Third Baptist Church, St. Louis

Choir Repertoire, 2018

In addition to three hymns, the Choir also offers an anthem; on occasion,

the previous Sunday’s anthem is repeated as a prelude to the next Sunday’s worship.

The Music Dept. reserves the right to change the following selections, as circumstances warrant.

We rehearse on Wednesdays, 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM, and again on Sundays, 10:30 AM, for the 11:00 AM service.

JANUARY 7 [“Why are you afraid…?”]

Prelude: Maurice Duruflé: Prélude sur l’Introït de l’Épiphanie (organ)

Introit: Benjamin Britten: A New Year Carol

Hymn of the Epiphany #288 We Three Kings [Kings of Orient]

Offertory: J. S. Bach: Symphony (from Christmas Oratorio) (piano)

Anthem: Lowry/Greene, arr. Jack Schrader: Mary, Did You Know?

Hymn of Communion #287 A Communion Hymn for Christmas, vv. 1-4 [Greenridge]

Hymn of Declaration #287 A Communion Hymn for Christmas, v. 5 [Greenridge]

Postlude: Barbara Harbach: People, Look East (organ)


JANUARY 14 [“The Son of Man has no place to lay his head”]

Prelude: Ralph Vaughan Williams: Fantasia on Greensleeves (piano)

Introit: Martin Shaw: Kings In Glory

Hymn of Welcome #281 What Child Is This [Greensleeves]

Offertory: Franklin Ashdown: Bright and Guiding Star (organ)

Anthem: Maurice Bevan: There’s A Wideness in God’s Mercy

Hymn of Invitation #292 Thou Didst Leave Thy Throne, vv. 1-3 [Margaret]

Hymn of Declaration #292 Thou Didst Leave Thy Throne, vv. 4-5 [Margaret]

Postlude: Larry Shackley: As With Gladness Men Of Old (from Following Yonder Star) (piano)


JANUARY 14 (MLK Service) 5 pm NO CHOIR [Guest artists: University of Illinois Chamber Choir]

Prelude: arr. Michael Tippett: Deep River (from A Child Of Our Time)

Anthems: James Macmillan: Factus Est Repente

Hildegard von Bingen: O Ignis Spiritus

Stephen Paulus: Hymn to the Eternal Flame

Rosephanye Powell: The Word Was God

Postlude: arr. Norman Luboff: Wade In The Water


JANUARY 21 [“Who do men say that I am?”]

Prelude: J. S. Bach: Gelobet seist du, Jesu Christ (BWV 604) (organ)

Introit: G. F. Handel: Give Thanks To The Lord

Hymn of Welcome #264 Break Forth, O Beauteous Heavenly Light [Ermuntre Dich]

Offertory: J. S. Bach: Arioso (from Cantata #156) (piano)

Anthem: J. S. Bach: Jesus, Joy Of Man’s Desiring

Hymn of Invitation #270 Joy To The World, vv. 1-3 [Antioch]

Hymn of Declaration #270 Joy To The World, v. 4 [Antioch]

Postlude: G. F. Handel: March from Scipione (organ)


JANUARY 28 [“What were you discussing on the way?”]

Prelude: Jack Richard Hodkinson: Elegy (piano)

Introit: arr. David von Kampen: I Want Jesus To Walk With Me

Hymn of Welcome # 682 Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah [Cwm Rhondda]

Offertory: Dale Wood: Guide Me Ever Great Redeemer (organ)

Anthem: arr. Gary Matheny & Jack Schrader: Poor Wayfarin’ Stranger

Hymn of Invitation #697 The Way Of The Cross Leads Home, vv. 1-2 [The Way Of The Cross]

Hymn of Declaration #697 The Way Of The Cross Leads Home, v. 3 [The Way Of The Cross]

Postlude: Cindy Berry: Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah (piano)


FEBRUARY 4 [“Simon, I have something to say to you”]

Prelude: W. A. Mozart: Andante für eine Orgelwalze (organ)

John Rutter: Communion Service

Hymn of Communion #462 Come, Share The Lord [Divernon]

Offertory: Irving Fine: Homage à Mozart (piano)

Anthem: W. A. Mozart: Jesus, Word of God Incarnate (orig. Ave Verum Corpus)

Hymn of Invitation #464 Come to the Table [Come to the Table]

Hymn of Declaration #592 Jesus Calls Us [Galilee]

Postlude: J. S. Bach: Wer nur den lieben Gott laßt walten (BWV 642) (organ)


FEBRUARY 11 [“Lazarus is dead”]

Prelude: Dan Forrest: Channels Only (piano)

Hymn of Welcome (special insert): How I Praise Thee, Precious Savior (Channels Only)

Spoken Litany: # 782 The Trumpet Call Of God

Offertory: J. S. Bach – Aus tiefer Not schrei’ ich zu dir (BWV 687) (organ)

Anthem: Robert Tanner: Lazarus (spiritual)

Hymn of Invitation #522 I’m So Glad, Jesus Lifted Me [I’m So Glad]

Vocal Meditation: Sergei Rachmaninoff: The Raising of Lazarus (op. 34, 6)

Hymn of Declaration #586 He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands [Whole World]

Postlude: Vernon Duke: American Arabesque (piano)


FEBRUARY 14 (Ash Wednesday) 6 pm

Anthem: John Stainer: God So Loved The World


FEBRUARY 18 [Have Mercy! Psalm 51:1]

Prelude: Dan Forrest: What Wondrous Love Is This? (piano)

Introit: Eric Thiman: Wondrous Love

Hymn of Welcome #691 Surely Goodness and Mercy [Surely Goodness and Mercy]

Spoken Litany: # 524 Salvation By Grace

Offertory: Eric Thiman: Prelude on Rockingham (organ)

Anthem: Sasha Johnson Manning: De Profundis (premiere; commissioned for TBC)

Hymn of Invitation #161 I Will Sing of the Mercies [Fillmore]

Hymn of Declaration #314 What Wondrous Love Is This?

Postlude: Eugenio Maria Fagiani: What Wondrous Love Is This? (organ)


FEBRUARY 25 [My Sin is Ever Before Me! Psalm 51:3]

Prelude: Henry Balfour Gardiner: De Profundis (piano)

Introit: Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky: Legend

Hymn of Welcome #305 Jesus Paid It All

Spoken Litany: # 523 Forgiveness

Offertory: Herbert Howells: The ‘Chosen’ Tune (piano)

Anthem: Howard Helvey: Ah! Holy Jesus

Hymn of Invitation # 491 Jesus, I Come, vv. 1-3 [Jesus, I Come]

Hymn of Declaration # 491 Jesus, I Come, v. 4 [Jesus, I Come]

Postlude: William Boyce: Voluntary and Fugue in G minor (organ)


MARCH 4 [Create In Me! Psalm 51:10]

Prelude: Frederic Chopin: Prelude (op. 28, 7) (piano)

Introit: Sasha Johnson Manning: De Profundis (commissioned for TBC)

Hymn of Welcome #657 Cleanse Me [Maori]

John Rutter: Communion Service

Offertory: Michael McCabe: Forty Days and Forty Nights (organ)

Anthem: Arnold B. Sherman: Create In Me A Clean Heart, O God

Hymn of Invitation #461 In Remembrance [Red]

Hymn of Declaration #654 Change My Heart, God [Change My Heart]

Postlude: Frederic Chopin: Mazurka (op. 33, 3) (piano)


MARCH 11 [Cast Me Not Away! Psalm 51:11]

Prelude: Flor Peeters: Aria (organ)

Introit: Melissa Dunphy: A New Heart (commissioned for TBC)

Hymn of Welcome #221 All Praise To Our Redeeming Lord [Azmon]

Spoken Litany: # 698 Refuge Under His Wings

Offertory: Charles Callahan: Out Of The Depths I Cry To You, O Lord (trombone & organ)

Anthem: Thomas Attwood: Turn Thy Face From My Sins

Hymn of Invitation #619 Hiding in Thee [Hiding in Thee]

Hymn of Declaration #342 Rock of Ages [Toplady]

Postlude: Felix Mendelssohn: Allegro in B flat (organ)


MARCH 18 [Restore Joy! Psalm 51: 12]

Prelude: Charles T. Griffes: De Profundis (piano)

Introit: Sasha Johnson Manning: De Profundis (commissioned for TBC)

Hymn of Welcome #217 Holy Ground [Beatty]

Spoken Litany: # 752 I Sing For Joy

Offertory: Barbara Harbach/Tom George: Were You There? (organ)

Anthem: Malcolm Williamson: I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes

Hymn of Invitation #740 I Have Found His Grace [Joy Unspeakable]

Hymn of Declaration #234 Now unto Him [Now unto Him]

Postlude: Max Reger: Chorale Prelude on Lobe den Herren (organ)


MARCH 25 (Palm Sunday) [Hosanna, Hosanna! Matthew 21:9]

Prelude: Dan Forrest: Lead Me To Calvary (piano)

Hymn of Welcome: #310 Lead Me To Calvary [Duncannon]

Spoken Litany: # 298 Hosanna To The Son Of David

Offertory: arr. James Koerts: Ride On, King Jesus (piano)

Anthem: John Carter: A Palm Sunday Processional

Hymn of Invitation #297 Hosanna, Loud Hosanna, vv. 1-2 [Ellacombe]

Hymn of Declaration #297 Hosanna, Loud Hosanna, v. 3 [Ellacombe]

Postlude: Felix-Alexandre Guilmant: March upon a Theme of Handel (op. 15, 2) (organ)


MARCH 28 (Holy Wednesday) 6 pm

Offertory: Edvard Grieg: To The Spring (op. 43, 6) (piano)

Anthem: John Hilton: Lord, For Thy Tender Mercies’ Sake


MARCH 30 (Good Friday) 7 pm

[Perseid String Quartet]

Samuel Barber: Adagio (from String Quartet)

Franz Schubert: Death and the Maiden quartet (D. 810)


APRIL 1 (Easter) [He Is Risen!]

Prelude: Herbert Howells: Saraband for the Morning of Easter (organ)

Introit: William Harris: Most Glorious Lord Of Life

Hymn of Welcome #367 Jesus Christ Is Risen Today [Easter Hymn]

John Rutter: Communion Service

Offertory: arr. Emma Lou Diemer: Let Us Break Bread Together (piano)

Anthem: Keith Hampton: Praise His Holy Name

Hymn of Invitation #361 Worship Christ, the Risen King, vv. 1-4 [Regent Square]

Hymn of Declaration #361 Worship Christ, the Risen King, v. 5 [Regent Square]

Postlude: Louis Vierne: Finale from Symphony No. 1 (organ)


APRIL 8 [Low Sunday] [NO CHOIR] [Jesus and Thomas John 20:24-29]

Prelude: William M. Runyan (arr. Joel Raney): Great Is Thy Faithfulness (organ & piano)

Hymn of Welcome #82 Praise the Lord! Ye Heavens, Adore Him [Austrian Hymn]

Spoken Litany: # 7 Praise The Almighty King

Meditation: Johann Strauss, jr.: An der schönen blauen Donau (piano)

Offertory: Charles Callahan: A Gospel Prelude (organ & piano)

Hymn of Invitation #633 Open Our Eyes [Open Our Eyes]

Hymn of Declaration #505 He Touched Me [He Touched Me]

Postlude: arr. Uwe Korn: On the beautiful blue Mississippi (piano)


APRIL 15 [The Road to Emmaus Luke 24:13-35]

Prelude: Judith Bingham: The Road to Emmaeus (from the Westminster Mass) (organ)

Introit: Charles Wood: This Joyful Eastertide

Hymn of Welcome #665 O Master, Let Me Walk With Thee [Maryton]

Spoken Litany: # 525 Press On!

Offertory: Johann Strauss, jr.: Voices of Spring (piano)

Anthem: Russell Nagy: The Emmaus Road

Hymn of Invitation #685 Footsteps of Jesus [Footsteps]

Hymn of Declaration #680 All The Way My Savior Leads Me [All The Way]

Postlude: George Shearing: Jerusalem My Happy Home (organ)


APRIL 22 [Breakfast with Jesus John 21:11-18

Prelude: Cyril Scott: Passacaglia (from Pastoral Suite) (piano)

Introit: Charles Wood: This Joyful Eastertide

Hymn of Welcome #109 Lamb of Glory [Lamb of Glory]

Spoken Litany: # 203 Worship With Gladness

Offertory: G. F. Handel: He Shall Feed His Flock (from Messiah) (organ)

Anthem: John Ness Beck: He Shall Feed His Flock

Hymn of Invitation #90 Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee, vv. 1-2 [Hymn to Joy]

Hymn of Declaration #90 Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee, v. 3 [Hymn to Joy]

Postlude: Cindy Berry: Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee (piano)


APRIL 29 [While We Wait Luke 24:50-53]

[William Baker Festival Singers, Kansas City]

Prelude: Germaine Tailleferre: Valse Lent (Two Pieces for Piano)

Introit: Spiritual, arr. Alice Parker: Shout On

*Hymn of Welcome #369 He Rose Triumphantly [He Rose Triumphantly]

Spoken Litany: # 364 The Lord Has Arisen

Offertory: Germaine Tailleferre: Larghetto (Two Pieces for Piano)

Anthem: Kim Arnesen: Even When He Is Silent

*Hymn of Invitation #620 Under His Wings [Hingham]

*Hymn of Declaration #23 The God of Abraham Praise [Leoni]

Postlude: arr. Roland Parker: You Must Have That True Religion


MAY 6 [Words of Affirmation: Barnabas; Acts 11:22-24]

Prelude: Sergei Rachmaninoff: Prelude (op. 23, 5) (piano)

Introit: Andre Kopolyoff: Alleluia, Christ Is Risen

Hymn of Consecration #597 Take My Life And Let It Be Consecrated [Hendon]

John Rutter: Communion Service

Offertory: Alexander Glazunov, arr. James Rogers: In Modo Religioso (organ)

Anthem: Mikhail Ippolitov-Ivanov: Bless The Lord, O My Soul

Hymn of Invitation #429 They’ll Know We Are Christians, vv. 1-3 [St. Brendan’s]

Hymn of Declaration #429 They’ll Know We Are Christians, v. 4 [St. Brendan’s]

Postlude: Dmitri Shostakovich: Prelude & Fugue (op. 87, 14) (piano)


MAY 13 (Mother’s Day; Baptisms) [Quality Time: Mother’s Love and Father’s Business Luke 2:41-51]

Prelude: J. S. Bach, arr. Virgil Fox: Adagio Cantabile (organ)

Introit: arr. John Ferguson: Shall We Gather At The River?

Hymn of Welcome #793 For the Beauty of the Earth [Dix]

Spoken Litany: # 477A Woman Of God

Offertory: Charles Tillman, arr. Johannah Miller: My Mother’s Bible (piano)

Anthem: Tom Trenney: Mothering God

Hymn of Invitation #451 A Christian Home, vv. 1-3 [Finlandia]

Hymn of Declaration #451 A Christian Home, v. 4 [Finlandia]

Postlude: Niels Gade: Drei Stücke, 3 (organ)


MAY 20 (Pentecost) [Gifts: Pentecost; Acts 2:1-8, 12-21]

Prelude: Herbert Howells: Master Tallis’s Testament (I)

Introit: Thomas Tallis: O Lord, Give Thy Holy Spirit

Hymn of Welcome #396 Holy Spirit, Breathe On Me [Truett]

Spoken Litany: # 176 He Has Blessed Us

Offertory: Herbert Howells: Master Tallis’s Testament (II)

Anthem: Herbert Howells: My Eyes For Beauty Pine

Hymn of Invitation #391 Sweet, Sweet Spirit [Sweet, Sweet Spirit]

Hymn of Declaration: Herbert Howells: Love Divine, All Loves Excelling

Postlude: Herbert Howells: Master Tallis’s Testament (III)


MAY 27 [Trinity] [Acts of Service: Paul; Philippians 2:5-7]

Prelude: Healey Willan: Chorale Prelude on Nicaea (organ)

Introit: Mikhail Ippolitov-Ivanov: Come, Bless the Lord

Hymn of Welcome #637 Lord, Make Us Instruments Of Thy Peace [Instruments of Peace]

Spoken Litany: # 24 Praise Him With Your Heart

Offertory: William Blitheman: Gloria Tibi Trinitas (organ)

Anthem: Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky: Hymn to the Trinity

Hymn of Invitation#3 Holy, Holy, Holy, vv. 1-3 [Nicaea]

Hymn of Declaration #3 Holy, Holy, Holy, v. 4 [Nicaea]

Postlude: Dan Miller: Holy, Holy, Holy (piano & organ)


JUNE 3 [Touch: An Ill Woman; Matthew 9:20]

Prelude: arr. Dan Forrest: Nearer, My God, To Thee (piano)

Hymn of Welcome #505 He Touched Me [He Touched Me]

John Rutter: Communion Service

Offertory: Louis Vierne: Communion (op. 8) (organ)

Anthem: Mogens Wöldike: O Thou, Who At Thy Eucharist Did’st Pray

Hymn of Invitation #463 I Will Remember Thee [Manoah]

Hymn of Declaration #485 Into My Heart [Into My Heart]

Postlude: Robert Docker: Legend (piano)



[Forest Park: Going Green]

Prelude: Germaine Tailleferre: Seule dans la forêt (piano)

Introit: Orlando Gibbons: Come, Holy Ghost, Come (Song 44)

Hymn of Welcome #395 Descend, O Holy Spirit [Ewing]

Spoken Litany: #205 The Lord Is My Shepherd

Scripture Reading: Psalm 23

Offertory: Harold Darke: Brother James’s Air (organ)

Anthem: Howard Goodall: Psalm 23 (theme to The Vicar of Dibley)

Hymn of Invitation #694 The Lord’s My Shepherd [Crimond]

Hymn of Declaration #155 Praise Ye The Triune God [Flemming]

Postlude: Kenyon Emrys-Roberts: Theme to To Serve Them All My Days (piano)


JUNE 17 [NO CHOIR; Rebecca Margolis – soloist][Fox Theater: Lessons From The Right Side ~ Note: Referring to creative side of the brain (right)]

Prelude: Craig Phillips: Prelude on Kremser (organ)

Introit: Stephen Schartz: When You Believe (from The Prince of Egypt)

Hymn of Welcome 790 We Gather Together [Kremser]

Spoken Litany: #476 A Man Of God (for Fathers’ Day)

Scripture Reading: Luke 12:23

Offertory/Anthem: You’ll Never Walk Along (from Carousel)

Hymn of Invitation #189 Alleluia [Alleluia]

Hymn of Declaration #400 Glorious Things Of Thee Are Spoken [Austrian Hymn]

Postlude: Samuel Coleridge Taylor: Allegro Molto (Three Impromptus, 3) (organ)



[Bush I: The Glory Of Their Times]

Prelude: Erik Satie: Gymnopédie No. 2 (piano)

Hymn of Welcome #651 All That I Need [All That I Need]

Spoken Litany: #168 Enter His Gates

Scripture Reading: 2 Samuel 5:1-5

Offertory: Aaron Copland: Midsummer Nocturne (piano)

Anthem: arr. Tom Fettke: Day by Day

Hymn of Invitation #649 When I Look Into Your Holiness [Perrin]

Hymn of Declaration #601 Yes, Lord, Yes [Yes, Lord, Yes]

Postlude: Felix Alexandre Guilmant: Grand Choeur (from Sept Morceaux) (organ)


JULY 1 [NO CHOIR; Adam Kosberg – soloist][Eads Bridge: Linking East And West]

Prelude: Franz Liszt: Hosanna (trombone & organ)

Hymn of Communion #302 Lamb Of God [Lamb Of God]

Communion Service by Intinction

Spoken Litany: (In Unison)

               The Lamb’s high banquet doth invite

               Our souls arrayed in garments white.

               Let us whom through the sea He led

               Rejoice in song to Christ our Head.

               (Robert Seymour Bridges)

Scripture Reading: 1 Corinthians 9:16-23

Offertory/Anthem: Frigyes Hidas: Dona Nobis Pacem (trombone & organ)

Hymn of Invitation #45 Crown Him With Many Crowns [Diademata]

Hymn of Declaration #417 We Will Stand [We Will Stand]

Postlude: Andrew Carter: Trumpet Tune (organ)



[The Arch: No Place Like Home]

Prelude: Aaron Copland: Story of Our Town (from Our Town) (piano)

Introit: Healey Willan: Now Let The Heaven Be Joyful

Hymn of Welcome #655 Lord, Prepare Me [Sanctuary]

Spoken Litany: #751 Perfect Peace

Scripture Reading: Acts 2:46-47

Offertory: Aaron Copland: Conversation at the Soda Fountain (from Our Town) (piano)

Anthem: John Carter: The Shepherd Psalm

Hymn of Invitation #457 God, Give Us Christian Homes [Christian Home]

Hymn of Declaration #453 Happy Our Home When God Is There [St. Agnes]

Postlude: Aaron Copland: The Resting-place on the Hill (from Our Town) (piano)


JULY 15 [NO CHOIR][Hymns by Michael W. Smith]

Prelude: Emma Lou Diemer: Guide My Feet (piano)

Hymn of Welcome #184 Thy Word [Thy Word]

Spoken Litany: #204 Maker Of Heaven And Earth

Scripture Reading:

Offertory/Anthem: Tom Fettke (arr. Keith Christopher): He Is Lord (organ)

Hymn of Invitation #140 Great Is The Lord [Great Is The Lord]

Hymn of Declaration #121 How Majestic Is Your Name [How Majestic]

Postlude: Emma Lou Diemer: Ev’ry Time I Feel The Spirit (piano)



[City Museum: Something Out Of Nothing]

Prelude: Andrew Fletcher: Cantilena (organ)

Introit: Peter Hurford: Litany to the Holy Spirit

Hymn of Welcome #207 We Have Come To Join In Worship [Holy Manna]

Spoken Litany: #756 The Return Of Christ

Scripture Reading: Genesis 1:1

Offertory: Mikael Sapin: Rain (piano)

Anthem: Katherine K. Davis: Praise The Lord Who Reigns Above (with trombone)

Hymn of Invitation #454 The Family Prayer Song [Chapman]

Hymn of Declaration #182 For The Beauty Of The Earth [Dix]

Postlude: Frank Bridge: Allegro con Spirito (in B flat) (organ)


JULY 29 [NO CHOIR; Margaret Boeckman – soloist][Botanical Garden: Eden Restored]

Prelude: Erik Satie: Gymnopédie No. 3 (piano)

Introit: Sergei Rachmaninoff: The Soldier’s Wife (op. 8, 4)

Hymn of Welcome #764 The Trees Of The Lord [The Trees Of The Lord]

Spoken Litany: #810 Love The Lord, Your God

Scripture Reading: Revelation 22:1-5

Offertory/Anthem: Sergei Rachmaninoff: Christ Is Arisen (op. 26, 6)

Hymn of Invitation #635 In The Garden [Garden]

Hymn of Declaration #776 Sweet Beulah Land [Parsons]

Postlude: Sergei Rachmaninoff: Vocalise (op. 34, 14)


AUGUST 5 (Children’s Sabbath)

[Four Women of the Old Testament: Esther: Stranger in a Strange Land]

Prelude: Charles Ore: I Love To Tell The Story (organ)

Introit: John Rutter: Gloria

Hymn of Communion #702 Fill My Cup, Lord (sung twice) [Fill My Cup]

John Rutter: Communion Service

Offertory: Percy Grainger: Children’s March: Over the Hills and Far Away (piano)

Scripture Reading: Luke 11:1-4

Anthem: arr. Hal Hopson: Come and Eat This Bread (tune: Kumbaya)

Hymn of Invitation #719 Children of The Heavenly Father [Tryggare Kan Ingen Vara]

Hymn of Declaration #185 Jesus Loves Me [Jesus Loves Me]

Postlude: Dale Wood: Caricature of a Sunday School Song (organ)


AUGUST 12 [NO CHOIR – David Miller – soloist)

[Four Women of the Old Testament: Ruth: Lessons In Loyalty]

Prelude: Aaron Copland: Sentimental Melody (Slow Dance) (piano)

Introit: Aaron Copland: Simple Gifts (Shaker Song)

Hymn of Welcome #293 Praise The One Who Breaks The Darkness [Nettleton]

Spoken Litany: #472 A Lamp And A Light

Scripture Reading: Ruth 1:16

Offertory/Anthem: Felix Mendelssohn: If With All Your Hearts (from Elijah)

Hymn of Invitation #486 Come, Ye Sinners, vv.1-3 [Arise]

Hymn of Declaration #486 Come, Ye Weary, vv.4 [Arise]

Postlude: Alexandre Tansman: Chant sans paroles (piano)



[Four Women of the Old Testament: Miriam: A Critical Spirit]

Prelude: Ralph Vaughan Williams: Hymn-Tune Prelude on Gibbons’ Song 13 (piano)

Hymn of Welcome #412 Holy Bible, Book Divine [Aletta]

Spoken Litany: #783 King Of Kings And Lord Of Lords

Scripture Reading: Numbers 12

Offertory: Orlando Gibbons: The Lord of Salisbury ~ His Pavan (piano)

Anthem: W. A. Mozart: Bless Us With Your Love (Canon, arr. Douglas E. Wagner)

Hymn of Invitation #65 Stand Up And Bless The Lord, vv.1-3 [St. Thomas]

Hymn of Declaration #65 God Is Our Strength And Song, vv.4-5 [St. Thomas]

Postlude: June Nixon: Diversion for the reeds (organ)



[Four Women of the Old Testament: Hannah: From Misery to Praise]

Prelude: Cindy Berry: Brethren, We Have Met To Worship (piano)

Introit: Stephen Paulus: Hear My Words, Ye People

Hymns of Welcome #219 Surely The Presence [Surely The Presence] AND #220 He Is Here [He Is Here]

Spoken Litany: #547 Hope and Trust in God

Scripture Reading: 1 Samuel 1:1-2:11

Offertory: J. S. Bach, arr. C. P. E. Bach: Ich ruf zu dir, Herr Jesu Christ (organ)

Anthem: arr. Ovid Young: Here I Am, Lord

Hymn of Invitation #61 Abba Father [Abba Father]

Hymn of Declaration #407 God Has Spoken By His Prophets [Beecher]

Postlude: J. S. Bach: Bourée (arr. from 2nd Violin Sonata by Saint-Saëns) (piano)



[The Gospel and The Lord’s Supper]

Prelude: Andrew Carter: Aria (organ)

Introit: Sue Farrar: Jesu, Gentle Savior

Hymn of Communion #413 Break Thou The Bread Of Life [Bread Of Life]

John Rutter: Communion Service

Scripture Reading: Matthew 6:10; 18:10-14

Offertory: Frantisek Drdla: Souvenir (piano)

Anthem: Martha Shaffer: Come, Risen Lord (commission – first performance)

Hymn of Invitation #478 Have You Any Room For Jesus [Any Room]

Hymn of Declaration #87 Fairest Lord Jesus [Crusaders’ Hymn]

Postlude: Dan Forrest: Fairest Lord Jesus (piano)



[The Four Evangelists ~ Matthew: Fallible Icons]

Prelude: Emma Lou Diemer: Give Me Jesus (piano)

Introit: William Levi Dawson: King Jesus Is A-Listening

Hymn of Welcome #446 We’ve A Story To Tell To The Nations [Message]

Spoken Litany: #473 Go and Make Disciples

Scripture Reading: Matthew 1

Offertory: Mark Hayes: Give Me Jesus (organ)

Anthem: Aaron Copland: Zion’s Walls

Hymn of Invitation #439 Song for The Nations (vv. 1-3) [Song For The Nations]

Hymn of Declaration #439 Song for The Nations (vv. 4-5) [Song For The Nations]

Postlude: Aaron Copland: Mid Day Thoughts (from Two Piano Pieces) (piano)



[The Four Evangelists ~ Crossing Mark’s Stormy Seas]

Prelude: Frank Bridge: Adagio in E (organ)

Introit: G. F. Handel: Holy Art Thou (orig. Largo from Serse)

Hymn of Welcome #29 Begin, My Tongue, Some Heavenly Theme [St. Anne/Croft]

Spoken Litany: #379 Christ, The Redeemer

Scripture Reading: Mark 8:17-18

Offertory: Johannes Brahms: Handel Variations, Aria & movts. 1-5 (from op. 24) (piano)

Anthem: G. F. Handel: In Thee, O Lord, Have I Trusted (from Dettingen Te Deum)

Hymn of Invitation #38 Ye Servants Of God [Hanover/Croft]

Hymn of Declaration #414 O Word Of God Incarnate [Munich]

Postlude: Felix Alexandre Guilmant: Fuga alla Handel (organ)


SEPTEMBER 23 [The Four Evangelists ~ Luke: Spiritual Maturity]

Prelude: David Bednall: Lullaby for Alexandra (piano) (US premiere)

Introit: David Bednall: O Come, Let Us Sing

Hymn of Welcome #403 Christ Is Made The Sure Foundation [Regent Square]

Spoken Litany: #178 O Give Thanks

Scripture Reading: Luke 6:17-36

Offertory: Herbert Howells: Aria (Six Short Pieces, 1) (organ)

Anthem: John Goss, arr. Benjamin Harlan: Lauda Anima

Hymn of Invitation #695 Lead Me, Lord [Lead Me, Lord]

Hymn of Declaration #401 The Church’s One Foundation [Aurelia]

Postlude: Peter Maxwell Davies: Farewell to Stromness (piano)



[The Four Evangelists ~ John: The Word and Beauty]

Prelude: Emma Lou Diemer: Grace (from Visions from Scripture) (organ)

Introit: Lloyd Pfautsch: Go And Tell John

Hymn of Welcome #730 Stand Up, Stand Up For Jesus [Webb]

Spoken Litany: #785 Life Everlasting

Scripture Reading: John 1:1-5

Offertory: J. S. Bach: Kommst du nun vom Himmel Herunter (BWV 650) (organ)

Anthem: Paul Sjolund: In The Beginning

Hymn of Invitation #80 I Stand In Awe [I Stand In Awe]

Hymn of Declaration #433 Rise Up O Church Of God [St. Thomas]

Postlude: Dan Forrest: How Great Thou Art (piano)



[The Lord’s Prayer: Our Daily Bread] [WALES]

Prelude: Ralph Vaughan Williams: Rhosymedre (from Three Preludes founded on Welsh Hymn Tunes(organ)

Introit: Ralph Vaughan Williams: O Taste And See

Hymn of Communion #460 Let Us Break Bread Together [Let Us Break Bread Together]

John Rutter: Communion Service

Scripture Reading: Matthew 6:11

Offertory: William Matthias: Celtic Lament; Burlesque, and Arietta (from A Little Suite(piano)

Anthem: Joyce Elaine Eilers: Thy Will Be Done

Hymn of Invitation ##352 O The Deep, Deep Love Of Jesus [Ebenezer]

Hymn of Declaration #33 Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise [St. Denio]

Postlude: Florence B. Price – Festal March (organ)



[The Lord’s Prayer: Forgive Us Our Debts; As We Forgive Our Debtors]

Prelude: Henry Purcell: Suite in G major (Z. 660) (piano)

Introit: Henry Purcell: Thou Knowest, Lord, The Secrets Of Our Hearts (Z. 58)

Hymn of Welcome #436 Freely, Freely [Freely, Freely]

Spoken Litany: #475 Love Never Fails

Scripture Reading: Matthew 6:12

Offertory: Henry Purcell: When I Am Laid In Earth (from Dido & Aeneas, Z. 626) (Margaret Boeckman, sop.)

Anthem: Henry Purcell: Remember Not, Lord, Our Offences (Z. 50)

Hymn of Invitation # 639 Dear Lord And Father Of Mankind [Rest]

Hymn of Declaration [insert]: Christ Is Made The Sure Foundation [Westminster Abbey]

Postlude: Henry Purcell: Trumpet Tune (organ)



[The Lord’s Prayer: Lead Us Not Into Temptation; Deliver Us From Evil] [Stewardship]

Prelude: Alfred Schnittke: Prelude in A flat major (piano)

Introit: Tom Fettke: Be Strong In The Lord

Hymn of Welcome #224 We Have Come Into His House [Worship Him]

Spoken Litany: #646 Present Your Requests To God

Scripture Reading: Matthew 6:13

Offertory: Thomas Preston: Benedictus (organ)

Anthem: David Stone: The Lord’s Prayer

Hymn of Invitation #486 Just As I Am [Woodworth]

Hymn of Declaration #724 Lead On, O King Eternal [Lancashire]

Postlude: Alfred Schnittke: Fugue in B minor (piano)



[The Lord’s Prayer: A Forever Kingdom] [Stewardship]

Prelude: Henry Purcell: A New Irish Tune (Z. 646) (piano)

Introit: C. V. Stanford: O For A Closer Walk With God

Hymn of Welcome #562 Be Thou My Vision [Slane]

Spoken Litany: #645 The Lord’s Prayer

Scripture Reading: Matthew 6:13

Offertory: Charles Wood: Andante (organ)

Anthem: C. V. Stanford: Jubilate Deo in B flat

Hymn of Invitation #631 The Lord’s Prayer [Malotte]

Hymn of Declaration #354 I Cannot Tell [Londonderry Air]

Postlude: Percy Grainger: Irish Tune from County Derry (piano)



[A Month of Thanksgiving: First Responders] [Stewardship]

Prelude: J. S. Bach: Prelude in E minor (BWV 533) (organ)

Introit: Christopher Tye: Give Almes Of Thy Goods

Hymn of Communion: #604 I Then Shall Live [Finlandia]

John Rutter: Communion Service

G. F. Handel: Sarabande (organ)

Germaine Tailleferre: Larghetto (piano)

Scripture Reading: Isaiah 43:2

Offertory: Luo Ni (after Bach): G minor (from the game Piano Tiles 2(piano)

Anthem: Howard Helvey: We Walk By Faith And Not By Sight

Hymn of Invitation #589 Here I Am, Lord [Here I Am, Lord]

Hymn of Declaration #656 Take Time To Be Holy [Holiness]

Postlude: J. S. Bach: Fugue in F minor (BWV 534) (organ)



[A Month of Thanksgiving: Veterans ~ No Greater Love]

Prelude: Michael Heming (arr, Anthony Lewis): A Threnody for a soldier killed in action (piano)

Introit: Edvard Grieg: God’s Peace Is Peace Eternal

Hymn of Welcome #623 Jesus, Priceless Treasure [Jesu, Meine Freude]

Spoken Litany: #187 Praise, Love And Thanks

Scripture Reading: John 15:13

Offertory: Cyril Scott: Requiescat (arr. Eaglefield Hull) (organ)

Anthem: Sasha Johnson Manning: For The Fallen [commission; 1st performance]

Hymn of Invitation #328 In The Cross Of Christ I Glory [Rathbun]

Hymn of Declaration #804 Battle Hymn Of The Republic [Battle Hymn]

Postlude: Claude Debussy: Berceuse Héroïque (piano)



[A Month of Thanksgiving: Our Health Providers]

Prelude: Johannes Brahms: Schmücke dich, O liebe Seele (organ)

Introit: Christopher Tye: O Come, Ye Servants Of The Lord

Hymn of Welcome #399 We Are God’s People [Symphony – Brahms]

Spoken Litany: #798 Honor and Thanksgiving

Scripture Reading: Ezekiel 34:16

Offertory: Franz Schubert, arr. Franz Liszt: Ständchen (piano)

Anthem: Johannes Brahms: Let Nothing Ever Grieve Thee (orig. Lass dich nur nicht dauren)

Hymn of Invitation #424 The Servant Song (vv. 1-4)

Hymn of Declaration #424 The Servant Song (vv. 5-6)

Postlude: Josef Gabriel Rheinberger: Monologue No. 1 (from op. 162) (organ)



[A Month of Thanksgiving: Our Forebears]

Prelude: Peter Tchaikovsky: Humoreske (op. 10, 2) (piano)

Introit: Sergei Rachmaninoff: To Thee, O Lord

Hymn of Welcome #63 All Creatures Of Our God And King [Lasst Uns Erfreuen]

Spoken Litany: #471 A Glorious Church

Scripture Reading: Hebrews 12:1-2

Offertory: Sergei Rachmaninoff: Prelude in G minor (transcribed by Gottfried H. Federlein) (organ)

Anthem: Russian tune, arr. S. S. Campbell: Praise to God in the Highest

Hymn of Invitation #210 Praise To The Lord, The Almighty, vv.1-3 [Lobe Den Herrn]

Hymn of Declaration #210 Praise To The Lord, v.4 [Lobe Den Herrn]

Postlude: Peter Tchaikovsky: Troika en Traineaux (November) (op. 37, 11) (piano)



[Advent I: It’s A Wonderful Life: Endure It]

Prelude: Felix Mendelssohn: Prelude (from op. 37) (organ)

Introit: Thomas Attwood: Teach Me, O Lord, The Way Of Thy Statutes

Hymn of Communion #196 O Come, Let Us Adore Him [Adeste Fideles]

Communion Service Hymns: # 74 Holy Is He; # 109 Lamb Of Glory; # 302 Lamb Of God

Scripture Reading: Isaiah 2:1-5; Matthew 24:36-44

Offertory: Thomas Attwood: Cathedral Fugue in E flat  (organ + piano)

Anthem: Felix Mendelssohn: Sleepers, Wake!

Hymn of Invitation #244 Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus [Hyfrydol]

Hymn of Declaration #232 God Be With You [God Be With You]

Postlude: Ralph Vaughan Williams: Hyfrydol (from Three Preludes founded on Welsh Hymn Tunes(organ)



[Advent II: It’s A Wonderful Life: Hope In It]

Prelude: Percy Grainger: The Sussex Mummers’ Christmas Carol (piano)

Introit: arr. David Willcocks: Gabriel’s Message

Hymn of Welcome #241 Arise, Shine [Arise, Shine]

Spoken Litany: #242 God With Us

Scripture Reading: Isaiah 11:1-10

Offertory: J. S. Bach: Wachet auf ruft uns die Stimme (BWV 645) (organ)

Anthem: Henry Ley: A Choral Hymn for Advent

Hymn of Invitation #240 Of The Father’s Love Begotten [Divinum Mysterium]

Hymn of Declaration #243 Emmanuel [Emmanuel]

Postlude: Stephen Flaherty: Once Upon A December (from Anastasia) (piano)


DECEMBER 16 [Advent III: Carol Service]

Readings excerpted from T. S.  Eliot, Robert Frost, Langston Hughes, Longfellow, Edna St. Vincent Millay

Prelude: Virgil Thomson: Pastorale on a Christmas Plainsong (Divinum Mysterium) (organ)

Introit: William Billings: A Virgin Unspotted

Hymn of Welcome #251 It Came Upon The Midnight Clear

Carols: Mark Lowry: Mary, Did You Know? (arr. Jack Schrader)

Katherine K. Davis: As It Fell Upon A Night

Offertory: Charles Ives: Adeste Fideles in an organ prelude (organ + piano)

Carols: Leo Sowerby: The Snow Lay On The Ground

Roland Carter: No Room In The Inn

Hymn #262 Away In A Manger

Carol: Howard Helvey: Infant Holy Infant Lowly

Piano solo: Dan Forrest: Once In Royal David’s City

Carols: Virgil Thomson: O My Deir Hert

Katherine K. Davis: Carol of the Drum

Hymn #263 What Can I Give Him?

Carols: Charles Ives: A Christmas Carol

Stephen Paulus: A Savior From On High

Hymn 250 O Little Town Of Bethlehem

Postlude: Adolphus Hailstork: Toccata on Veni Emmanuel (organ)



[Advent IV: It’s A Wonderful Life: Believe It]

Prelude: Dan Forrest: O Come, O Come, Emmanuel (piano)

Introit: J. S. Bach: Dearest Lord Jesu (origin. Liebster Herr Jesu)

Hymn of Welcome #245 O Come, O Come, Emmanuel [Veni Emmanuel]

Spoken Litany: # tbd

Scripture Reading: Isaiah 35:1-10; Luke 1:47-55

Offertory: Selection of carols arranged for viola (Grace Moore – soloist)

Anthem: George Dyson: Magnificat in C minor

Hymn of Invitation #263 What Can I Give Him [Castle]

Hymn of Declaration # 255 Lo! How A Rose E’er Blooming [Es Ist Ein Ros’ Entsprungen]

Postlude: arr. Keith Christopher: Bring A Torch, Jeanette, Isabella (organ)



[It’s A Wonderful Life: Treasure It] with nightmusic brass ensemble

Prelude: (nightmusic brass ensemble)

Introit: Witold Lutoslawski: The Holly and the Ivy

Hymn of Welcome #249 O Come, All Ye Faithful (vv. 1 & 2) [Adeste Fideles]

Spoken Litany: # tbd

Scripture Reading: Luke 1: 1-20

Offertory: (nightmusic brass ensemble)

Anthem: Healey Willan: What Is This Lovely Fragrance?

Hymn of Invitation #250 O Little Town Of Bethlehem [St. Louis]

Hymns of Declaration #262 Away In A Manger [Away In A Manger] & #253 Silent Night [Stille Nacht]

Postlude: (nightmusic brass ensemble)



Prelude: John Ireland: The Holy Boy (piano)

Introit: Edgar Bainton: Ring Out, Wild Bells

Hymn of Welcome #273 Good Christian Men, Rejoice [In Dulci Jubilo]

Spoken Litany: #246 Prince Of Peace

Scripture Reading: tbd

Offertory: Jean Langlais: La Nativité (Poèmes Évangéliques d’après les textes sacrés (organ)

Anthem: John Rutter: Star Carol

Hymn of Invitation #275 Sing We Now Of Christmas [French Carol]

Hymn of Declaration #258 Go, Tell It On The Mountain [Go Tell It]

Postlude: Emma Lou Diemer: Go, Tell It On The Mountain (piano)