2019 Easter Offering

Our 2019 Easter Offering will continue to support the “Adopt a Teacher” project, which was the focus for our 2018 Christmas Offering.

The Easter Offering is focusing on hunger relief, particularly as it relates to children and families. Our GOAL: $3,500.

The TARGET RECIPIENTS of the offering this year are:

  • A backpack program in Owsley County, Kentucky. Each week 40 elementary students and 40 senior high students—a total of 80 backpacks—are sent home each Friday with food to compensate for not having school lunches on the weekend. The food is put in backpacks, which are returned to be recycled with food the next weekend. Money is needed to fill these backpacks each week.
  • There are 18 FAMILIES in Owsley County that desperately need hunger relief. An example of the struggles students face in this very depressed Appalachian county is seen in a student who approached our Josie Stamper, the teacher we’re supporting in Owsley County Schools, if she could charge her chrome book because she didn’t have any electricity to charge it at home.
  • Jamie Fox, our teacher in Thailand, connected us with Rikky, whose organization PROJECT JUSTICE works with children affected by human trafficking. They are able to move children away from unhealthy situations as they work on prevention, protection, justice, and restoration issues faced by these children. They need assistance in covering food and living expenses for the rescued children in their program.

You can assist in meeting these needs by:

  • Writing “Easter Offering” on a check and placing it in the offering plate.
  • Using the special envelope in your packet of envelopes and check off “Easter Offering.”
  • Online: Go to www.shelbygiving.com/tbc and select “Easter World” to designate your offering.
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