We rehearse on Wednesdays, 7pm – 8.30pm, and again on Sundays, 10.30am, for the 11am service.

JANUARY 6 [Epiphany; Heavenly Bodies ~ Stars]

Prelude: J. S. Bach: Wie schön leuchtet der Morgenstern (BWV 764) (organ)

Introit: Benjamin Britten: A New Year Carol

Communion Music: The Bread # 148 Isaiah 6:3 (Holy, Holy, Holy Lord) [Chautauqua] The Cup # 304 Behold The Lamb [Behold The Lamb] The Blessing # 302 Lamb Of God (Lamb Of God/Twila Paris)

Hymn of the Epiphany #288 We Three Kings [Kings of Orient]

Offertory: Edward Macdowell: Starlight (from Sea Pieces, op. 55) (piano)

Anthem: William Crotch: Lo! Star-Led Chiefs

Hymn of Communion # 494 It Took A Miracle [Montrose]

Hymn of Declaration # 130 His Glorious Name (Finlandia)

Postlude: Franklin D. Ashdown: Toccata on We Three Kings of Orient Are (organ)


JANUARY 13 [Heavenly Bodies ~ The Sun and the Planets] [HOLST]


Prelude: Gustav Holst: A Piece For Yvonne (piano)

Introit: Gustav Holst: O God, Beyond All Praising [Thaxted]

Spoken Litany: The Strain Upraise Of Joy and Praise [Baptist Union Hymnal 1883, # 1012]

Hymn of Welcome #insert “Earth and All Stars” (Episcopal Hymnal 1982)

Offertory: Gustav Holst, arr. Todd Marchand: In The Bleak Midwinter (trombone & organ)

Anthem: Gustav Holst: Turn Back, O Man

Hymn of Invitation # 625 Sun Of My Soul [Hursley]

Hymn of Declaration #139 Great Is Thy Faithfulness [Faithfulness]

Postlude: Gustav Holst: Toccata on a Northumbrian tune (H. 153) (piano)


JANUARY 20 [Moon; Heavenly Bodies ~ Moon; Lunar Eclipse]

Prelude: Judith Bingham: The Moon Over Westminster Cathedral (piano)

Introit: Judith Bingham: God Be In My Head

Spoken Litany: # 735 The Armor of God

Hymn of Welcome # 215 When Morning Gilds The Skies [Laudes Domini]

Offertory: Claude Debussy: Clair de Lune (organ)

Anthems: U2, arr. Bob Chilcott: MLK Gustav Holst: Turn Back, O Man

Hymn of Invitation # 229 Cast Thy Burden Upon The Lord (Mendelssohn) [Cast Thy Burden]

Hymn of Declaration # 128 I Sing The Mighty Power Of God [Ellacombe]

Postlude: Eric Coates: Westminster (from London Suite) (piano)


JANUARY 27 [Seven Virtues v. Seven Deadly Sins, 1: Chastity v. Lust] [VIVALDI]

Prelude: J. S. Bach: Organ Concerto in A minor BWV 593 (after Vivaldi RV 522), movt. 1 (organ)

Introit: Ottavio Pitoni: Come Ye With Joyfulness (orig. Cantate Domino)

Spoken Litany: # 659 The Way Of The Righteous

Hymn of Welcome # 8 Come, Thou Almighty King (Italian Hymn]

Offertory: J. S. Bach: Organ Concerto in A minor BWV 593 (after Vivaldi RV 522), movt. 2 (organ)

Anthem: Antonio Vivaldi: Sing To the Lord (orig. Domine Ad Adjuvandum, RV 593)

Hymn of Invitation # 480 Only Trust Him [Minerva] (= Come Every Soul By Sin Oppressed)

Hymn of Declaration # 237 Lord, Dismiss Us With Thy Blessing [Sicilian Mariners]

Postlude: J. S. Bach: Organ Concerto in A minor BWV 593 (after Vivaldi RV 522), movt. 3 (organ)


FEBRUARY 3 [Seven Virtues v. Seven Deadly Sins, 2: Temperance v. Gluttony]

Prelude:  Jacob Druckman: Gluttony (from Seven Deadly Sins) (piano)

Introit: Andrea Ramsey: God Be In My Head

James Macmillan: The Galloway Mass

Hymn of Communion # 459 We Remember You [We Remember You]

Offertory: Rebecca Groom Te Velde: Chorale Prelude on Song 13 (organ)

Anthem: Laura Story, arr. James Koerts: Remember

Hymn of Invitation # 484 Come, Let Us Reason [Come, Let Us Reason]

Hymn of Declaration # 670 Make Me A Blessing [Schuler]

Postlude: Ian Ring: Temperance (from Opus Arcana) (piano)


FEBRUARY 10 [Seven Virtues v. Seven Deadly Sins, 3: Charity v. Greed]



FEBRUARY 17 [Seven Virtues v. Seven Deadly Sins, 3: Charity v. Greed]

Prelude: York Bowen: Prelude (Three Miniatures, 1) (piano)

Introit: Orlando Gibbons: O Lord, Increase Our Faith

Spoken Litany: # 679 Your Reasonable Service

Hymn of Welcome # 11 Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing [Nettleton]

Offertory: York Bowen: Intermezzo (Three Miniatures, 2) (piano)

Anthem: Edward Bairstow: Though I Speak With The Tongues Of Men

Hymn of Invitation # 506 I’d Rather Have Jesus [I’d Rather Have Jesus]

Hymn of Declaration # 661 Little Is Much When God Is In It [Stewardship]

Postlude: York Bowen: Scherzo (Three Miniatures, 3) (piano)


FEBRUARY 24 [Seven Virtues v. Seven Deadly Sins, 5: Patience v. Wrath]

Prelude: Gustav Holst, arr. Todd Marchand: In The Bleak Midwinter (trombone & organ)

Introit: Richard Phipps: Create In Me A Clean Heart, O God

Spoken Litany: # 523 Forgiveness

Hymn of Welcome # 123 How Sweet The Name Of Jesus Sounds [St. Peter]

Offertory: Dale Wood: Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing (organ)

Anthem: Mark Hayes: Come Unto Me And Wait

Hymn of Invitation # 482 Jesus Is Calling [Calling Today]

Hymn of Declaration # 501 Now I Belong To Jesus [Ellsworth]

Postlude: Patrick Doyle: Patience (from Sense & Sensibility) (piano)


MARCH 3 [Seven Virtues v. Seven Deadly Sins, 6: Kindness v. Envy]

Prelude: Harold Darke: A Meditation on Brother James’s Air (organ)

Introit: Thomas Tallis: Verily, Verily I Say Unto You

James Macmillan: The Galloway Mass

Hymn of Communion # 481 Come Just As You [Sabolick]

Offertory: Peter Maxwell Davies: Farewell to Stromness (piano)

Anthem: Charles Collins: The Rose Tree

Hymn of Invitation # 513 Thank You, Lord [Thank You, Lord]

Hymn of Declaration # 490 Lord, I’m Coming Home [Coming Home]

Postlude: Alexandre Guilmant: Paraphrase on See, the Conqu’ring Hero Comes! (Handel) (organ)


MARCH 6 (Ash Wednesday) 6 pm Chapel (4th floor) [Seven Virtues v. Seven Deadly Sins, 7: Humility v. Pride]

Prelude: William Byrd: Miserere I (organ)

Anthem: John Stainer: God So Loved The World

Postlude: William Byrd: Miserere II (organ)  



MARCH 10 [Visions of the Crucifixion, 1: Earliest depiction (Syriac Rabbula Gospels, 586)] [PURCELL] What was crucifixion? Was it unusual in the Roman Empire? Why was this form of execution chosen?

Prelude: Henry Purcell: Suite in G major (Z. 660) (piano)

Introit: Henry Purcell: Thou Knowest, Lord, The Secrets (from Funeral Sentences)

Spoken Litany: # 322 The Cross – Tree Of Life

Hymn of Welcome # 216 The Lord Is In His Holy Temple [Quam Dilecta]

Offertory: Henry Purcell: Chacony in G minor (Z. 730) (organ)

Anthem: Henry Purcell: Man That Is Born Of A Woman (from Funeral Sentences)

Hymn of Invitation # 543 ‘Til The Storm Passes By [Lister]

Hymn of Declaration # 324 When I Survey The Wondrous Cross [Hamburg]

Postlude: Henry Purcell: Rondeau (from Abdelazar, Z. 570) (piano)


MARCH 17 [Visions of the Crucifixion, 2:] Stabat Mater by Rogier van der Weyden, 1460] Who were those surrounding Jesus on the cross? Are we ‘them’?

Prelude: Jeanne Demessieux: Cantabile on Stabat Mater (organ)

Introit: Steven Stucky: Ah, Holy Jesus

Spoken Litany: # 50 God Highly Exalted Him

Hymn of Welcome # 613 All Your Anxiety [All Your Anxiety]

Offertory: Dan Forrest: Lead Me To Calvary (piano)

Anthem: Josephine Poelinitz: City Called Heaven

Hymn of Invitation # 330 Are You Washed In The Blood? [Washed In The Blood]

Hymn of Declaration # 325 Why Should He Love Me So? [Love Me]

Postlude: Gioacchino Rossini: Cujus Animam (from Stabat Mater) (arr. Franz Liszt) (trombone + organ)


MARCH 24 [Visions of the Crucifixion, 3: Cristo crucificado by Diego Velazquez, 1632] [IBERIA] Stripped of distractions, let us focus on the Cross itself – how are artistic depictions of the Crucifixion intended to affect the viewer.

Prelude: Mikael Sapin: De Profundis (piano)

Introit: King John IV of Portugal: Faithful Cross

Spoken Litany: # 307 My Redeemer

Hymn of Welcome: # 209 This Is The Day [This Is The Day]

Offertory: Enrique Granados: Intermezzo (from Goyescas) (piano)

Anthem: Tomas Luis da Victoria: Jesus, The Very Thought Of Thee

Hymn of Invitation # 311 Hallelujah, What A Savior! [Man Of Sorrows]

Hymn of Declaration # 334 The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power [The Blood]

Postlude: Benjamin Britten: Prelude & Fugue on a theme of Vittoria (organ)


MARCH 31 [Visions of the Crucifixion, 4: Crucifixion by Aaron Douglas (African-American artist), 1927] “Take up THY cross, the Savior said” – we ALL have a cross to bear

Prelude: Florence Beatrice Price: In A Quiet Mood (organ)

Introit: Andrae Crouch: Soon, And Very Soon (arr. Jack Schrader)

Spoken Litany: # 658 Children Of God

Hymn of Welcome: # 603 Jesus, I My Cross Have Taken [Ellesdie]

Offertory: Emma Lou Diemer: Were You There? (piano)

Anthem: arr, Bob Chilcott: Were You There When They Crucified My Lord?

Hymn of Invitation # 340 Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus [Lemmel]

Hymn of Declaration # 673 Must Jesus Bear The Cross Alone [Maitland]

Postlude: Craig Phillips: Were You There? (organ)


APRIL 7 [Visions of the Crucifixion, 5: Christ of St. John of the Cross by Salvador Dali, 1951] The Savior oversees our sufferings, wherever we are in the world.

Prelude: Dan Forrest: Arise, My Soul, Arise (piano)

Introit: Sasha Johnson Manning: De Profundis (written for TBC)

James Macmillan: The Galloway Mass

Hymn of Welcome # 213 We Bring The Sacrifice Of Praise [We Bring The Sacrifice]

Offertory: David Bednall: Passion Chorale (organ)

Anthem: Eriks Esenvalds: At Thy Cross

Hymn of Invitation # 335 Cross Of Jesus, Cross Of Sorrow [Cross Of Jesus]

Hymn of Declaration # 683 The King Of Love My Shepherd Is [Dominus Regit Me]

Postlude: Dobrinka Tabakova: Modétudes, 6 (Aeolian) (piano)


APRIL 14 [Palm Sunday; Meeting Our Destiny]

Prelude: E. J. Moeran: The Day Of Palms (solo voice + piano)

Introit: Richard DeLong: A Sacred Song for Palm Sunday

Spoken Litany: # 298 Hosanna To The Son Of David

Hymn of Welcome # 301 We Will Glorify ~ Palm Sunday Setting [We Will Glorify]

Offertory: Christine Sullivan Robbins: I Sing The Mighty Power Of God (piano)

Anthem: John Carter: A Palm Sunday Processional

Hymn of Invitation # 319 Near The Cross [Near The Cross]

Hymn of Declaration # 316 O Sacred Head, Sore Wounded [Passion Chorale]

Postlude: Felix-Alexandre Guilmant: Marche Religieuse on a Theme of Handel (organ)


APRIL 17 [Holy Wednesday] 6 pm Chapel (4th floor)

Prelude: Lowell Liebermann: Nocturne (op. 20) (keyboard)

Hymn: # 612 In This Very Room [In This Very Room]

Anthem: Hugh S. Roberton: All In The April Evening


APRIL 19 [Good Friday] 7 pm

Music by Henry Purcell, played by the Perseid String Quartet

Rondeau from Abdelazar (Z. 570)

What Shall I Do? (ed. Graham Bastable)

Fantasia in G minor (Z. 735)

Next, Winter Comes Slowly (ed. Graham Bastable)

From Rosy Bowers (ed. Graham Bastable)

Chacony in G minor from King Arthur (Z. 730)

When I Am Laid In Earth (from Dido & Aeneas, Z. 626)


APRIL 21 [Easter]

Prelude: J. S. Bach: Christ Lag In Todesbanden (BWV 625) (organ)

Introit: arr. Russell Nagy: The Angel Roll The Stone Away

Spoken Litany: # 364 The Lord Is Risen

Hymn of Welcome # 360 Jesus Christ Is Risen Today [Llanfair]

Offertory: Emma Lou Diemer: Great Day (piano)

Anthem: Samuel Sebastian Wesley: Blessed Be The God And Father

Hymn of Invitation # 357 Christ Arose [Christ Arose]

Hymn of Declaration # 365 Alleluia! Alleluia! [Hymn To Joy]

Postlude: Charles-Marie Widor: Toccata (from Symphonie #5) (organ)


APRIL 28 [Low Sunday]

Prelude: John Ireland: The Undertone (from Three Preludes) (piano)

Spoken Litany: # 785 Life Everlasting

Hymn of Welcome # 226 Oh, The Glory Of His Presence [His Presence]

Offertory/Anthem: Sasha Johnson Manning: A Low Sunday Celebration (commissioned for TBC; world premiere) (piano & organ)

Hymn of Invitation # 34 He Is Lord [He Is Lord] (sung twice)

Hymn of Declaration # 327 The Old Rugged Cross [Old Rugged Cross]

Postlude: Thomas Attwood: Cathedral Fugue in E flat (piano & organ)


MAY 5 [Coronation & Responsibility ~ Solomon & the Queen of Sheba]

Prelude: G. F. Handel: Arrival of the Queen of Sheba (from Solomon) (organ)

Introit: G. F. Handel: Will The Sun Forget To Paint (from Solomon) (solo)

James Macmillan: The Galloway Mass

Hymn of Consecration: insert, My God, I Love Thee [Solomon]

Offertory: Domenico Scarlatti: Capriccio in E (edited by Carl Tausig) (piano)

Anthem: G. F. Handel: From The East Unto The West (from Solomon)

Hymn of Invitation # 535 Ask Ye What Great Thing I Know [Hendon]

Hymn of Declaration # 56 To God Be The Glory [To God Be The Glory]

Postlude: G. F. Handel: March from Scipio (organ)


MAY 12 [Mother’s Day] [Coronation & Responsibility ~ Queen Victoria – ‘The Mother Of Empire’)

Prelude: Emma Lou Diemer: Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child (piano)

Introit: Howard Helvey: Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child

Spoken Litany: # 127 The Lord On High Is Mighty!

Hymn of Welcome # 228 I Will Come And Bow Down [Nystrom]

Offertory: Paul Manz: Aria (organ)

Anthem: Martin Phipps: Alleluia (theme to Victoria)

Hymn of Invitation # 419 The Family Of God [Family Of God]

Hymn of Declaration # 370 Rejoice, The Lord Is King [Darwall]

Postlude: Dan Forrest: Rejoice, The Lord Is King! (piano)


MAY 19 [Coronation & Responsibility ~ King David]

Prelude: Leo Sowerby: Carillon (organ)

Introit: arr. Andy Beck: Little David, Play On Your Harp

Spoken Litany: # 736 The Lord Is My Light

Hymn of Welcome # 677 Glorious Is Thy Name Most Holy [Holy Manna]

Offertory: Patrick Lee Hébert: The Lament of King David (piano)

Anthem:  Randall Thompson: The Last Words Of David

Hymns of Invitation # 662 & 663 With All My Heart [Mason] & I Offer My Life ([I Offer My Heart]

Hymn of Declaration # 230 Christ, We Do All Adore Thee [Adore Thee]

Postlude: Enrique Granados: May Song (op. 1, 3) (piano)


MAY 26 [Coronation & Responsibility ~ The Hubris/Evil of the Russian Tsars][RUSSIA/MEMORIAL DAY]

Prelude: Peter Tchaikovsky: May (op. 37, 5) (piano)

Introit: Alexander Gretchaninoff: Come And Let Us Worship

Hymn of Welcome # 728 Am I A Soldier Of The Cross? [Arlington]

Spoken Litany: # 645 The Lord’s Prayer

Offertory: Russian Kontakion (arr. Walter Parratt): Give Rest

Anthem: Dmitri Bortniansky (arr. Archibald T. Davison): Thy Wisdom, Lord, All Thought Transcendeth

Hymn of Invitation # 329 There Is Power In The Blood [Power In The Blood]

Hymn of Declaration # 733 Once To Every Man And Nation [Ebenezer]

Postlude: Alexander Glazunov: Walzer (op. 42, 3) (piano)


JUNE 2 [Coronation & Responsibility ~ Herod and Jesus]

Prelude: Jean Langlais: Prelude on ‘Coronation’ (organ)

Introit: William Walton: King Herod And The Cock

James Macmillan: The Galloway Mass

Hymn of Consecration # 43 All Hail The Power Of Jesus’ Name [Coronation]

Spoken Litany: # 42 Crown Him Lord Of All

Offertory: Dobrinka Tabakova: Nocturne (piano)

Anthem: Ken Naylor: How Shall I Sing The Majesty? (arr. J. R. Daniels)

Hymn of Invitation # 37 You Are Crowned With Many Crowns [You Are Crowned]

Hymn of Declaration # 45 Crown Him With Many Crowns [Diademata]

Postlude: Giacomo Meyerbeer: Coronation March (from La Prophète) (piano)


*JUNE 9 [Pentecost/Whit Sunday]

Prelude: Libby Larsen: Prelude on Veni Creator Spiritus (organ)

Introit: Thomas Attwood: Come, Holy Ghost

Spoken Litany: # 388 By His Spirit

Hymn of Welcome # 389 Spirit Of The Living God [Iverson]

Offertory: Koos de Muinck: Veni Creator (piano)

Anthem: J. S. Bach: Awake Lord, And Hasten (from Cantata 22)

Hymn of Invitation # 684 Precious Lord, Take My Hand [Precious Lord]

Hymn of Declaration #392 Holy Spirit, Light Divine [Mercy]

Postlude: J. S. Bach: Seht, Was Die Liebe Tut (arr. Hubert J. Foss) (piano)


*JUNE 16 [Trinity]

Prelude: Louis Vierne – Méditation (transcribed by Maurice Duruflé) (organ)

Introit: Melissa Dunphy: A New Heart (written for TBC)

Spoken Litany: # 474 Unity Of The Spirit

Hymn of Welcome # 382 Come, Holy Spirit

Offertory: Cindy Berry: O God, Our Help In Ages Past (piano)

Anthem: Katherine K. Davis: O God, Our Help In Ages Past

Hymn of Invitation # 686 O God, Our Help In Ages Past, vv. 1-3 [St. Anne]

Hymn of Declaration #686 A Thousand Ages In Thy Sight, vv. 4-6 [St. Anne]

Postlude: Gordon Young: Recessional on St. Anne (organ)



*JUNE 23 NO CHOIR (Soloist: Margaret Boeckman) (Liminal Space: Schumann ~ Classical)

Prelude: Robert Schumann: Fugue No. 3 on B-A-C-H (organ)

Introit: Robert Schumann: Requiem (Songs of Lenau, op. 90, 7)

Spoken Litany: # 120 Majestic And Glorious

Hymn of Welcome # 667 Lord, Speak To Me (Schumann) [Canonbury]

Offertory: Robert Schumann: Warum? (piano)

Anthem: Robert Schumann: Offertorium – Tota Pulchra Es (from Missa Sacra, op. 147)

Hymn of Invitation # 458 O Perfect Love (O Perfect Love)

Hymn of Declaration # 572 Blessed Assurance (Assurance)

Postlude: Robert Schumann: Slumber Song (piano)


JUNE 30 (Liminal Space: Mahalia Jackson ~ Gospel)

Prelude: Wilbur Held: Precious Lord, Take My Hand (organ)

Introit: Walter Hawkins: Goin’ Up A-Yonder (arr. Martin Sirvatka)

Spoken Litany: # 699 My Help Comes From The Lord (read in unison)

Hymn of Welcome # 373 To Him Who Sits On The Throne (Graafsma)

Offertory: Duke Ellington: Come Sunday (piano)

Anthem: Glenn Burleigh: Order My Steps (arr. Jack Schrader)

Hymn of Invitation # 577 In Times Like These (Times Like These)

Hymn of Declaration # 503 Since Jesus Came Into My Heart (McDaniel)

Postlude: Aaron David Miller: Festive Gloria (organ)


JULY 7 NO CHOIR (Soloist: David Miller) (Liminal Space: Makoto Fujimura ~ Painter)

Prelude: Johannes Brahms: Schmücke dich, O liebe Seele (organ)

Introit: Henry Purcell: Music for a While

Spoken Litany: # 134 See His Glory

Hymn of Welcome # 449 Lord, Lay Some Soul Upon My Heart (Ira) (sung twice)

Offertory: Francois Couperin, Cromorne sur la Taille (Gloria, 5th verse) from Mass for the Convents (organ)

Anthem: Pelham Humphrey: A Hymne to God the Father

Hymn of Invitation # 568 May The Mind Of Christ, My Savior, vv. 1-4 [St. Leonards]

Hymn of Declaration # 568 May The Mind Of Christ, My Savior, vv. 5-6 [St. Leonards]

Postlude: Herbert Sumsion: Ceremonial March (organ)


*JULY 14 (Liminal Space: J. S. Bach)

Prelude: J. S. Bach: Prelude in C major (BWV 547) (organ)

Introit: J. S. Bach: God Is Living, God Is Here!

Spoken Litany: # 136 Cries Of Joy

Hymn of Welcome # 425 Bind Us Together (Bind Us Together)

Offertory: J. S. Bach: Erbarm dich mein, O Herre Gott (BWV 721) (organ)

Anthem: J. S. Bach: Jesu, Joy Of Man’s Desiring

Hymn of Invitation # 678 We Are An Offering [Offering]

Hymn of Declaration # 676 O Jesus, I Have Promised [Angel’s Story]

Postlude: J. S. Bach: Fugue in C major (BWV 547) (organ)


*JULY 21 NO CHOIR (Soloist: Rebecca Margolis) (Liminal Space: The Blind Boys of Alabama ~ Praise)

Prelude: Emma Lou Diemer: Every Time I Feel The Spirit (piano)

Introit: Brenda Portman: Be Thou My Vision

Spoken Litany: # 137 He Is A Holy God

Hymn of Welcome # 376 Great Is The Lord (Almighty)

Offertory: Lani Smith: Beautiful Savior (organ)

Anthem: Michal Dawson Connor: Amazing Grace

Hymn of Invitation # 516 Redeemed! How I Love To Proclaim It! [Ada]

Hymn of Declaration # 445 People Need The Lord [People Need The Lord]

Postlude: J. S. Bach: Siciliano (from Sonata in E flat (arr. Edward Krish) (piano)


*JULY 28 (Liminal Space: Johnny Cash ~ Country)

Prelude: Johann Strauss, jr. : An der schönen blauen Donau) (piano)

Introit: Howard Helvey: Jesus Paid It All

Spoken Litany: # 421 Love That Binds (read in unison)

Hymn of Welcome # 423 We Are One In The Bond Of Love [Gilbert]

Offertory: Uwe Korn: On The Beautiful Blue Mississippi (piano)

Anthem: Trad.: As I Went Down To The River To Pray

Hymn of Invitation # 507 Something Beautiful (Something Beautiful)

Hymn of Declaration # 576 The Steadfast Love Of The Lord (Steadfast Love) (sung twice)

Postlude: Peter Maxwell Davies: Yesnaby Ground (piano)


*AUGUST 4 NO CHOIR (Soloist: Adam Kosberg) (Four Elements: Earth)

Prelude/Introit: Bernhard Eduard Müller: Andante Religioso (op. 74) (trombone & organ)

Spoken Litany: # 782 The Trumpet Call Of God

Hymn of Welcome # 532 Only Believe (Only Believe) (sung twice)

Offertory/Anthem: Carlotta Ferrari: Cantabile su un tema di Mozart (trombone & organ)

Hymn of Invitation # 444 (vv. 1-2) (Hankey)

Hymn of Declaration # 444 (vv. 3-4) (Hankey)

Postlude: Cindy Berry: Higher Ground (piano)


AUGUST 11 (Four Elements: Wind)

Prelude: James Mansfield: All Things Bright and Beautiful (organ)

Introit: Katherine K. Davis: For The Beauty Of The Earth

Spoken Litany: # 202 His Love Endures Forever

Hymn of Welcome # 63 (vv. 1, 2 & 5 only) (Lasst Uns Erfreuen)

Offertory: Alexandre Tansman: Chant sans Paroles (piano)

Anthem: Lou Ann Shafer: Gethsemane’s Window

Hymn of Invitation # 393 Breathe On Me, Breath Of God (Trentham)

Hymn of Declaration # 792 For All These Things (For All These Things)

Postlude: Katharine E. Lucke: Allegretto in F major (organ)


AUGUST 18 (Four Elements: Fire)

Prelude: Dobrinka Tabakova: Modétudes, 5 (Phrygian ~ ‘fiery’) (piano)

Introit: Thomas Attwood: Come, Holy Ghost

Spoken Litany: insert:        Leader: O God of burning altar fire, O God of love’s consuming flame,

                                             People: Make pure the flame of our desire, to win the lost to seek Thy Name.

                                             Leader: There is no coldness, Lord, in Thee, Oh, keep us kindled …

                                             People: … lest we bring to our dear Lord of Calvary dead ashes for our offering.

Hymn of Welcome # 13 Sing Hallelujah, Praise the Lord (Bechler)

Offertory: James Kosnik: Beach Spring (organ)

Anthem: Eugene Butler: Hymn Of Fire

Hymn of Invitation (insert): Anon: Come, Holy Ghost, Our Souls Inspire (Veni Creator)

Hymn of Declaration # 456 Find Us Faithful (Find Us Faithful)

Postlude: Kathryn Louderback: The Girl With The Fire (piano)


AUGUST 25 (Four Elements: Water)

Prelude: Emma Lou Diemer: I’ve Got Peace Like A River (piano)

Introit: Alisa Bair: Yet I Will Sing

Spoken Litany: # 465 (Leader reads vv. 1& 3, People read v. 2)

Hymn of Welcome # 63 (vv. 1, 3 & 5 only) (Lasst Uns Erfreuen)

Offertory: J. S. Bach: An Wasserflüssen Babylon (BWV 653) (organ)

Anthem: Will James: Dark Water

Hymn of Invitation # 511 All That Thrills My Soul (Harris)

Hymn of Declaration # 518 Satisfied (Satisfied)

Postlude: Dan Forrest: Like A River Glorious (piano)



Prelude: Enrique Granados: Berceuse (from Escenas Poéticas) (piano)

James Macmillan: The Galloway Mass

Introit: James Macmillan: Gloria (from The Galloway Mass)

Spoken Litany: # 525 Press On (2nd half: “But whatever was to my profit …)

Hymn of Welcome # 68 We Praise Thee, O God, Our Redeemer (Kremser)

Offertory: J. S. Bach: Largo from Trio Sonata #2 in C minor (BWV 526) (organ)

Anthem: Judith Bingham: Psalm 121 (TBC commission: world premiere)

Hymn of Invitation # 375 Jesus Shall Reign (vv. 1-3) (Duke Street)

Hymn of Declaration # 375 Jesus Shall Reign (v. 4) (Duke Street)

Postlude: Percy Grainger: Knight and Shepherd’s Song (piano)


SEPTEMBER 8 (Behold! I Make All Things New: A New Earth – natural resources)

Prelude: C. H. H. Parry: Chorale Prelude on Martyrdom (organ)

Introit: Judith Bingham: Psalm 121 (TBC commission)

Spoken Litany: # 784 (Leader begins “The I saw”; People join Leader at “Now the dwelling of God …”)

Hymn of Welcome # 143 This Is My Father’s World (Terra Beata)

Offertory: Dobrinka Tabakova: Modétudes, 6 (Aeolian ~ ‘fiery’) (piano)

Anthem: Craig Courtney: All Things New

Hymn of Invitation # 88 More Precious Than Silver (More Precious)

Hymn of Declaration # How Great Thou Art (omit v. 3) (O Store Gud)

Postlude: Marilyn Thompson: O Store Gud (organ)


SEPTEMBER 15 (Behold! I Make All Things New: A New Earth – urban renewal)

Prelude: Dan Forrest: Channels Only (piano)

Introit: Don McAfee: The Earth Is The Lord’s (arr. Douglas Wagner)

Spoken Litany: # 523 Forgiveness

Hymn of Welcome # 399 We Are God’s People (Symphony)

Offertory: Jeanne Demessieux: Attende Domine – Choral Paraphrase, op. 8 (organ)

Anthem: Dan Forrest: Song Of The Wanderer

Hymn of Invitation # 428 In Christ There Is No East Or West (St. Peter)

Hymn of Declaration # 151 A Mighty Fortress Is Our God (Ein’ Feste Burg)

Postlude: Johann Pachelbel: Ein’ Feste Burg (organ)


SEPTEMBER 22 (Behold! I Make All Things New: A New Church) [Stewardship]

Prelude:  Ralph Vaughan Williams: Prelude on The New Commonwealth (from 49th Parallel) (organ)

Introit: Ralph Vaughan Williams: The New Commonwealth

Spoken Litany: # 594 Living Sacrifice (read in unison)

Hymn of Welcome # 443 O Zion, Haste (Tidings)

Offertory: Ralph Vaughan Williams: The Lark in the Mountains (from 49th Parallel) (piano)

Anthem: Christopher Tye: Give Almes Of Thy Goods

Hymn of Invitation # 112 Give To Our God Immortal Praise (vv. 1-2) (Lasst uns erfreuen)

Hymn of Declaration # 112 Give To Our God Immortal Praise (v. 3) (Lasst uns erfreuen)

Postlude: Emma Lou Diemer: Lasst uns erfreuen (organ)


SEPTEMBER 29 (Behold! I Make All Things New: A New ‘You’) [Stewardship]

Prelude: Sigfrid Karg-Elert: Hergewehtes Glockengeläute (op. 127, 3) (piano)

Introit: Melissa Dunphy: I Will Give You A New Heart (written for TBC)

Spoken Litany: # 652 Create In Me A Pure Heart (read in unison)

Hymn of Welcome # 445 People Need The Lord (People Need The Lord)

Offertory: J. S. Bach: Kommst du nun vom Himmel herunter (BWV 650) (organ)

Anthem: J. S. Bach: Awake Us, Lord, And Hasten

Hymn of Invitation # 510 Heaven Came Down (vv. 1-2) (Heaven Came Down)

Hymn of Declaration # 510 Heaven Came Down (v.3) (Heaven Came Down)

Postlude: Arnold Bax: Country-Tune (piano)


OCTOBER 6 (What does the Pentateuch teach us? Genesis) [HAYDN]

Prelude: Claude Debussy: Hommage à Haydn (piano)

James Macmillan: The Galloway Mass

Introit: James Macmillan: Gloria (from The Galloway Mass)

Spoken Litany: # 114 The Heavens Declare His Glory (read in unison)

Hymn of Welcome # 415 We Are Called To Be God’s People (Austrian Hymn)

Offertory: Maurice Ravel: Menuet sur le nom HAYDN (piano)

Anthem: Franz Josef Haydn: The Heavens Are Telling

Hymn of Invitation # 104 O Worship The King (Lyons)

Dismissal: Richard Wagner: O Christ, O Blessed Lord

Postlude: Johannes Brahms: St. Antony Chorale, from Variations on a theme of Haydn (organ)


OCTOBER 13 (What does the Pentateuch teach us? Exodus)

Prelude: Péter Wolf: Go Down, Moses (piano)

Introit: arr. H. T. Burleigh: Go Down, Moses (solo)

Spoken Litany: # 529 My Hope Is In The Lord (Leader: To You …; People: The Lord is my rock …)

Hymn of Welcome # 138 Holy Ground (Holy Ground)

Offertory: Adolphus Hailstork: Go Down, Moses (organ)

Anthem: T. Charles Lee: The Face Of Moses Shone

Hymn of Invitation # 553 Nearer, My God, To Thee (vv. 1-3) (Bethany)

Hymn of Declaration # 553 Nearer, My God, To Thee (vv. 4-5) (Bethany)

Postlude: Mark Hayes: Go Down, Moses (piano)


OCTOBER 20 (What does the Pentateuch teach us? Leviticus)

Prelude: Gabriel Fauré: Après un Rêve (organ)

Introit: Susan Naylor Callaway: Rise Up Early In The Morning

Spoken Litany: # 472 A Lamp And A Light

Hymn of Welcome # 519 Jesus Is Lord Of All (Lordship Of Christ)

Offertory: Gabriel Fauré: Sicilienne (op. 78) (trombone & piano)

Anthem: Lynn Trapp (after Gabriel Fauré: The Law Of The Lord Is Perfect)

Hymn of Invitation # 536 Have Faith In God (Muskogee)

Hymn of Declaration # 591 Have Thine Own Way, Lord (Adelaide)

Postlude: Gabriel Fauré: Barcarolle #4 (op. 44) (piano)


OCTOBER 27 (What does the Pentateuch teach us? Numbers)

Prelude: Germaine Tailleferre: Larghetto (from Deux Pieces pour Piano) (piano)

Introit: arr. William Grant Still: Here’s One

Spoken Litany: # 628 I Will Be With You

Hymn of Welcome # 427 People Of God (People Of God)

Offertory: Charles Tournemire: L’Orgue Mystique, Office #47 (20th Sunday after Pentecost) (organ)

Anthem: Peter Lutkin: The Lord Bless You And Keep You

Hymn of Invitation # 442 Each One, Reach One (Each One, Reach One)

Hymn of Declaration # 116 Name Of All Majesty (Majestas)

Postlude: Gus Kahn, arr. George Shearing: Thanks A Million (piano)


NOVEMBER 3 (What does the Pentateuch teach us? Deuteronomy)

Prelude: Alfred Schnittke: Prelude in A major (piano)

James Macmillan: The Galloway Mass

Introit: James Macmillan: Gloria (from The Galloway Mass)

Spoken Litany: # 608 Keep His Commandments

Hymn of Welcome # insert Deep River [Spiritual]

Offertory: Joe Utterback, Deep River (organ)

Anthem: John Ness Beck: Jubilant Canticle (with Hymn # 97)

Hymn of Invitation # 560 More About Jesus (vv. 1-3) (Sweney)

Hymn of Declaration # 560 More About Jesus (v. 4) (Sweney)

Postlude: Sasha Johnson Manning: A Low Sunday Celebration (written for TBC) (piano + organ)


NOVEMBER 10 (Rubens’ Triptych, left panel: The grief of the onlookers) (J. S. BACH)

Prelude: J. S. Bach: Liebster Jesu, Wir Sind Hier (BWV 731) (arr. Harriet Cohen) (piano)

Introit: J. S. Bach: At Thy Feet

Spoken Litany: # 331 His Cleansing Blood (read in unison)

Hymn of Welcome # 563 Open My Eyes (Scott)

Offertory: J. S. Bach, Liebster Jesu, Wir Sind Hier (BWV 633) (organ)

Anthem: F. A. Gore Ouseley: Is It Nothing To You?

Hymn of Invitation # 315 Were You There? (Were You There?)

Hymn of Declaration # 89 Jesus, The Very Thought Of Thee (St. Agnes)

Postlude: J. S. Bach: Ertodt’ Uns Durch Dein’ Güte (BWV 22) (arr. Harriet Cohen) (piano)


NOVEMBER 17 (Rubens’ Triptych, right panel: Preparing the two thieves for crucifixion) (GRANADOS)

Prelude: Enrique Granados: En El Jardin (from Libro de Horas) (piano)

Introit: Thomas Ford: Almighty God, Which Hast Me Brought

Spoken Litany: # insert

Hymn of Welcome # 321 When I Survey The Wondrous Cross (O Waly Waly)

Offertory: Enrique Granados: El Invierno (from Libro de Horas) (piano)

Anthem: Babbie Mason, arr. Camp Kirkland: The Cross Says Come

Hymn of Invitation # 320 Beneath The Cross Of Jesus (St. Christopher)

Hymn of Declaration # 528 My Faith Has Found A Resting Place (Landas)

Postlude: Enrique Granados: Al Suplicio (from Libro de Horas) (piano)


NOVEMBER 24 (Rubens’ Triptych, center panel: The elevation of the Cross)

Prelude: Germaine Tailleferre: Valse Lente (from Deux Pieces pour Piano(piano)

Introit: Eriks Esenvalds: At Thy Cross

Spoken Litany: # 322 The Cross – Tree Of Life (Leader: God forbid …; People: It is no longer …)

Hymn of Welcome # 326 Blessed Redeemer (Redeemer)

Offertory: Joe Utterback: When I Survey The Wondrous Cross (organ)

Anthem: Joseph M. Martin: Come To The Cross

Hymn of Invitation # 450 Lift High The Cross (vv. 1-3) (Crucifer)

Hymn of Declaration # 450 Lift High The Cross (vv. 4-5) (Crucifer)

Postlude: Jean Sibelius: Valse Triste (from op. 44) (piano)


DECEMBER 1 [ADVENT I] [THANKSGIVING WEEKEND] (The Candle of Hope ~ What are we hoping for?) (MENDELSSOHN)

Prelude: J. S. Bach: Wachet Auf! (BWV 645) (arr. Myra Hess) (piano)

Communion Music: Martha Shaffer: Come, Risen Lord (written for TBC)

Introit: Felix Mendelssohn: Sleepers, Wake!

Spoken Litany: # 569 Thirsting For God

Hymn of Welcome # 71 Come Into His Presence With Thanksgiving [Baird]

Offertory: Felix Mendelssohn, Allegretto (from Sonata no. 4, op. 65) (organ)

Anthem: Felix Mendelssohn: Grant Us Thy Peace, O Lord (orig. Verleih’ uns Frieden)

Hymn of Invitation # 111 Glory To The Lamb (Dempsey) (optional repeat setting)

Hymn of Declaration # 245 O Come, O Come, Emmanuel (v. 1 only) (Veni Emmanuel)

Postlude: Eric Carlson: O Come, O Come, Emmanuel (piano)


DECEMBER 8 [ADVENT II] (The Candle of Peace ~ How will peace be realized?)

Prelude: Edvard Grieg: Präludium (from the Holberg Suite) (piano)

Introit: Edvard Grieg: God’s Peace Is Peace Eternal

Spoken Litany: # 742 God Of Peace

Hymn of Welcome # 372 Our God Reigns (vv. 1 & 2 only) [Our God Reigns)

Offertory: Dan Chadburn: O Come, O Come, Emmanuel (piano)

Anthem: J. S. Bach: Dearest Lord Jesus

Hymn of Invitation # 231 Let The Peace Of Christ Rule In Your Heart (Peace Of Christ)

Hymn of Declaration # 245 O Come, Emmanuel (vv. 1 & 2 only) (Veni Emmanuel)

Postlude: Adolphus Hailstork: Toccata on Veni Emmanuel (organ)


DECEMBER 15 [ADVENT III] [CAROL SERVICE] (The Candle of Love ~ The Love of God in sending his only Son)


Prelude (brass): arr. Bill Holcombe: O Tannenbaum (nightmusic)

Introit: Douglas R. Wagner: How Far Is It To Bethlehem?

Reading: Emily Dickinson: The Savior Must Have Been A Docile Gentleman

Brass: God Rest You, Merry Gentlemen (nightmusic)

Carol: Michael Head: The Little Road To Bethlehem

Reading: John Donne: Nativity

Austin Lovelace: Journey To Bethlehem

Hymn of Welcome: Prepare The Royal Highway (Bereden väg för Herran)

Organ: Emma Lou Diemer: Prepare The Royal Highway

T. S. Eliot: Journey of the Magi

Anthem: David von Kampen: I Want Jesus To Walk With Me

Offertory (brass): arr. John Rutter: Ding Dong, Merrily On High (nightmusic)

Spoken Litany: # 346 This Is Love

Carol: Howard Helvey: Love Came Down At Christmas

Reading: Charles Spurgeon: Love Has For Its Parent

Hymn-Anthem: Herbert Howells: Love Divine, All Loves Excelling

Reading: 1 Corinthians 13: Love is patient, love is kind

Anthem: Elaine Hagenberg: O Love That Will Not Let Me Go

Hymn of Invitation: O Little Town Of Bethlehem (Redner)

Hymn of Declaration # 245 O Come, Emmanuel (vv. 1, 2 & 3 only) (Veni Emmanuel)

Postlude (brass): arr. Howard Cable: The Holly and the Ivy (nightmusic)


DECEMBER 22 [ADVENT IV] (The Candle of Joy ~ Why should we be joyful in 2019?)

Prelude: Edvard Grieg: Sarabande (from the Holberg Suite(piano)

Introit: Bruce Vantine: Your Word Is A Candle

Spoken Litany: # 276 The Word Became Flesh (read in unison)

Hymn of Welcome # 269 How Great Our Joy! (Jungst)

Offertory: Michael McCabe: O Come, O Come, Emmanuel (organ)

Anthem: Emma Lou Diemer: Joy To The World

Hymn of Invitation # 271 Joyful, Joyful, We Adore You (Hymn To Joy)

Hymn of Declaration # 245 O Come, Emmanuel (all verses) (Veni Emmanuel)

Postlude: Edvard Grieg: Gavotte (from the Holberg Suite(piano)



Prelude: Edvard Grieg: Air ~ Andante religioso (from the Holberg Suite(piano)

Introit: Witold Lutoslawski: The Holly And The Ivy

Spoken Litany: # 283 Night Of Miracles (read in unison)

Hymn of Welcome # 282 O Thou Joyful, O Thou Wonderful (O Sanctissima)

Offertory: J. S. Bach: Nun komm der Heiden Heiland, (BWV 599) (organ)

Anthem: Katherine K. Davis: Sing Gloria

Hymn of Invitation # 280 One Small Child (One Small Child)

Hymn of Declaration # 285 O Holy Night (Cantique de Noel) + 253 Silent Night (Stille Nacht)

Postlude: Michael G. Dell: Organ Flourish on Joy to the World (organ)


DECEMBER 29 CHRISTMAS I (Early martyrs for Christ ~ St. Stephen & Thomas à Becket (killed 29 December)

Prelude: Jeanne Demessieux: Musette on Adeste Fideles (organ)

Introit: J. S. Bach: Prelude for guitar (played by Eliot Barnes)

Spoken Litany: # 252 Tiny King (read in unison)

Hymn of Welcome # 286 Once In Royal David’s City (Irby)

Offertory: Christmas selection (played by Grace Moore, viola)

Anthem: J. S. Bach: Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring, arr.  for guitar (played by Eliot Barnes)

Hymn of Invitation # 274 O Hearken Ye (O Hearken Ye)

Hymn of Declaration # 277 Hark! The Herald Angels Sing (Mendelssohn)

Postlude: Felix Mendelssohn: Allegro assai vivace (from Sonata #1, op. 65) (organ)