Above is painted by Rembrandt. Entitled “Return of the Prodigal Son”

Food Pantry

Every third Saturday our church family gathers to prepare and serve food to those in need. So, how can you help? First, arrive at Third at around 8:30 AM. Connect with Monica, Bonnie or Ali – you will be assigned to a work station – bagging, preparing or assisting those with physical disabilities. You’ll finish up at around 11:45 AM.


Third Readers Program for First and Second Graders

Third is committed to partnering with schools to help reduce illiteracy.

Who can assist? High School Juniors and Senior

Schedule? Third Readers begins at around 3:15 PM and concludes at 4:30 PM.

What happens after 4:30 PM? Recreation in our gym. Leaders supervise and play with children until 4:45 PM. And with permission from parent or guardian – children participate in Third’s Wednesday Night Ministries.

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