Derek Knight reading scripture or litany in worship is an enjoyable experience. His english accent gives an appearance of deeper meaning or insight. Derek has traveled some interesting roads. You can gain some insight and wisdom concerning journey, change and new adventures through Sitting on The Dock of King’s Lynn and Cast A Long Shadow. You can check out several other books by Derek on Amazon or drop an email to Of course, Derek had to put 007 in his email address.

Derek and Genny found each other in mid-life and continue to act like two teenagers in love. They have both been “surprised by joy” finding one another at this stage of life. Derek and Genny’s story reminds me of John Claypool’s belief about God—He is the Ingenious Alchemist. For God is able to create gold and grace out of pain, setbacks and unexpected twists and turns in the road.

Listen to some wisdom from Derek (and to find a deeper meaning-please read in an English accent)

Each time we open up to another human being— we welcome in the natural humanity and warmth of companionship—but also open ourselves up to the possibility of pain. We may be tempted to avoid any likelihood of pain by keeping away from all situations which could hurt us, but if we do so, we would also cut ourself off from the possibility of joy (Derek Knight, Cast A Long Shadow II, p.166).

I trust Derek will keep us appraised of wisdom gained from his travels…Though at last conversation, he was headed to Vegas…that may be a stretch…