If you asked someone who Jesus is, they would probably start by telling you about his death and resurrection.  But how did Jesus live?  Better yet, how did he call us to live?  The teachings of Christ were not only considered radical and challenging back in the day, but also prove life changing today.  Come join us as we explore such world changing ideals as we walk through The Sermon on the Mount on Wednesday Nights.  Trust me, this stuff gets hardcore!!

Sunday School:

Theology: :  the study of religious faith, practice, and experience; especially :  the study of God and of God’s relation to the world.  Ethics:  : moral principles that govern a person’s behavior or the conducting of an activity.  Are these two related?  Or is all this stuff just irrelevant arguments about stuff we can never know?  Join us on Sunday mornings for our Discussions On God, The Universe, and Everything as we approach the bigger questions of faith and philosophy in order to help us understand the relation between the big God questions and everyday life.  How we think about God makes a massive difference in how we think about ourselves and others.  So put on your thinking caps and grab some coffee…it is going to be a bumpy ride!

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