Originally from Ghana, Samuel Governor has found a home at Third Baptist Church. Samuel came to Saint Louis to study public health at Saint Louis University (SLU) after completing his training to become a medical doctor in Russia.

Samuel describes how Third has been emotionally and financially supportive of him during his time in Saint Louis. During his second semester of studies at SLU, things became extremely difficult and he could not see a way out. He reached out to Third’s Pastor Tommy Simons who offered support and encouragement. Samuel says, “Without Third Baptist Church, I would not have been able to finish my degree, survive or have a home.”

Now a graduate of the public health program at SLU, Samuel is working as a data analyst with the Centene Corporation in Clayton.

Samuel says, “I want to thank Third Baptist Church for everything they did for me. I’m here because of Third Baptist Church. Without the help of Third Baptist Church, I would have dried up financially and emotionally.”

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