Opportunities for Adult Bible Study

Sundays at 9:45 AM

Young Adults

New class beginning September 9. Led by Dr. Edem Dzunu. Edem was born in raised in Ghana. His travels have taken him through Africa, Europe, Asia and North America. Edem cherishes meeting people from all walks of life—with particular passion for young adults. Meets in Memorial Chapel on fourth floor.



An intergenerational group led by Dr. Tommy Simons and Jerry Bryan. The class is informal and discussion oriented. Ages range from singles, couples to college/career. Class meets in the Pastor’s Office on the second floor.


New Horizons

Consists of a diverse group of adults, covering a wide age range. This class participates in hosting the after-church cookie fellowship monthly, spearheading back-to-school supply drive and toys given with the Christmas baskets. Meets in the Conference Room on the Ground Floor.



An open age discussion group with rotational teaching alternating between an in-depth study of a book of the Bible or meaningful Christian literature. Meets in the Old Library on the Ground Floor.


Open Door

The diversity of our class reflects the diversity of the church  – all are welcome. Our study style attempts to draw out as much group knowledge as possible as we read the scripture, review commentary, and take home with us the lessons gained by our conversation. Meets in the Ewing Chapel, first floor, off the hallway behind the Sanctuary.


Green Circle

Engages Scripture through focus passages as outlined in the Formations curriculum. Two teachers alternate teaching four-to-five week units by engaging the participants in an examination of the intersection of their lives with the text through the resources of a study guide and Sunday morning lecture and conversation.


Prayer Partners

A loving and supportive community of differently abled people from all walks of life. We share laughter and sorrows in a lively discussion format. We believe in the power or prayer, and spend the first part of class in prayer and thanksgiving. Additionally, there are three ministry projects that we take on as a class.


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