Rembrandt – Saint Paul in Prison (1627)


Saints and Broken Beauty: Utterly, Unbearably Crushed

Dr. Tommy Simons

But what I love about the book is how Dr. Hunt concludes his journey.  Listen to his words and listen to moments of brokenness that are transcribed along words of hope.  Dr. Hunt says, “My journey into the red letters of Jesus was my great desperate attempt to find this light, and the only place I had hope finding it.  When I opened the Bible each morning I was a blackbird singing in the dead of night with the broken wings of a wounded follower and the sunken eyes of a blind believer.  To sing a song, any song, in the dead of night is to defy what the evidence suggests.  To talk to God when God seems absent is the foolishness of God’s kind of faith.  To keep believing, to keep trying, to refuse to give up even when you fear God has given up on you, that is the blackbird singing in the dead of night.”