TBC member Peggy Pittenger wants to help others to lead a vibrant and healthy life. Currently, she is participating in a twelve-month course to be accredited as a Functional Medicine Health Coach. The focus of functional medicine is taking seriously the lifestyle factors which affect health such as sleep, relaxation, movement, nutrition, stress and relationships. According to Peggy, support for these factors can be found in scripture. For example, scripture tells us to rest in the Lord. Scripture tells us to build relationships with others as part of the body of Christ. Scripture tells us that our bodies are a temple. She says, “It all ties together for us to live a healthy and vibrant life and to glorify God.”

Peggy’s interest in functional medicine comes from her background in nursing and health problems within her own family. As a nurse, Peggy often wondered why medical professionals were giving pills for chronic diseases rather than trying to reverse the disease. She again asked these questions as she worked to understand her husband’s diagnoses of heart disease and diabetes and her mother’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease. After watching her mother struggle with Alzheimer’s Disease, Peggy dreaded the possibility of a similar diagnosis for herself. However, through her study of functional medicine, she has learned that many chronic diseases can be prevented or reversed by focusing upon lifestyle factors.

Once she completes her certification, Peggy would like to serve the under privileged, especially those living in food deserts, by helping them to have a better understanding of how to care for themselves and their families. She says, “It could be a simple as learning how to read labels.”