October 6, 2019



What Does the Pentateuch Teach Us?: Genesis

Dr. Tommy Simons

We are all made for relationship with one another. People are longing for authenticity, truth, transparency, and community. A place of grace where they came come to the table with their Samsonite load of baggage and know they can receive hospitality without condition, an open seat at the table, gathered around a common cup of forgiveness and grace.

September 15, 2019



Behold! I Make All Things New: A New Earth – Urban Renewal

Dr. Tommy Simons

Here’s our job description as followers of Jesus Christ: we are to create individual portraits of grace to the one who is connected to us. No matter their baggage, no matter their background, we are charged to surround another’s life with the vibrant colors of God’s love and God’s grace and forgiveness.

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