The College/Young Professionals Gathering is postponed until further notice.

 “For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them.” 

Matthew 18:20  

We don’t have fancy stage shows.  We don’t have charismatic speakers who can work a crowd.

We don’t have a massive ensemble chanting the words to the most recent hits on Christian radio.

  We don’t have massive programs involving hundreds of multi-million dollar charity organizations.

  We don’t have an elaborately edited music video designed to sway your emotions and sell our church to you.


But if you need a place to say what you need to say…

If you need a faith community that will listen to you and take you seriously…

If you need people who will pray with you and live life beside you in celebration, mourning, and everything else in between…

If you want to ask questions without fear of rejection or judgement…

If you want dialogue about how you believe and why you believe rather than someone telling you what you are supposed to believe…

We do have that.


Come. Gather with us.

So that we may hear the voice of God through His Word

And through each other.

Travis Adams, Minister of Students and Missions,

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