Thanks for praying for us.  Here is a new way to pray together.  Recently Kathy and I, along with the District Pastor Malala and one of the church workers, took a boat ride.  Since I was in the back, sitting by the loud outboard motor, the only thing to do was watch the river… and pray.   While I was praying I thought it would be nice to invite you along with us on the boat.  I promise if you visit us in Vanga, you can join us for a trip in the boat.  Until then, we can just see some of the sights and pray together.

First, thank the Lord for a safe smooth trip. Going overland takes longer and is over very rough pitted sand/dirt roads.

The clear skies turned cloudy and we had a little sprinkle of rain.  Our Congolese passengers were thankful for the coats we brought to keep then warm and dry.  In the distance you might be able to see houses on the hillside.  This is the city of Bulungu.  It is a medium-sized town (100,000) and is the regional governmental headquarters.

Bulungu used to be a Portuguese trading post until 1970 when everything was nationalized and many of the shops could not stay in business due to mismanagement and corruption.  Pray that the small business owners would have wisdom on how to succeed in this difficult country.  Pray that the government would end corruption and end policies that don’t allow businesses the flexibility to grow and provide employment.

One of the reasons the District Pastor wanted to make this trip to Bulungu was to visit with the Prosecutor over this region.  We were well received, and he thanked us for our work here.  We thanked him for his work to stand for justice in this province.  Specifically, he has removed a regional police captain who was corrupt and causing problems for people in the community.  He asked us to continue to remember the prisoners under his responsibility.  The tiny prison is filled beyond capacity.

Pray that the remaining year of his mandate would go well and God would send a replacement that will also stand for justice in this area.

We stopped by a local market and purchased some food for the prisoners.  We bought this sack full of the staple,  manioc, and another full sack of dried corn to mix together for the prisoners.  Thank God that He has given us supporters willing to keep us working in Vanga.  Because God has sent us here and when we see these occasional opportunities to be a blessing, we (you) can lend a helping hand.

On the way back I asked the District Pastor to point out the farthest church parish that he supervises.  This is Tongo Pango, a small village with a church that is in the Vanga District.

Pray that the District Pastor would be an effective leader to all the churches under his responsibility.  Pray that God would heal his wife who is struggling with some health issues.    Pray that God would continue to keep this District Pastor here in Vanga as there are many other opportunities where he might serve.