wings Of Faith [SAN ROCCO]

Offertory: Harry Burleigh: Wade In De Water (vocal solo)

Responsorial Psalm 24: The Earth Is The Lord’s

Anthem: Walter Hawkins: I’m Goin’ Up Yonder (arr. Martin Sirvatka)

Hymn of Invitation & Declaration #767: For All The Saints [SINE NOMINE]

Postlude: Joseph Jongen: Toccata (op. 104) (organ)


Sermon Series for November: The Cloths of Heaven 


Prelude/Introit: Harry T. Burleigh: I Got A Robe (vocal solo)

Music for Communion: John Rutter

Hymn of Affirmation #215: When Morning Gilds The Skies [LAUDES DOMINI]

Offertory: Arthur Foote: Cantilena (op. 71, 1) (organ)

Anthem: W. A. Mozart: Jesus, Word Of God Incarnate

Hymn of Invitation & Declaration 

Postlude: Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel: November (from Das Jahr) (piano)


NOVEMBER 14 [170th Anniversary Sunday]

Prelude: Rebecca Clarke: The Cloths Of Heaven (vocal solo)

Introit: Sasha Johnson Manning: The Lord Is King (written for TBC)

Poem: Phineas Fletcher: If God Build Not The House

Hymn of Affirmation (insert): Thomas Tallis: How Lovely Are Thy Dwellings Fair [TALLIS’ ORDINAL]

Offertory: Herbert Howells: The Chosen Tune (piano)

Responsorial Psalm 84: How Lovely Is Your Tabernacle

Anthem: Sasha Johnson Manning: For The Fallen (written for TBC)

Hymn of Invitation & Declaration: 429: They’ll Know We Are Christians [ST. BRENDAN’S]

Postlude: J. S. Bach: Now Thank We All Our God (arr. Virgil Fox) (organ)



Prelude/Introit: John Tavener: Awake, Thou That Sleepest (from The Veil of the Temple)

Litany: The Fabric of Heaven

Hymn of Affirmation #526: The Solid Rock

Offertory: (organ) WOMAN COMPOSER?

Responsorial Psalm 

Anthem: Victor Johnson: The Cloths Of Heaven 

Hymn of Invitation & Declaration: 465: Baptized In Water [BUNESSAN]

Postlude: Dan Forrest: Gaelic Morning (piano)


NOVEMBER 28 (Advent I) (Thanksgiving Weekend)

Prelude/Introit: John Ireland: The Advent (solo)

Poem: Malcolm Guite: Thanksgiving

Hymn of Affirmation #794: Let All Things Now Living [ASH GROVE]

Offertory: Herbert Howells: Musica Sine Nomine (dedicated to J. I.) (piano)

Responsorial Psalm 42, vv. 1-5: As A Deer Longs For Streams Of Water


Hymn of Invitation & Declaration

Postlude: (organ) WOMAN COMPOSER?


DECEMBER 5 (Advent II)

Prelude: Jack Richard Hodkinson: December (piano)

Music for Communion: Alexander Archangelsky: Trisagion


Hymn of Affirmation

Offertory: (organ)


Hymn of Invitation & Declaration

Postlude: Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel: December (from Das Jahr) (piano)


DECEMBER 12 (Advent III) (Carol Service) (with Perseid String Quartet)

John Ireland: Adam Lay Y-bounden

John Ireland: Ex Ore Innocentium 

John Ireland: Joseph Fell A-dreaming

John Ireland: New Prince, New Pomp

John Ireland: The Holy Boy (string 4tet)

Sasha Johnson Manning: A Christmas Rhapsody (written for TBC)


DECEMBER 19 (Advent IV)




Hymn of Affirmation


Responsorial Psalm 


Hymn of Invitation & Declaration



DECEMBER 24 (Service of Lessons and Carols)

Prelude: (organ)


Offertory: (piano)


Hymn of Invitation & Declaration

Postlude: (organ)


DECEMBER 26 (St. Stephen’s Day)

Prelude: Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel: Nachspiel (from Das Jahr) (piano)


Litany/Poem: Luke Waddinge: St. Stephen Had An Angel’s Face

Hymn of Affirmation: Good King Wenceslas

Offertory: Balfour Gardiner: Noel (piano)

Responsorial Psalm 

Anthem: John Ireland: The Holy Boy

Hymn of Invitation & Declaration

Postlude: (organ)

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