Service Music 2020

THIRD BAPTIST CHURCH                          MUSIC LIST, JANUARY – DECEMBER, 2020 [correct as of 02/28/20]

We rehearse on Wednesdays, 7pm – 8.30pm, and again on Sundays, 10.30am, for the 11am service.




JANUARY 5 [Epiphany]

Prelude: Niels Gade: O Morning Star, How Fair And Bright (organ)

Introit: Peter Warlock: What Cheer? Good Cheer!

Communion Music:

The Bread # 148 Isaiah 6:3 (Holy, Holy, Holy Lord) [Chautauqua]

The Cup # 304 Behold The Lamb [Behold The Lamb]

The Blessing # 302 Lamb Of God (Lamb Of God/Twila Paris)

Hymn of Communion: # 289 (vv. 2-5) Communion Hymn [GREENRIDGE]

Offertory: Edvard Grieg: Rigaudon (from the Holberg Suite) (piano)

Anthem: Peter Cornelius: The Three Kings

Hymn of Communion # 265 The First Noel (vv. 1-4) [FIRST NOEL]

Hymn of Declaration # 265 The First Noel (vv. 5-6) [FIRST NOEL]

Postlude: Beatrice Price: Festal March (organ)



JANUARY 12 [Pliny the Younger & the first Christians]

Prelude: Larry Shackley: As With Gladness Men Of Old (from Following Yonder Star) (piano)

Introit: Benjamin Britten: Rejoice in God, O Ye Tongues (from Rejoice In The Lamb)

Spoken Litany (from Emperor Trajan):

Leader: You observed proper procedure, my dear Pliny, in sifting the cases of those who had been denounced to you as Christians; for it is not possible to lay down any general rule to serve as a kind of fixed standard.

People: Anonymously posted accusations ought to have no place in any prosecution; for this is both a dangerous kind of precedent and out of keeping with the spirit of our age.

Hymn of Welcome # 290 As With Gladness Men Of Old [DIX]

Offertory: Peter Christian Lutkin: Prelude on the tune Dix – As With Gladness Men Of Old (organ)

Anthem: Geoffrey O’Hara, arr. Downing: I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked

Hymn of Invitation # 284 The Birthday Of A King [NEIDLINGER]

Hymn of Declaration # 685 Footsteps Of Jesus [FOOTSTEPS]

Postlude: Ludovico Einaudi: Ombre (piano)


JANUARY 19 [Martin Luther King (from Birmingham Jail)]

Prelude: Emma Lou Diemer: There Is A Balm In Gilead (piano)

Introit: U2, arr. Bob Chilcott: MLK

               William Levi Dawson: There Is A Balm In Gilead

Spoken Litany # 587 Be Assured

Hymn of Welcome # 777 On Jordan’s Stormy Banks [PROMISED LAND]

Offertory: Karl Jenkins: Hymn: in memoriam Martin Luther King Jr. (piano & solo instrument)

Anthem: Jane M. Marshall: My Eternal King

Hymn of Invitation # 385 Where The Spirit Of The Lord Is [ADAMS]

Hymn of Declaration # 408 How Firm A Foundation [FOUNDATION]

Postlude: Nancy Hill Cobb: Prelude on Foundation (organ)


JANUARY 26 [St. Paul & his Epistles]

Prelude: Peter Tchaikovsky: January (piano)

Introit: Edward Bairstow: Though I Speak With The Tongues Of Men

Spoken Litany # 782 The Trumpet Call Of God

Hymn of Welcome # 426 Blest Be The Tie That Binds [DENNIS]

Offertory: arr. Roger Bennett: The Glory Land Way (piano – Chiemi Watanabe)

Anthem: Eugene Butler: Notes from Paul

Hymn of Invitation # insert O God, Whose Inspiration Calls Forth [THAXTED]

Hymn of Declaration # 174 I Will Bless Thee, O Lord [I WILL BLESS THEE]

Postlude: Felix Mendelssohn: Overture, pt. 1 (from St. Paul) (organ)


FEBRUARY 2 [Dietrich Bonhoeffer]

Prelude: Peter Tchaikovsky: February (piano)

Barrie Cabena: Mass in the Dorian Mode

Introit: Adam Kosberg: Where Cross The Crowded Ways Of Life (world premiere; written for TBC)

Hymn of Communion # 459 We Remember You [WE REMEMBER YOU]

Offertory: Hartwig Barte-Hanssen — In memoriam Dietrich Bonhoeffer, op. 71 [organ]

Anthem: Russell Schütz-Widmar: By Gracious Powers (with violin)

Hymn of Invitation # 704 God Will Make A Way [HE WILL MAKE A WAY]

Hymn of Declaration # 411 I Hide Your Word [ST. PETER]

Postlude: J. S. Bach, arr. William Walton: Herzlich Tut Mich Verlangen (BWV 727) (piano)



FEBRUARY 9 [The Father] [Baptism]

Prelude: Charles Alkan: Andantino (13 Prières, op. 64, 1) (organ)

Introit: Felix Mendelssohn: See, What Love Hath The Father (from St. Paul)

Hymn of Baptism: arr. John Ferguson: Shall We Gather At The River?

Spoken Litany #156 Our Father’s Love (read, not sung, in unison)

Hymn of Welcome # 2 Holy God, We Praise Thy Name (GROSSER GOTT]

Offertory: Fanny Hensel: Mélodie (op. 5, 4) (piano)

Anthem: Gustav Holst: Eternal Father

Hymn of Invitation # 9 Glorify Thy Name [GLORIFY THY NAME]

[no Hymn of Declaration]

Postlude: Felix Mendelssohn: Allegro in B flat (organ)


FEBRUARY 16 [The Son]

Prelude: Elisabeth Jacquet de Laguerre: Rondeau (piano)

Introit: G. F. Handel: Jesus, Son of Life, My Splendor

Spoken Litany # 379 Christ, The Redeemer

Hymn of Welcome # 4 Praise The Savior [ACCLAIM]

Offertory: Maria Teresa von Paradis: Sicilienne (organ)

Anthem: Sue Farrar: Jesu, Gentle Savior

Hymn of Invitation # 325 Why Should He Love Me So? [LOVE ME]

Hymn of Declaration # 749 Wonderful, Wonderful Jesus [NEW ORLEANS]

Postlude: Johannes Brahms: Variations (nos. 1 – 3) on a theme of Handel (piano)


FEBRUARY 23 [The Holy Ghost]

Prelude: Undine S. Moore: Variations on Nettleton (organ)

Introit: Larry Shackley: Every Time I Feel The Spirit

Spoken Litany # 388 By His Spirit (read in unison)

Hymn of Welcome # 387 Holy Spirit, Thou Art Welcome [THOU ART WELCOME] (sung twice)

Offertory: William Sterndale Bennett: Prelude & Lesson in E flat (op. 33, 22) (piano)

Anthem: William Sterndale Bennett: God Is A Spirit

Hymn of Invitation # 392 Holy Spirit, Light Divine (vv. 1-3) [HOLY SPIRIT, LIGHT DIVINE]

Hymn of Declaration # 392 Holy Spirit, Light Divine (v. 4) [HOLY SPIRIT, LIGHT DIVINE]

Postlude: Richard Elliott: Every Time I Feel The Spirit (organ)


FEBRUARY 26 (Ash Wednesday) 6 pm Chapel (4th floor)

Prelude: J. S. Bach, arr. Herbert Howells: O Mensch, Bewein’ Dein’ Sunde Gross (piano)

Anthem: John Stainer: God So Loved The World

Hymn: 642 Abide With Me, Fast Falls The Eventide (vv. 1-3) [EVENTIDE]



MARCH 1 [Jairus & his daughter: FAITH]

Prelude: Emma Lou Diemer: Poor Wayfarin’ Stranger (piano)

Barrie Cabena: Mass in the Dorian Mode

Introit: Ralph Vaughan Williams: O Taste And See

Hymn of Communion # insert “O God, Your Mercy Moved By Love” (Alec Motyer) [tune # 375 DUKE STREET]

Spoken Litany # 473 Go And Make Disciples (TWO leaders + People)

Offertory: Maurice Duruflé: Meditation (organ)

Anthem: John Tavener: Awake, Thou That Sleepest

Hymn of Invitation # 539 My Faith Looks Up To Thee [OLIVET]

Hymn of Declaration # 580 Through It All [THROUGH IT ALL] (sung twice)

Postlude: Peter Tchaikovsky: March (piano)


MARCH 8 [Jacob & Esau: DECEPTION]

Prelude: John Ireland: Obsession (Three Preludes, 2) (piano)

Introit: John Goss: These Are They That Follow The Lamb

Spoken Litany # 579 In God I Trust

Hymn of Welcome # 639 Dear Lord And Father Of Mankind [REST]

Offertory: Peter Tchaikovsky: The Sorcerer  (op. 39, 20) (piano)

Anthem: John David, arr. Jacob Narverud: You Are The New Day

Hymn of Invitation # 731 Onward, Christian Soldiers (vv. 1-3) [ST. GERTRUDE]

Hymn of Declaration # 731 Onward, Christian Soldiers (v.4) [ST. GERTRUDE]

Postlude: John Ireland: Alla Marcia (organ)


MARCH 15 [Abraham & Isaac: OBEDIENCE] NO CHOIR (Rebecca Margolis & Nathan Brown, soloists)

Prelude: tbd (piano)

Introit: Benjamin Britten: Canticle II: Abraham and Isaac (op. 51)

Spoken Litany # 608 Keep His Commandments

Hymn of Welcome # 600 I Pledge Allegiance To The Lamb [I PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE] (sung twice)

Offertory/Anthem: Benjamin Britten: Canticle II: Abraham and Isaac (op. 51) (contd.)

Hymn of Invitation # insert When Father Abraham Went Out (Fred Pratt Green) [tune # 650 AZMON]

Hymn of Declaration # 23 The God Of Abraham Praise [LEONI]

Postlude: tbd (piano)


MARCH 22 [Mary & Martha: SERVICE]

Prelude: J. S. Bach: Meine Seele erhebt den Herren (BWV 648) (organ)

Introit: Carl Schalk: O Jesus, Savior, Stay with Us

Spoken Litany # 679 Your Reasonable Service

Hymn of Welcome # 672 What A Mighty God We Serve [MIGHTY GOD]

Offertory: Kenyon Emrys-Roberts: Theme from To Serve Them All My Days (piano)

Anthem: arr. David Lantz III: Go, Tell Mary and Martha (spiritual)

Hymn of Invitation # 575 Leaning On The Everlasting Arms [SHOWALTER]

Hymn of Declaration # 669 Make Me A Servant [SERVANT]

Postlude: Johann Pachelbel: Meine Seele erhebt den Herren (organ)


MARCH 29 [Priscilla & Aquila: SUPPORT]

Prelude: J. S. Bach: Bourée (from 2nd Violin Sonata), arr. Saint-Saëns (piano)

Introit: J. S. Bach: Jesus Makes My Heart To Flourish

Spoken Litany # 475 Love Never Fails

Hymn of Welcome # 609 No, Not One! [NO, NOT ONE]

Offertory: Dorothy Wells: Abiding Love (organ)

Anthem: arr. Gordon Jacob: Brother James’ Air

Hymn of Invitation # 573 His Strength Is Perfect [HIS STRENGTH IS PERFECT] (sung twice)

Hymn of Declaration # The King Of Love My Shepherd Is [DOMINUS REGIT ME]

Postlude: Dan Forrest: The King Of Love My Shepherd Is (piano)



APRIL 5 [Palm Sunday]

Prelude: Dan Forrest: Lead Me To Calvary (piano)

Barrie Cabena: Mass in the Dorian Mode

Introit: Salli Terri: Let Us Break Bread Together

Hymn of Communion # 301 We Will Glorify [WE WILL GLORIFY]

Spoken Litany # 298 Hosanna To The Son Of David

Offertory: James Koerts: Ride On, King Jesus (piano)

Anthem: arr. Philip Kern: Ride On, King Jesus

Hymn of Invitation # 296 Hosanna [HOSANNA]

Hymn of Declaration # 300 All Glory, Laud, And Honor [ST. THEODULPH]

Postlude: Edwin T. Childs – St. Theodulph – All Glory, Laud, and Honor (organ)


APRIL 8 [Holy Wednesday] 6 pm Chapel (4th floor)

Prelude: J. S. Bach, arr. Frank Bridge: Komm, Süsser Tod (piano)

Hymns: # 612 In This Very Room [In This Very Room]; # 302 Lamb Of God; # 317 O Mighty Cross

Anthem: Hugh S. Roberton: All In The April Evening


APRIL 10 [Good Friday] 7 pm Chapel (4th floor)

Franz Josef Haydn: Seven Last Words of Christ (Perseid String Quartet)


APRIL 12 [Easter]

Prelude: Lynwood Farnham Toccata on O Filii et Filiae (organ)

Introit: Katherine K. Davis: The Stone Is Rolled Away

Spoken Litany # 364 The Lord Has Risen!

Hymn of Welcome # 360 Jesus Christ Is Risen Today [LLANFAIR]

Offertory: Peter Tchaikovsky: April (piano)

Anthem: W. H. Harris: Most Glorious Lord Of Life

Hymn of Invitation # 365 Alleluia, Alleluia [HYMN TO JOY]

Hymn of Declaration # 367 Christ The Lord Is Risen Today [EASTER HYMN]

Postlude: Théodore Dubois: Toccata in G major (organ)


APRIL 19 [Low Sunday – NO CHOIR]

Prelude: Andrew Carter: Aria (organ)

Spoken Litany # 346 This Is Love

Hymn of Welcome # 368 He Lives! [ACKLEY]

Offertory: Stephen Adams: The Holy City (transcr. Harold Perry) (piano)

Hymn of Invitation # 675 I Gave My Life For Thee [KENOSIS]

Hymn of Declaration # 309 I Will Sing Of My Redeemer [HYFRYDOL]

Postlude: Sasha Johnson Manning: A Low Sunday Celebration (TBC commission) (piano & organ)



APRIL 26 [Jerusalem: Jesus & the Moneychangers] [MENDELSSOHN]

Prelude: Peter Tchaikovsky: April (piano)

Introit: Charles Wood: This Joyful Eastertide

Spoken Litany  # 632 I Love You, My Lord (People join at “Though you have not seen Him”)

Hymn of Welcome # 359 Alleluia, Alleluia! Give Thanks [ALLELUIA NO. 1]

Offertory: Fanny Hensel: Mélodie (op. 4, 2) (piano)

Anthem: Felix Mendelssohn: I Will Sing Of Thy Great Mercies

Hymn of Invitation # insert “When Christ Went To The Temple” (Carolyn Winfrey Gillette) [tune # 414 MUNICH]

Hymn of Declaration # 355 There’s A Wideness In God’s Mercy [WELLESLEY]

Postlude: Théodore Salome: Grand Choeur (organ)


MAY 3 [Wittenberg: Martin Luther]

Prelude: J. S. Bach, arr. Gerald M. Cooper: Christ Lag In Todes Banden (BWV 4) (piano)

Barrie Cabena: Mass in the Dorian Mode

Introit: Barrie Cabena: Gloria (from Mass in the Dorian Mode)

Hymn of Communion # insert “Christ Jesus Lay In Death’s Strong Bands” [CHRIST LAG IN TODESBANDEN]

Spoken Litany

Offertory: tbd (organ)

Anthem: David von Kampen: A Mighty Fortress Is Our God

Hymn of Invitation # 151 A Mighty Fortress (vv. 1-3) [EIN’ FESTE BURG]

Hymn of Declaration # 151 A Mighty Fortress (v. 4) [EIN’ FESTE BURG]

Postlude: tbd (organ)


MAY 10 [South Africa: Nelson Mandela]

Prelude: John Joubert: Prelude on Picardy (organ)

Introit: William Grant Still: I Feel Like My Time Ain’t Long

Spoken Litany # 787 Give Him Thanks

Hymn of Welcome # 734 Be Strong In The Lord [STRENGTH]

Offertory: Ryan Grogan: An African Prayer (piano)

Anthem: Eriks Esenvalds: The Time Has Come

Hymn of Invitation #  347 And Can It Be? [SAGINA]

Hymn of Declaration # 704 God Will Make A Way [HE WILL MAKE A WAY]

Postlude: Samuel Coleridge-Taylor: Impromptu III (op. 78, 3) (organ)


MAY 17 [San Francisco: Harvey Milk]

Prelude: J. S. Bach: Air in D (from Orchestral Suite No. 3) (piano)

Introit: Andrew Lippa: You Are Here (from I Am Harvey Milk) (solo)

Spoken Litany # 645 The Lord’s Prayer

Hymn of Welcome # insert Calvin Hampton: “O Master, Let Me Walk With Thee” [DE TAR]

Offertory: Marianne Kim: I Want Jesus To Walk With Me (organ)

Anthem: Benjamin Britten: Hallelujah (from Rejoice In The Lamb)

Hymn of Invitation # insert Calvin Hampton: “They Saw You As The Local Builder’s Son” (vv. 1-3) [SONDHEIM]

Hymn of Declaration # insert Calvin Hampton: “They Saw You As The Local Builder’s Son” (v. 4) [SONDHEIM]

Postlude: Uwe Korn: Air in Blue (based on Bach’s Orchestral Suite No. 3) (piano)


MAY 24 [Memorial Day weekend ~ The ‘Righteous’ War ~ WWII]

Prelude: Charles Callahan – Processional on Eternal Father, Strong To Save (organ)

Introit: John Gardner: Fight The Good Fight

Spoken Litany # 735 The Armor Of God

Hymn of Welcome # 723 Soldiers Of Christ, Arise [DIADEMATA]

Offertory: Thomas Ambroise: Prière (organ)

Anthem: Peter Aston: So They Gave Their Bodies To The Commonwealth

Hymn of Invitation # 733 Once To Every Man And Nation [EBENEZER]

Hymn of Declaration # 712 Be Still, My Soul [FINLANDIA]

Postlude: Peter Tchaikovsky: May (piano)


MAY 31 [Pentecost: Gifts of the Spirit] [VAUGHAN WILLIAMS]

Prelude: Ralph Vaughan Williams, arr. Bryan Kelly: Prelude on the hymn tune Rhosymedre (piano)

Introit: Ralph Vaughan Williams, arr. John Eggert: Holy Spirit, Gift of God (with violin)

Spoken Litany # 61 Bless The Lord Your God

Hymn of Welcome #166 Praise God From All Blessings Flow [LASST UNS ERFREUEN]

Offertory: Ralph Vaughan Williams: Greensleeves (organ)

Anthem: Ralph Vaughan Williams: Let Us Now Praise Famous Men

Hymn of Invitation # 767 For All The Saints (vv. 1-4) [SINE NOMINE]

Hymn of Declaration # 767 For All The Saints (vv. 5-6) [SINE NOMINE]

Postlude: Ralph Vaughan Williams: Prelude on Hyfrydol (organ)


JUNE 7 [Trinity: Seeing God in 3D] [RUSSIA]

Prelude: Peter Tchaikovsky: Morning Prayer (op. 39, 1) (piano)

Barrie Cabena: Mass in the Dorian Mode

Introit: Barrie Cabena: Gloria (from Mass in the Dorian Mode)

Hymn of Communion # 463 I Will Remember Thee (vv. 2-3) [MANOAH]

Spoken Litany # 176 He Has Blessed Us

Offertory: César Cui: Prelude in G minor (organ)

Anthem: Peter Tchaikovsky: Hymn to the Trinity

Hymn of Invitation # insert “Christ The Victorious” (Aleksei L’vov) (vv. 1-3) [RUSSIAN HYMN]

Hymn of Declaration # insert “Christ The Victorious” (Aleksei L’vov) (v. 4) [RUSSIAN HYMN]

Postlude: Georgi Mushel: Toccata (organ)



JUNE 14 [God’s Mirages: Savonarola] NO CHOIR (Soloist #1: soprano)

Prelude: Arvo Pårt: Variationen zur Gesundung von Arinuschka, 1 & 2) (piano)

Introit:  tbd

Spoken Litany # 523 Forgiveness

Hymn of Welcome # 169 Rejoice, Ye Pure In Heart [MARION]

Offertory: Arvo Pårt: Variationen zur Gesundung von Arinuschka, 3, 4 & 5) (piano)

Anthem: Benjamin Britten: For I Will Consider My Cat Jeoffrey (from Rejoice In The Lamb)

Hymn of Invitation # 674 Who Is On The Lord’s Side? (vv. 1-2) [ARMAGGEDON]

Hymn of Declaration # 674 Who Is On The Lord’s Side? (vv. 3-4) [ARMAGGEDON]

Postlude: Arvo Pårt: Variationen zur Gesundung von Arinuschka, 6) (piano)


JUNE 21 [God’s Mirages: Rasputin] [IPPOLITOV-IVANOV]

Prelude: Mikhail Ippolitov-Ivanov: Allegretto e Grazioso (Five Small Pieces, 1, op. 7) (piano)

Introit: Mikhail Ippolitov-Ivanov: Come, Bless The Lord

Spoken Litany # 85 Name Above Every Name (read in unison)

Hymn of Welcome # 58 Bless The Lord, O My Soul [BLESS THE LORD]

Offertory: Mikhail Ippolitov-Ivanov: Andante Moderato (Five Small Pieces, 4, op. 7) (piano)

Anthem: Mikhail Ippolitov-Ivanov: Bless The Lord, O My Soul

Hymn of Invitation # 688 Savior, Like A Shepherd Lead Us [BRADBURY]

Hymn of Declaration # 595 I Give All To You [I GIVE ALL TO YOU]

Postlude: Mikhail Ippolitov-Ivanov: Allegro (Five Small Pieces, 5, op. 7) (piano)


JUNE 28 [God’s Mirages: Charles Coughlin] NO CHOIR (Soloist #2: contralto)

Prelude: Peter Tchaikovsky: In Church (op. 39, 23) (piano)

Introit: Benjamin Britten: For The Mouse Is A Creature (from Rejoice In The Lamb)

Spoken Litany # 628 I Will Be With You

Hymn of Welcome # 771 We Understand It Better By And By [BY AND BY]

Offertory: Aaron Copland: The Cat and the Mouse (piano)

Anthem: tbd

Hymn of Invitation # 705 It Is Well With My Soul (vv. 1-2) VILLE DU HAVRE]

Hymn of Declaration # 705 It Is Well With My Soul (vv. 3-4) VILLE DU HAVRE]

Postlude: Peter Tchaikovsky: June (piano)


JULY 5 [Knowing God: If We Had Eyes To See]

Prelude: Gustav Holst: Toccata (piano)

Communion by Intinction

Introit: Katherine K. Davis: Let All Things Now Living

Hymn of Communion # 781 Face To Face [FACE TO FACE]

Spoken Litany # 134 See His Glory

Offertory: Marianne Kim: Lead, Kindly Light (organ)

Anthem: Judith Bingham: I Lift My Eyes To The Hills (written for TBC)

Hymn of Invitation # 563 Open My Eyes [SCOTT]

Hymn of Declaration # 422 I Love You With The Love Of The Lord [GILBERT] (sung twice)

Postlude: Peter Tchaikovsky: July (piano)


JULY 12 [Knowing God: If We Had Ears To Hear] [NO CHOIR (Soloist #3: tenor)

Prelude: Healey Willan: Prelude on Rockingham (organ)

Introit: Benjamin Britten: For The Flowers Are Great Blessings (from Rejoice In The Lamb)

Spoken Litany # 687 Follow Him (read in unison)

Hymn of Welcome # 641 Hear Our Prayer, O Lord [WHELPTON] (sung twice)

Offertory: Peter Tchaikovsky: Waltz (op. 38, 8) (piano)

Anthem: tbd

Hymn of Invitation # 527 I Know Whom I Have Believed [EL NATHAN]

Hymn of Declaration # 768 My Savior, First Of All [I SHALL KNOW HIM]

Postlude: Douglas Steele: On The Triad (organ)


JULY 19 [Knowing God: If We Had Hearts To Love]

Prelude: Germaine Tailleferre: Romance (piano)

Introit: Peter Hurford: Litany to the Holy Spirit

Spoken Litany # 380 The Love Of Christ

Hymn of Welcome # 644 The Greatest Thing [THE GREATEST THING]

Offertory: S. S. Wesley: Voluntary in F major (organ)

Anthem: S. S. Wesley: Love One Another (from Blessed Be The God And Father)

Hymn of Invitation # 555 To Be Like Jesus [LIKE JESUS]

Hymn of Declaration # 589 Here I Am, Lord [HERE I AM, LORD] (sung twice)

Postlude: J. S. Bach (arr. Hubert Foss): Seht, Was Die Liebe Tut (from BWV 85) (piano)


JULY 26 [The Three Sections of the Hebrew Bible: the Torah (Books of Moses] NO CHOIR (Soloist #4: bass)

Prelude: Edward Elgar: Introduction and Andante (Vesper Voluntaries, 1) (organ)

Introit: Benjamin Britten: For H Is A Spirit (from Rejoice In The Lamb)

Spoken Litany # 50 God Highly Exalted Him

Hymn of Welcome # 715 He Is Jehovah [HE IS JEHOVAH]

Offertory: Louise Farrenc: Impromptu (piano)

Anthem: tbd

Hymn of Invitation # 23 The God Of Abraham Praise [LEONI]

Hymn of Declaration # 718  Day By Day [BLOTT EN DAG]

Postlude: Edward Elgar: Allegro (Vesper Voluntaries, 8) (organ)


AUGUST 2 [The Three Sections of the Hebrew Bible: the Ketuvim (writings)]

Prelude: arr. Johannah Miller: My Mother’s Bible (piano)

Communion by Intinction

Introit: Healey Willan: Now Let The Heavens Be Joyful

Hymn of Communion # 194 We Worship And Adore You [WORSHIP AND ADORE]

Spoken Litany # 798 Honor And Thanksgiving

Offertory: Sigfrid Karg-Elert: Schmücke dicvh, o liebe Seele (op. 65, 12) (organ)

Anthem: Mary E. Caldwell: And I Have Peace Within

Hymn of Invitation # 199 King Of Kings [KING OF KINGS]

Hymn of Declaration # 766 At The Name Of Jesus [WYE VALLEY]

Postlude: Peter Tchaikovsky: August (piano)


AUGUST 9 [The Three Sections of the Hebrew Bible: the Nevi’im (Prophets)] NO CHOIR (Soloist: #5 – instrumentalist)

Prelude: Jacques Ibert: Musette (organ)

Introit: tbd

Spoken Litany # 42 Crown Him Lord Of All

Hymn of Welcome # 195 Bless The Name Of Jesus [BLESS THE NAME]

Offertory: Claude Debussy: Arabesque # 1 (piano)

Anthem: tbd

Hymn of Invitation # 157 The Love Of God [THE LOVE OF GOD]

Hymn of Declaration # 748 I Am His And He Is Mine [EVERLASTING LOVE]

Postlude: Josef Rheinberger: Monologue (op. 162, 1) (organ)


AUGUST 16 [Prophets & Loss: John Bunyan]

Prelude: Ralph Vaughan Williams: The Lake In The Mountains (piano)

Introit: Ralph Vaughan Williams, arr. Brian Judge: He That Is Down Need Fear No Fall (from Pilgrim’s Progress)

Spoken Litany:

Prayer is the duty of every one of the children of God, and is carried on by the Spirit of Christ in the soul; so every one that offers to undertake to pray to the Lord, had needs to be very wary, and to go about that work especially with the dread of God, as well as with hopes of the mercy of God through Jesus Christ. (Words of John Bunyan, read in unison)

Hymn of Welcome # 291 O Sing A Song Of Bethlehem [KINGSFOLD]

Offertory: Joel Martinson: Aria on a Chaconne (organ)

Anthem: Thomas Dunhill: Pilgrim Song

Hymn of Invitation # 435 God Of Grace And God Of Glory (vv. 1-3) [CWM RHONDDA]

Hymn of Declaration # 435 God Of Grace And God Of Glory (v. 4) [CWM RHONDDA]

Postlude: J. S. Bach, arr. Constant Lambert: Der Tag Der Ist So Freudenreich (piano)


AUGUST 23 [Prophets & Loss: Moody & Sankey]

Prelude: Gerald Near: Blessed Assurance (organ)

Introit: Ira B. Sankey: Under His Wings

Spoken Litany # 646 Present Your Requests To God

Hymn of Welcome # 693 A Shelter In The Time Of Storm [SHELTER]

Offertory: Dan Forrest: Hiding In Thee (piano)

Anthem: arr. Cindy Berry: Hiding In Thee (Sankey hymn)

Hymn of Invitation # 727 Faith Is The Victory [SANKEY]

Hymn of Declaration # 434 Revive Us Again [REVIVE US AGAIN]

Postlude: Cindy Berry: Revive Us Again (piano)


AUGUST 30 [Prophets & Loss: St. John the Divine]

Prelude: Marilyn Biery: Jerusalem, My Happy Home (organ)

Introit: Jennie Lee Riddle, arr. Lloyd Larson: Revelation Song

Spoken Litany # 783 King of Kings and Lord of Lords

Hymn of Welcome # 1 Praise My Soul [ANDREWS]

Offertory: David Tolk: Revelation (piano)

Anthem: Edgar Bainton: And I Saw A New Heaven

Hymn of Invitation # 801 King Of The Nations [KING OF THE NATIONS]

Hymn of Declaration # 757 Soon And Very Soon [SOON AND VERY SOON]

Postlude: Frank Bridge: Allegro Marziale (organ)


SEPTEMBER 6 [Seeing Jesus through Matthew] (Labor Day Weekend)

Prelude: Dmitri Shostakovich: Prelude (op. 87, 14) (piano)

Barrie Cabena: Mass in the Dorian Mode

Introit: Barrie Cabena: Gloria (from Mass in the Dorian Mode)

Hymn of Communion # 436 Freely, Freely [FREELY, FREELY]

Spoken Litany # 331 His Cleansing Blood (read in unison)

Offertory: Dmitri Shostakovich: Fugue (op. 87, 14)

Anthem: Harold W. Friedell: Draw Us In The Spirit’s Tether

Hymn of Invitation # 141 Father God [FATHER GOD] (sung twice)

Hymn of Declaration # 479 Softly And Tenderly [THOMPSON]

Postlude: Cindy Berry: Softly And Tenderly (piano)


SEPTEMBER 13 [Seeing Jesus through Mark]

Prelude: J. S. Bach: Helft mir Gotts Güte preisen (BWV 613) (organ)

Introit: William Levi Dawson: Ain’a That Good News!

Spoken Litany # 810 Love The Lord, Your God

Hymn of Welcome # 437 Send The Light [McCABE]

Offertory: Peter Tchaikovsky: September (piano)

Anthem: Sasha Johnson Manning: commission (world premiere)           `

Hymn of Invitation # 536 Have Faith In God [MUSKOGEE]

Hymn of Declaration # 673 Must Jesus Bear The Cross Alone? [MAITLAND]

Postlude: C. P. E. Bach: Sonata in G minor III (Adagio) (organ)


SEPTEMBER 20 [Seeing Jesus through Luke] [ELGAR]

Prelude: Cindy Berry: Brethren, We Have Met To Worship (piano)

Introit: arr. Randolph Currie: Brethren, We Have Met To Worship

Spoken Litany: Psalm 84, vv. 1-4 (read in unison)

Hymn of Welcome # 52 Blessed Be The Name [BLESSED BE THE NAME]

Offertory/Anthem: Edward Elgar: The Spirit Of The Lord (from The Apostles)

Hymn of Invitation # 624 His Eye Is On The Sparrow [SPARROW]

Hymn of Declaration # 759 What If It Were Today? [SECOND COMING]

Postlude: Edward Elgar: Salut D’Amour (piano)


SEPTEMBER 27 [Seeing Jesus through John] [THOMAS TALLIS]

Prelude: Thomas Tallis: Ecce Tempus Idoneum (organ)

Introit: Thomas Tallis: If Ye Love Me

Spoken Litany # 629 The God Of All Comfort

Hymn of Welcome # 708 Behold, What Manner Of Love [MANNER OF LOVE]

Offertory: Thomas Tallis: Hymnus, ‘Jam lucis orto sydere’  (piano)

Anthem: Thomas Tallis: Verily, Verily, I Say Unto You

Hymn of Invitation # 602 I Have Decided To Follow Jesus [ASSAM]

Hymn of Declaration # 762 What A Day That Will Be! [WHAT A DAY]

Postlude: Gerald Near: Solemn Prelude on a Theme of Thomas Tallis (organ)


OCTOBER 4 [Architectural Visionaries ~ Frank Lloyd Wright & Oscar Niemeyer]

Prelude: Heitor Villa-Lobos: New York Sky Line (piano)

Barrie Cabena: Mass in the Dorian Mode

Melissa Dunphy: Fraction Anthem

Introit: Barrie Cabena: Gloria (from Mass in the Dorian Mode)

Spoken Litany 127 The Lord On High Is Mighty

Hymn of Communion # 181 Everything Was Made By God [CANDICE CHRISTOPHER]

Offertory: tbd (organ)

Anthem: Melissa Dunphy: commission (world premiere)

Sermon incorporates Paul Simon: So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright

Hymn of Invitation # insert Longfellow, adapted: “The Builders” [ORIENTIS PARTIBUS]

Hymn of Declaration # 574 A Child Of The King [BINGHAMTON]

Postlude: Antonio Carlos Jobim: Desafinado (piano)


OCTOBER 11 [Musical Visionaries ~ Hank Williams & Zoltán Kodály]

Prelude: Zoltán Kodály: Three Epigrams, 1 (organ)

Introit: Zoltán Kodály: Lento (from Nine Pieces, op. 3) (piano)

Spoken Litany # 752 I Sing For Joy

Hymn of Welcome # 745 Rejoice In The Lord Always (round à 4) [REJOICE]

Offertory: Zoltán Kodály: Three Epigrams, 2 (organ)

Zoltán Kodály: Moderato triste (from Nine Pieces, op. 3) (piano)

Anthem: Zoltán Kodály: (Genevan) Psalm 114

Hymn of Invitation # 747 Sunshine In My Soul [SUNSHINE]

Hymn of Declaration # 404 Faith Of Our Fathers [ST. CATHERINE]

Postlude: Zoltán Kodály: Three Epigrams, 3 (organ)


OCTOBER 18 [Spiritual Visionaries ~ Christopher Smart]

Prelude: Peter Tchaikovsky: October (piano)

Introit: David Ashley White: Where Is This Stupendous Stranger?

Spoken Litany # 421 Love That Binds (read in unison)

Hymn of Welcome # 778 Sweet By And By [SWEET BY AND BY]

Offertory/Anthem: Benjamin Britten: Rejoice In The Lamb

Hymn of Invitation # 409 Thanks To God Whose Word Was Spoken  (vv. 1-3) [REGENT SQUARE]

Hymn of Declaration # 409 Thanks To God Whose Word Was Spoken  (v. 4) [REGENT SQUARE]

Postlude: Andrew Carter: Trumpet Tune (organ)


OCTOBER 25 [Political Visionaries ~ Malcolm X & Mahatma Gandhi]

Prelude: Ludovico Einaudi: Passaggio (piano)

Introit: Daron Hagen: Gandhi’s Children

Spoken Litany # 579 In God I Trust

Hymn of Welcome # 780 Until Then [UNTIL THEN]

Offertory: Dale Wood: Abide With Me (organ)

Anthem: arr. Vincent C. Johnson: All My Trials

Hymn of Invitation # 578 Trusting Jesus [TRUSTING JESUS]

Hymn of Declaration # 664 Take My Life, Lead Me, Lord [LANGLEY]

Postlude: arr. Mark Hayes: Nobody Knows The Troubles I’ve Seen (piano)


NOVEMBER 1 [Four Seasons of Faith: Spring]

Prelude: Flor Peeters: Aria (organ)

Barrie Cabena: Mass in the Dorian Mode

Introit: W. A. Mozart: Jesus, Word of God Incarnate (orig. Ave Verum Corpus)

Hymn of Communion # 497 I Will Praise Him [I WILL PRAISE HIM]

Spoken Litany # 464 Come To The Table (read, not sung,  in unison)

Offertory: Edvard Grieg: To the Spring ((op. 43, 6) (piano)

Anthem: Mogens Wöldike: O Thou Who At Thy Eucharist Didst Pray

Hymn of Invitation # 738 The Wonder Of It All [WONDER OF IT ALL]

Hymn of Declaration # 430 Showers Of Blessings [SHOWERS ON BLESSING]

Postlude: Paul Manz: God Of Grace (organ)


NOVEMBER 8 [Four Seasons of Faith: Summer]

Prelude: Agathe Backer-Grøndahl: Sommervise (op. 45, 3) (piano)

Introit: Emma Lou Diemer: Blessed Are You

Spoken Litany # 238 Calls To Worship (Leader reads # 1, people read # 2)

Hymn of Welcome # 508 Love Lifted Me [SAFETY]

Offertory: Enrico Passini: Cantabile #2 (organ)

Anthem: Waldemar Ahlén: The Earth Adorned (Psalm of Summer)

Hymn of Invitation # 585 Be Still And Know [BE STILL AND KNOW]

Hymn of Declaration # 465 Baptized In Water [BUNESSAN]

Postlude: Dan Forrest: Gaelic Morning (piano)


NOVEMBER 15 [Four Seasons of Faith: Fall]

Prelude: tbd (organ)

Introit: Andy Beck: Autumn

Spoken Litany # 238 Calls To Worship (Leader reads # 3, people read # 4)

Hymn of Welcome # 16 All Hail The Power Of Jesus’ Name [DIADEM]

Offertory: Herbert Howells: De La Mare’s Pavane (op. 41, 9) (piano)

Anthem: Sasha Johnson Manning: For The Fallen (written for TBC)

Hymn of Invitation # 520 The Longer I Serve Him [THE SWEETER HE GROWS]

Hymn of Declaration # 466 Jesus, Our Lord And King [TRENTHAM]

Postlude: Amy Beach: In Autumn (op. 15, 1) (piano)


NOVEMBER 22 [Four Seasons of Faith: Winter]

Prelude: tbd (organ)

Introit: Judith Bingham: God Be In My Head

Spoken Litany # 238 Calls To Worship (Leader reads # 5, people read # 6)

Hymn of Welcome # 591 Jesus Calls Us [GALILEE]

Offertory: Peter Tchaikovsky: November (piano)

Anthem: Dan Forrest: Song of the Wanderer

Hymn of Invitation # 336 There Is A Fountain (vv. 1-2) [CLEANSING FOUNTAIN]

Hymn of Declaration # 336 There Is A Fountain (vv. 3-5) [CLEANSING FOUNTAIN]

Postlude: tbd (organ)


NOVEMBER 29 [Advent I: Micah recognizes Bethlehem] (Thanksgiving Weekend)

Prelude: J. S. Bach, arr. Granville Bantock: Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme (BWV 645) (piano)

Introit: T. Frederick H. Candlyn: O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

Hymn of Welcome # 794 Let All Things Now Living [ASH GROVE]

Spoken Litany # 283 Night Of Miracles (people join at “He will stand …”)

Offertory: J. S.  Bach: Gelobet seist du, Jesu Christ (BWV 604) (organ)

Anthem: Melissa Dunphy: A New Heart (written for TBC)

Hymn of Invitation # 286 Once In Royal David’s City (VV. 1-2) [IRBY]

Hymn of Declaration # insert Hark, The Glad Sound [BRISTOL]

Postlude: James M. Guthrie: Prelude on Bristol (organ)


DECEMBER 6 [Advent II: The Vision of Daniel (Chapter 7)] [ANCIENT OF DAYS]

Prelude: J. S. Bach: Kommst du nun von Himmel Herunter (BWV 650) (organ)

Introit: arr. Jay Rouse: Come, Emmanuel, Come

Communion Music: Martha Shaffer: Come, Risen Lord (written for TBC) + # 302 Twila Paris: Lamb Of God

Hymn of Communion # 8 Come, Thou Almighty King [ITALIAN HYMN]

Spoken Litany # 77 Worthy Of Love And Praise (people join at “I love You, O Lord …)

Offertory: Emma Lou Diemer: Let Us Break Bread Together (piano)

Anthem: Adam Kosberg: Where Cross The Crowded Ways Of Life (written for TBC)

Hymn of Invitation # insert William Doane: “Ancient of Days” [tune # 458 O PERFECT LOVE]

Hymn of Declaration # 33 Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise [DENIO]

Postlude: Flor Peeters: Festival Prelude (organ)


DECEMBER 13 [Advent III: Isaiah prophesies the Savior] (Carol Service) with nightmusic brass ensemble

The Prophecy of the Lord


Douglas Nolan: A Prayer for Advent

  1. F. Handel: Behold, A Virgin Shall Conceive (from MESSIAH)

John Ness Beck: Every Valley

William Mathias: Lift Up Your Heads, O Ye Gates (op. 44, 2)

Jane Marshall: He Comes To Us As One Unknown

Howard Helvey: My Lord, What A Mornin’!

Michael Praetorius: Lo, How A Rose E’er Blooming

Otto Goldschmidt: A Tender Shoot

Patrick Hadley: I Sing Of A Maiden

Ralph Vaughan Williams: The Truth From Above

Philip Barnes: The Lord At First Did Adam Make

Piano duet: J. S. Bach, arr. György Kurtag: Nun Komm Der Heiden Heiland (BWV 659) (organ)


  1. S. Bach: Vom Himmel Hoch (organ)

Johannes Brahms: Es ist ein Ros entsprungen (organ)


Emma Lou Diemer: Prepare the Royal Highway

Hymn of Welcome # 130 His Glorious Name [FINLANDIA]

Hymn of Invitation # 758 Lift Up Your Heads [LIFT UP YOUR HEADS]

Hymn of Declaration # 754 Lo, He Comes With Clouds Descending [REGENT SQUARE]


DECEMBER 20 [Advent IV: John the Baptist foretells of the Coming]

Prelude: J. S. Bach: Nun Komm Der Heiden Heiland (BWV 659) (organ)

Introit: Hal Hopson, arr. Emily Lund: O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

Spoken Litany #378 The Light

Hymn of Welcome # insert “When Christ The Lord Would Come On Earth” [tune # 817 LAMB OF GOD]

Offertory: J. S. Bach, arr. Gerald M. Cooper: Es Ist Das Heil Uns Kommen Hier (piano)

Anthem: Orlando Gibbons: This Is The Record Of John

Hymn of Invitation # insert “On Jordan’s Bank the Baptist Cry” (tune WINCHESTER NEW]

Hymn of Declaration # 240 Of Your Father’s Love Begotten [DIVINUM MYSTERIUM]

Postlude: Emma Lou Diemer: My Lord, What A Morning! (piano)


DECEMBER 24 [Gabriel announces the Birth] (Christmas Eve) Service of Lessons & Carols

Prelude: Peter Tchaikovsky: December (piano)

Introit: arr. David Willcocks: O Come, O Come, Emmanuel (choir + congregation)

Hymn of Welcome # 251 It Came Upon The Midnight Clear [CAROL]

Offertory: Dan Forrest: It Came Upon That Midnight Clear (piano)

Anthems: J. S. Bach: Break Forth, O Beauteous Morning Light

Benjamin Britten: The Holly And The Ivy

Benjamin Britten: The Oxen

Philip Barnes: The First Nowell

Henry Balfour Gardiner: Noel (piano)

Hymn of Invitation # insert Baring-Gould: “The Angel Gabriel” [GABRIEL’S MESSAGE]

Hymns of Declaration # 253 Silent Night [STILLE NACHT] + # 261 Away In A Manger  (vv. 1-2) [CRADLE SONG]

Postlude: tbd (organ)


DECEMBER 27 [Herod and the Holy Innocents]

Prelude: Peter Tchaikovsky: A Winter Morning (op. 39, 2) (piano)

Introit: Anonymous English: Coventry Carol

Spoken Litany # 276 The Word Became Flesh (read in unison)

Hymn of Welcome # 272 While Shepherd Watched Their Flocks By Night [CHRISTMAS]

Offertory: Keith Chapman: Infant Holy, Infant Lowly (organ)

Anthem: Katherine K. Davis: To Shepherds Fast Asleep

Hymn of Invitation # insert Laurence Housman: “When Christ Was Born In Bethlehem” (tune # 306 MARTYRDOM]

Hymn of Declaration # 278 Angels, We Have Heard On High [GLORIA]

Postlude: J. S. Bach, arr. Arthur Bliss: Das Alte Jahr Vergangen Ist  (piano)

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