If I were to play word association with David Wigger—here’s my answer—Saigon Zoo.

David and family were missionaries in Vietnam—during late 60’s and early 70’s. Not exactly the best time period for an American to walk around Saigon. David recalls taking his family to zoo (for relaxation and rest) while hearing gun shots and other sounds of war in a distance. And I’ll avoid Saint Louis Zoo because due to traffic!

We are surrounded by messages of fear.

Fear is paralyzing. We do not check our brains at the door—but we must continue to live and experience life. David and the Saigon Zoo teaches us to walk on with courage and faith. To step out into unknown territory—though we may hear sounds of danger in distance. And by the way, David who is now (you guess the age) lives downtown and continues to make his daily walk to The Arch and back.

I suspect David walks along at a peaceful trot, with this trusty dog at his side—determined to live and connect with others in downtown Saint Louis.

Keep walking my friend…though I’m sure you can still hear, at times, gun shots in the distance…