Growing up, Deborah Aldrich-Watson did not attend church. Her mother taught her the Lord’s Prayer and gave her a King James Version of the Bible. Deborah read a page of that Bible every night. Deborah said, “I grew up knowing that faith was important, but not sure why it was important.”

After high school, she joined a church, without being fully committed. She spent the next 20 years in alcoholism, with a husband who died from alcoholism. When she got reacquainted with her now husband Frank, whom she had known since junior high school, they often discussed faith matters. For nine months, Deborah questioned Frank about his faith.

One week following her wedding, Deborah met with the pastor of the church she and Frank had been attending, made a profession of faith and was later baptized. She sought out apologetic literature to foster her faith, reading C. S. Lewis, Max Lucado and Phillip Yancey. One book became a touch stone for her faith: Who Moved the Stone? The book explored the resurrection of Christ by reflecting on the question: who moved the stone from the entrance to Jesus’ tomb?

Deborah has found unconventional ways to share her faith. As a professor at a public university, she could not openly share her faith, but her teaching style changed after she became a Christian. Students began the recognize the difference and asked Deborah about her faith. She taught classes such as “The Bible for Students of Literature.” For at least one student, this course renewed her interest in the Bible and her interest in faith.