Resuming Ministries on Third Baptist Campus

I am excited about gathering together soon! I have missed witnessing our fellowship and love for one another.


And we are about to embark on a new journey together. As we enter new frontiers, excitement and a bit of anxiety is natural.


The purpose is not to overburden you with policies and procedures.

The intention is to share common sense precautions, as we all travel down the same road.


I spontaneously asked Grace Moore in worship Sunday:

So, Grace, what have you learned during this outbreak?

The answer I’ll remember:

“The importance of family.”


The apostle Paul, searching for a metaphor to communicate church, settled upon an image of family. And this is who we are—a community of faith, upholding and supporting one another—all the way home.


Dear Ones,

Below is a roadmap of return.

Grace and Peace,


Public Worship (11am) in Sanctuary will return Sunday, May 24


Please wear protective mask.

If needed, masks are available at Welcome Table on ground floor and table outside main office.

You are asked to sit in every other row.

Maximum of 4 persons per row (unless family gathered exceeds 4).

Please sit 6 feet apart.

Balcony will be open—please sit every other row (3 persons per row).

Bulletins, guest cards, pencils, prayer cards are removed.

Sanctuary Choir and Rehearsals are postponed indefinitely.

Monthly communion is served with pre-packaged cup and wafer.

Passing of the Peace is discontinued for a season.

Donut Fellowship and Gathering in Pillsbury Threshold is discontinued for a season.

Offering plates are available in various locations in Sanctuary. Plates are not passed during worship.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

Practice routine cleaning of frequently touched surfaces, such as tables, pews, doorknobs, light switches, counter tops, handles, desks, phones, keyboards, toilets and faucets. Sanctuary and Sunday school space are cleaned before gathering and a few minutes after worship.

Meeting and Gatherings

Group meetings, such as Bible Studies, Committees may resume on campus with following caveats:

Please wear protective mask.

Sit 6 feet apart.

Committees are encouraged, in the near term, to meet virtually.

Sunday School

Returns Sunday, May 31



Please wear protective mask and sit six feet apart. Extra masks are available at Welcome Table outside Johnson Hall.

Preschool Guidelines

Volunteers and preschoolers wash hands upon arrival.

Volunteers and parents are only allowed in preschool spaces.

All tables and chairs cleaned before and after use.

All cloth toys removed from preschool space.

No snacks during Sunday school or extended session.

Toys cleaned after use.


Children’s Guidelines

Tables and chairs wiped down before and after use.

Tables and chairs spread apart for safe social distancing.

Markers wiped down and cleaned before and after use.

Papers placed on chairs.

Bean bags, tent like structures and cardboard boxes are put away.

Cushioned cloth furniture is removed.

No snacks.

All areas cleaned before and after use.


Youth Guidelines

Couches are removed.

Chairs cleaned before and after use.

Doorknobs wiped down before and after use.

Vacuumed before and after use.

Ping pong table and paddles are removed.

No printed materials for lessons.


Adult Guidelines

Chairs in all rooms set up to insure social distancing.

Rooms cleaned before and after use.

All adult classes remain in present location except for Windows Class.

The class, beginning May 31, will meet in Memorial Chapel.

Wednesday Night Adult Dinner and Discipleship

Johnson Hall (Ground Floor)

Returns Wednesday, May 27


5pm- Dinner catered by Arris Harris

Temperature is scanned before entering building.

Arris is certified to assess and handle food borne illnesses, in accordance with local and state health department rules.

Hand washing, sanitation of preparation areas, proper storage and disposal of food will be followed.

Food will be served in disposable paper and flatware.

Once items are out of kitchen, they cannot be returned.


6pm- Discipleship with Pastor

Please wear protective mask. Extra masks are available on welcome table outside Johnson Hall.

Round tables are set up 20 feet apart.

Maximum of 4 persons per round table.

Chairs, tables are cleaned before and after event.

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