The new year is often a time for reflection. As I look back over 2017, I am most grateful for many rich conversations with beloved friends. I have been in the US since mid-May. During the last 7 months, I have traveled to 8 different states, had 34 speaking engagements and 27 informal meetings, led an art retreat and facilitated 4 therapeutic art workshops. It has been a tremendous blessing to reconnect with so many friends and be able to thank my ministry partners in person. I got to stroll through the Huntington Gardens and see Independence Day Fireworks in California. I hiked in Acadia National Park and canoed on Rangeley Lake in Maine. I enjoyed the Krohn Conservatory and attended a rubber stamp convention in Ohio. I received fruits and vegetables, lovingly grown in friends’ bountiful gardens. And I was warmly welcomed into dozens of homes.

How can I possibly express my gratitude for the love shown to me this year? It truly is miraculous to see how God mobilizes his people to accomplish his mission – to reach people on the other side of the world with the gospel of love. Thank you for your friendship, prayers and financial support that enable me to continue serving in Thailand.

Another surprising conversation…

This year, I was also surprised by another unexpected outpouring of God’s grace. In May, a handsome gentleman by the name of Christopher Owens asked me to waltz. That waltz led to some engaging conversations… which eventually led to a conversation about engaging! On November 11th, Christopher and I got engaged on the same dance floor where we had met 6 months previously. We are planning on a wedding in Cincinnati in July.

Many of you will recall how I talked this year about the need for some help and support in ministry, and how the Lord sent Jeni Pedzinski to serve alongside me at the New Life Center. It seems that the Lord, in his great kindness, was also preparing another ministry colleague for me. Christopher has sensed a calling to serve the Lord for several years, but was unsure about how to respond. Through much prayer and conversation with Christopher’s circle of friends, we began to sense that God has been preparing him for the mission field.

Christopher is now working on his missionary application and is beginning the process of discernment regarding the possibility of joining me in the mission field.  Please pray with us as we prayerfully discern God’s direction and seek out how God will use Christopher’s gifts and skills for his glory.  Love, Kit

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