Ida Hoskins almost made it to her 100th birthday. My first encounter with an “Ida experience” was in the emergency room of Missouri Baptist Hospital. Ken Blainton gently explained I was the “new pastor.” Ida assessed her new pastor—took time review from head to toe—and loudly exclaimed for all to hear—”I want to dance with you!” After glancing at Ken and family I understood Ida was serious. If she were able to jump out her wheelchair, I’m sure we would have cut a rug in the emergency room lobby.

A few weeks ago Third memorialized Ida’s life. The purpose was to recollect and celebrate this special grace gift from God. Dignity, humor and grace were similar themes— as each person related their own “Ida experience.”

Ida taught us to face setbacks, pain and disappointment with good grace and humor. There are plenty of moments in life— when after reviewing all possible options—all you can do is laugh. I will miss Ida. However, toward the end, as she was battling final stages of physical pain and loss—I’m glad she was able to exit and enter a place of no more pain, suffering or doctors reports.

And I’ll remember her invitation dance…’til we meet again…

Rest in Peace Dear One.


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