Stories of Third


Introducing TBC Organist Brent Johnson

From a young age, TBC organist Brent Johnson was amazed by the organ. Brent became interested in the organ as a child growing up in his Methodist church. The organist at church told Brent, “When your legs get long enough, I’ll teach you to play the organ.” Throughout...

Peggy Pittenger Wants to Help Others to Live a Vibrant Life

TBC member Peggy Pittenger wants to help others to lead a vibrant and healthy life. Currently, she is participating in a twelve-month course to be accredited as a Functional Medicine Health Coach. The focus of functional medicine is taking seriously the lifestyle...

Samuel Governor Finds a Home at TBC

Originally from Ghana, Samuel Governor has found a home at Third Baptist Church. Samuel came to Saint Louis to study public health at Saint Louis University (SLU) after completing his training to become a medical doctor in Russia. Samuel describes how Third has been...

Philip Barnes Receives Honorary Doctorate

On Friday, May 10, Philip Barnes, TBC's director of music, received an honorary Doctorate in Human Letters, in recognition of three decades with Saint Louis Chamber Chorus from the Aquinas Institute of Theology at Saint Louis University.  

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